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  1. Rent is normally £1,250 but we were expecting a large reduction
  2. I have had a long running issue with our letting agent regarding a bedroom being unusable due to condensation and black mould spores. Last week I received an email saying" Your landlord rung yesterday with regard to our email, and after a long discussion he has agreed to reduce your rent to £100 for this month and next ( April)." I acknowledged receipt, thanked them for the generous offer and paid the rent. This morning have another email saying "On behalf of **** I would like to offer an apology for any misunderstanding that her initial email regards the rent reduction has caused.
  3. If we need to use the current one for checking out is it a valid document?
  4. We are private tenants. Our itinerary is missing a room, which is suffering from damp. The agent has stated that the itinerary company "must have missed it". We know the previous tenant moved out because of the damp issue and find it hard to believe that it is a coincidence that the room with is not on the itinerary. Is the itinerary valid if a glaring error is in it?
  5. I have a shortfall of £23k and am paying them £1 per month. Got help from Step Change. It is just another unsecured debt and all creditors must be treated equally.
  6. Thanks for all the advice guys. Should I be proactive and start chasing them for answers or wait for some sort of correspondence from them? I was only told this over the phone, nothing in writing as yet.
  7. No not yet but I will ask. I have kept most if not all of the paperwork. They always knew my wife worked and have asked for copies of her payslips which I have always provided. As far as I can see everything they have asked for in terms of forms being completed and requests for information I have provided them. This is them getting it wrong not me defrauding them.
  8. Hoping I can get some advice. After nearly 2 years out of work I recently signed off as I haver now found a job. Called the Newcastle call centre to see if there was any final payment due only to be told that I owed them money. This is apparently due to my wife's earnings. My issue is that they have had full details of my wife's part time earnings from day one and they have paid. I am not to know that they have screwed up. Are they no going to come after me or will they relent as it is their mistake?
  9. That's the number I currently call. They say my request has been sent to the payment team. These are the people I am trying to reach.
  10. I have received a notice saying HMRC owe me over £4k of Tax Credit back payments. I need to get in touch with the office that processes payments as I desperately need the money. I just get fobbed off on the usual help line number who say the payment office do not have phones!
  11. I hope there is help available. After 2 1/2 years of struggle with unemployment and falling into arrears as a result, NRAM have today notified us that they are applying to the court for a warrant for possession. They have given us a figure to clear the mortgage and say there are no redemption charges. My question is how do I know how they have arrived at their figures. Are they charging interest for the whole of the term? How do I find out? Are they obliged to give me this information or do I hit them with a SAR request? Any advice is welcomed.
  12. Hi, I have sent back my Acknowledgement of Claim. Do I use the fact that they did not comply with my s78 request as my defence? Thanks,
  13. Guys, I'm going to need a definitive answer on this. If they have made an error not processing my request because I didn't sign the letter then I need to know. Thanks,
  14. Hi, I have been advised to start a thread on here about my ongoing battle with the above. In a nutshell I am starting a new thread based on this previous one. I sent Incasso a s78 request and they wrote back saying my letter was not valid because I did not sign it. This morning I get a claim form from Northampton county court. I understand from a reply to the other thread that they can claim but because they they have not complied with s78 then they can bring proceedings but cannot obtain judgement. Is this enough for a defence? I plan to send an acknowledgement of claim but I
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