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  1. ahhh thanks for that, am going to buy a notebook on friday and start using it as a diary, i have lots of scraps of paper with all other things written on them that has happened since this
  2. just to let everyoneknow, this is now sorted and staples are covering the full cost of repair
  3. doubt an exchange would be possible everyone knows what an awful place this estate is, every one knows it for what it is and avoids it best they can, we didnt even get to choose we were made homeless from a private rented home as landlord sold up and put into temp accomodation(a gorgeous flat with lovelyy neighbours) they said you have to take 1st offer otherwise its your fault your homeless and we cant help you.
  4. apologies in advance if this is long and/or a little mixed up. we have been in this house for almost 4 years, we have had nothing but trouble, reported it within 6 months of living here and having the trouble which has been allsorts from finding needles/syringes in the gardens where my children play to name calling etc. when i reported it to the council they sent someone to see me who spoke about it with me, took the needles and syringes and went straight next door to "tell them to behave" i guess. What did this lead to? more abuse and more crap. Which is what we have had for
  5. thank you i will get that done when i have picked my son up from nursery
  6. ok thanks so first off send the letter asking for my statements?
  7. wow i just looked through my threads and this one still isnt sorted. both have now been put on new terms and one has been told to pay £5 perweek not one payment recieved nothing done about it the other has been told to pay 20 something per week not a single payment and still nothing done about it, sorry to bring up such an old thread, but have emailed, rang god knows how many times and still seems they dont care what happens. what do you think i should do next?
  8. paid for in cash, as my OH had been saving up (in a jar) to buy me this as its something i wanted for ages. will speak to repair place and see what they say about how long its been there. but unfortunately no insurance, so that cant be done unfortunately
  9. hi i was here on this forum a while back and have since closed the YB acc and got a printer, lol anyway i know there were some meetings etc that we were meant to wait for til we started a claim, can i start claim proceedings now? or are we still waiting for meetings? cheers rach x (p.s. tried looking but heads a bit of a mess and didnt know what to look for)
  10. discontinued? i didnt know it was discontinued and it was'nt damaged as such to our knowledge just the 2 keys missing which we were told were easy to replace
  11. back in july craig got me a laptop it was an ex display one and had a couple of keys missing anyway had to get a new charger which somehow melted inside, they said theyd take it for repair. now i have just had a call saying i have to py for repairs as it is due to spillage, now i know 100% that it has jad nothing spilled on it whilst its been here, so im assuming it must have happened while on the shelf instore theyre telling me theres pretty much nothing they can do and to ring head office which i am trying to do now, what can i do? if anything gutted as thats £420 more or l
  12. ok thank you, this is to be honest what she has wanted to do (with hold rent) but darent, so ill get her to go and see someone
  13. no she doesnt, she doesnt have any of the documents she should have
  14. does no one have any idea on this one, please????
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