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  1. re the DCA, i have got hubby to sign a letter wich i will email to mum to print out and hand to DCA next time they come round (tomorrow probably) which states, that they know he does not live there and this is a correspondence addrers only. that they are able to contact him via his email address (given) and that the account is in query and as such they should not persue it until a resolution has been reached with sky. also a letter i want them to sign to say that they are aware of all of the above and will not be contacting my mother again. if the agent will not sign and leave, th police will be called the next time they come round as they are causing intentional distress. (citing the public order offence mentioned above)
  2. im not sure now, i will have to check. the agent told us it was ok to cancel (eventually) and they didnt contact us abck - despite saying they did - until they wrote to us on 17th august telling us that our service had been taken over by another company and if we didnt want this blah blah blah. we had already agreed to pay up to 24th august as that was out cancellation date so the new occupants of the house taking their service elsewhere was of no relevance to us. I will double check the figures, howveer if the agent on the phone agreed to cancel it why are they now saying that we were not able to and charging us for the privilage? also it doesnt speak to the harassment of my mum, with whom they have no issues. will check and get back to you, the paperwork from sky is one of the few bits of contract etc i bought with me as i anticipated some issues, just not this 6 month ordeal!
  3. hi, DCA is SRJ debt recoveries. they have been around again today ( sunday) and aren't demanding to remove anything from the property but they are continually asking for my husband, who they have been told does not live there and they are being polite about it so far. i have told mum to call police when they come back tomorrow. meanwhile i have complained to the managing director of sky and had a reply form his lackey stating that we were not allowed to cancel and so the debt remains, she cites some terms and conditions. the problem being that we were told that if they increased the price we were within rights to cancel and we got their agent to agree to cancel our contract for us. they made no effort to contact us after that and tell us that this was wrong and that we were still under contract. i need to check before i reply back to her so will have to dig out our contract and check it over carefully, but im sure at the time there was a get out clause and we took it. we had tv, bb and phone and the price increase was around 10% over all three, i thnk but will have to check. lackeys respoonce in full... " Dear Mr . Account number . Thank you for your email addressed to Jeremy Darroch we aim to provide the highest possible level of customer service I am sorry that this has not been your experience on this occasion. My name is Sandra and I work in the Executive Support Team office and will be investigating your complaint on Mr Darrochs behalf. I can see by the notes on your account when you called in on 23rd July 2012 you spoke to an agent who advised that you were in contractand of the following terms and conditions © We may increase your Subscription Payment at any time by giving you at least 31 days written notice. This may include increases under Condition 2(d), unless Condition 2(d)(ii) applies when we will try to give you as much reasonable notice in writing as possible. However, during the Minimum Term, unless it is for a reason set out in Conditions 2(d) or 4, we may increase the price of your Option only once and that increase will not be more than: Advisor also advised we sent correspondence out back in june to advise of this. Whilst I understand your frustration on this the debt is due and unfortunately we can not reduce this for you. I hope this information has helped with your enquiry. If you require any further assistance, you can respond to my email. You can also contact us within the Executive Support Team on 08442 411646, where one of my colleagues will be happy to help you if I am unavailable. For your information I normally work on a Friday 07.00am till 13.00pm and a Saturday and Sunday 07.00am till 17.00pm Yours sincerely Sandra Service Excellence Consultant Executive Support Team"
  4. hi all, just after a bit of advice here its a long one so ill try and be brief. in feb 2012 we took a home tv bb and phone package with sky for a 12m contract. in july 2012 they changed the prices and we cancelled our contract under the "change of terms" section of their contract. it took a few calls to get the cancellation agreed because my hubby is the acct holder so they wouldnt accept the cancellation from me and he had already moved to canada working so he had to call them, they then tried to tell him he couldnt cancel and he didnt have the relevant email and terms and conditions etc to quote at them, finally i got back thru to him on skype and heard him have the conversation with sky to cancel in which they told us we had given 31 days notice and they would terminate our contract on 23rd august. we paid up to and including that date and i then cancelled the direct debit as i know sky and they have such a dodgy rep that i was anticipating problems leaving them. in august we left our rented house and moved out to canada to be with my husband.we had our mail forwarded to our old house, which we have sold to my mum. in december we had a letter from a DCA saying we still had a contract with sky and they had passed our bad debt on to them. again refused to speak to me when i called them to explain that we didnt owe sky anything and i called sky who eventually agreed to speak to me ( having given them the password!) the agent i spoke to (taking date time and user id of the call) said he could see the problem and would get it sorted out and wiped clean. he also said he would contact the DCA and they would withdraw the issue. in late jan we had another letter this time at our old address (now owned by my mother) saying that the debt still had to be settled and they would come round and knock for it. hubby called them and told them the debt was in query still and gave them the details of the agent we spoke to and they said they would leave it for two weeks until they heard from sky. we also called sky to ask why the complaint had not been dealt with yet (dated 3rd dec) and they told me it takes as long as it takes and we care unable to contact them to ask for progress. we told the DCA they had the wrong address, we do not live in the uk any more and we do not own that house or anything in it, my mother has nothing to do with the debt they think we owe and they should leave her alone. every day for the last three days the DCA have knocked on my mums door, harassing her and her disabled husband. im after something legislational i can use to get them to back off until sky sort out the conplaint and call off the hounds... to recap. we dont owe anything, we cancelled and they accepted our cancellation, we paid up to and including the date of disconnection. they know we do not live there and that my mother has nothing to do with the debt yet still go round there every day to ask for hubby. also when we took out the contract we did intend to keep it for at least the full 12m, but when work came up over here we took it ( better quality of life etc) when they changed the prices it seemed serendipitous and we took advantage of the chance to cancel mid contract.
  5. and also the total lack of news in the papers about it - or am i reading the wrong papers!
  6. been wondering what was going on here, i got all my cases settled before the chop, but i have been scouring the news for any reports of this case and found nothing yet. now i know why thanks guys fountain of knowledge as always
  7. he has phoned them and they said it was not sufficient to pay it off in lumps ( contradicting what had been said, he has names, dates of the calls ect) and they didnt want him running up more of a bill given that he couldnt pay this one - my argument is that he has agreed a payment plan and so far kept to it, if he uses only his allowed inclusive monthly calls and then they cut him off he woudlnt run up a bigger bill and as that is what they agreed why now are they renegging. we have written to them but i can see him having to fork out the lot and not get the use of his phone in the meantime.
  8. my stepdad has an account with vodaphone, he made a bunch of calls home from tunisia this year when his dad was rushed to hospital, he returned to a £400 bill he called them to query it as he had signed up for their "passport" which gives cheaper calls from abroad, he says he told them he was off to tunisia and they made no mention of the call charges from there (africa) not being included. he is swallowing the horrendously large bill because he did make the calls, vodaphone said if he couldnt pay it all at once they would allow him to pay £100 a month for 4 months and continue using his phone, he made the first £100 payment and two weeks later received a letter saying pay up or we will cancel your phone and charge you for cancelling early ( 6 months into a 18 month contract) fee of £178 on top of the hundreds he already owes. he had agreed a £100 a month payment with them but they refused to give him anything in writing, (its not our policy...) basiclaly the query is... they have blocked all outgoing calls from his phone for the period that the account is in arrears, given the circumstances and that he has promised to pay and agreed payement terms with them, can they still charge his monthly fee and not let him have his inclusive minutes? any help please
  9. the leaflet states that if the claim is only for items other than money, i have asked for additional costs up to a value of £20, making the claim for money and information means its costing £30 at southampton county court HTH
  10. thanks livelylad i thought it was either that or £150 but didnt want to put the info on the form ( and of course you cant save it and come back when they are open tomorrow) thanks for the speedy reply
  11. does anyone know the costs you have to pay for filling a court case for non compliance with the Data Protection Act? they have only partially complied and there is still heaps missing, i have the form all sorted out but need to know the fee ill have to include. ta. ETA, i have read the form filling in notes and it states that the fee may be anythign form £30 to £150, how do i find the exact ammount?
  12. but that doesnt say that it has to list the registration number! assume i have to pay this one and ill take it as it was my mistake but i am irked that they can get away with saying my complaint is irrelevant, at the very lest the warden nedds a colour chart to work form, blue is not grey. its not ever a grey-ey blue LOL
  13. thanks roger seems ill have to pay it then, ahh well live and learn
  14. help! i got a parking ticket i have challenged it as it lists my car as grey when it is blue, they have replied that the grounds i supplied have not been accepted as grounds to cancel the PCN. i have been trying to find the exact wording of what has to appear on a PCN to make it legally valid. sureley if colour of vehicle is there and they have the wrong colour i can challenge? also the ticket says "date of notice" and that the car "was seen on (date)" no date of issue. anywhere! anyoen got the exact wording so i can fight this? i have looked at RTA section 66 and that just says why they can issue a ticket not what the ticket has to have on it... help please!
  15. help! i got a parking ticket i have challenged it as it lists my car as grey when it is blue, they have replied that the grounds i supplied have not been accepted as grounds to cancel the PCN. i ahve been trying to find the exact wording of what has to appear on a PCN to make it legally valid. sureley if colour of vehicle is there and they have the wrong colour i can challenge? also the ticket says "date of notice" and that the car "was seen on (date)" no date of issue. anywhere! anyoen got the exact wording so i can fight this? i have looked at RTA section 66 and that just says why they can issue a ticket not what the ticket has to have on it... help please!
  16. to quote jack sparrow "take what you can, give nothing back"! if they send you the lot ( which frankly i doubt, they have a habbit of conning people with the actual ammounts they will get) then they have shot themselves in the foot by their own paperwork, the first payment was a GOGW, not part payment, if you accept the full settlement on the condition that you drop your claim ( words to that effect in my settlemnent letter) then that is related ot the case. suck it and see mate!
  17. re the list of charges not including the account toal, i wrote to them asking for the charges back and said that as they had failed to give me the information i needed to extrapolate the full level of interest i ahad paid i could assume that half of the time i was over the overdraft limit at their rate of 28.7% and half the time i was under the overdraft limit but charged for some other reason and that was 9.9% then i divided the total into 2 and applied interest at the rates listed for the periods i was charging for ( check the rates you are paying as they may be diff we closed our account over a year ago) i offered to ammend my figures if they were able to prove the actual ammounts we paid or were to give me the information i needed to work it out. they didnt, probably because we were at thre highter rate for a lot more than half the time. they paid up on my claim when after getting their defence in 2 weeks late, filling allocation questionnaire 3 weeks late they failed to get statements to the court as ordered by the judge, i called them and pointed out that i coulkd ask the judge to action the civil procedure rules in this case and throw out their defence, they paid the same day, in full, with interest
  18. you can but i woudlknt bother, the only reason they agreed to speak to me ( my court date end of march) was that i pointed out they hadnt complied with the courts order to send me and the court statements and supporting documents withitn 21 days of the court date being issued, they hadnt read it and as it is normally 21 days fromt eh actual date of the hearing, they hadnt doen anythign about it. i doubt they will get cought that way agin. they wont even consider speakign to you untill just before the case noremally (grumpy old so and so s) ssit tight, file the aq, wait for your court date, then call them and see if they want to settle. good luck
  19. LOL welll i might take a break for now as i have slaughtered - erm i mean negotiated with all my previous banks now and sorted out my mum. have talked several other people into joining here and going for it and i look forward to the day the banks drop this ridiculous practace, meanwhile im off to disneyland paris in 4 weeks financed by hsbc, spending money by abbey and the bills will be paid while im away by woolwich:) smug? well i did work for it and i did earn it. i LOVE the CAG
  20. wooo hoooo. got thru to a lovely gent called james who agreed a settlement figure with me then and there " as we have been a bit naughty in not filing our paperwork on time" call it what you like mate all im hearing is kerchingggg! settled in full
  21. well yesterday was the day and surprise surprise no statements, is it worth a call to abbey and see if she will settle? ( sorry last time i spoke to her she was really really condecending and rude) altho ill chat to her again if it means £££ any quicker!
  22. donation made thank you CAG another one bites the dust! still working on abbey but as they have failed to file documents with the court and statements were due yesterday they are now in breach of a court order just like woolwich were so i will call shabbey today and bully them into paying up as well tee hee.
  23. sorry sharkie i didnt see this responce till just now, yes SJC thats the one i used but he is a nice chap if you want to chat to him i will pm his number
  24. dont get hangovers as have cut right down on what i drink, i have however had a yummy chinese and a few beers with dh also have bought some craft stuff i ahve been promising myself. now just the abbey to fight and having already won three cases now ( two of mine and one of my mums) im not that concerned about facing down the shabbey thank you again for all the help, id be poorer without you all and donation will follow today when payment clears
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