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  1. Hi everyone Eventually got my statements and other stuff through from Captial One! Added up all the charges and they came to £861.00. I am unsure how much interest to charge. I know I am probably being thick here but I have read through lots on the site. Was just reading a thread there that said about charging 34%! What is a reasonable amount of interest to charge. My account is not in default or anything and I have a balance of £600 so would be delighted to get that paid off! Really want to get started on this claim so any advice on interest would be great. I also read another thread last night about the address to send your preliminary claim letter to, can someone point me in right direction for address.
  2. Hi there We have just received an offer from the BOS for £1242 and our claim was for £2200. I have read in other threads that you can accept as part payment and then file for the rest. Do they then pay the first offer into your bank account and you continue with your claim, or will they withhold that money to see what you do? Any advice would be much appreciated or to point me in the right direction in the forum for info. Thanks
  3. Hi Could you tell me the details of the letter you sent saying you were not prepared to wait. I am in the same position as I have received reply from LBA saying that they are still investigating and should have a response no later than 5 April.
  4. Hi everyone I have just spoken to my branch and the reason they sent the letter was for an annual review of my account to see if they could offer me any other services. So I think I was panicking needlessly. My review of the account won't be until six months! There was no mention of refund on the conversation so I think my account will run as normal..although will be running it better with no charges!
  5. I know paying off the o/draft would be good, but had money earmarked for other things! Oh well if they do take O/D away I suppose I should look on positive side, it is one less debt!
  6. Hi I have just spent time reading through terms and conditions and it says that they would give you WRITTEN notice if they were to demand full repayment immediately so don't know how long this would take. I would guess though that it would maybe give me enough time to get money transferred to other account that I have open. I think it is terrible though that they would make you repay this. It just means that they are in effect winning again!
  7. HI I received a letter of offer yesterday for full amount. Today I sent off letter accepting offer. however when I came home tonight there was a letter from the branch saying I had to contact them regarding a service matter and the subject heading was my overdraft. I am really worried now that the money is going to be paid into my bank account and they are immediately going to take my overdraft away leaving me with nothing! A part of the letter states that" Any charges that properly accrue in the future will be applied to your account in line with our published tarrif and in accordance with your agreement with the bank. Should you be unwilling to accept such charges, then we may need to consider if we are prepared to continue to provide you with your existing banking facilities. Instead we may offer you a simple account that does not offer any borrowing facilites." Now that to me implied that I would only lose overdraft if I refused to accept their conditions, not if I accepted offer. Can they take O/d off me after offering me a refund. Please advise , I was elated last night, now I am very depressed, feel like I have lost a lot of money!
  8. Hi Is it Ok to send your letter as an attachment to them. Would you advise sending recorded delivery letter aswell.
  9. HI I had an odraft of £500, but with charges put me up to £575. They have closed account and I have made arrangement to pay off in 6 months.....they told me I had to pay off in that time scale. I have just sent letter before action asking for £475. Feeling nervous about MCOL, but this forum does give you confidence.
  10. Hi I have had a refusal to the second letter in December to refund charges and I am afraid I am being a bit of a coward! I opened the account with A&L in January 2006, in Apr I made the big mistake of taking ten pounds out of my account forgetting about switch transactions which came off. Well as you know I then got hit with two £25 pound charges next month and as I am on very tight buget this has just snowballed. My account is now £550 o/d with o/d limit of £500. My charges now work out at £420. The account has now been closed and I have to pay £95 back a month (they very kindly refunded me £25). I basically need some encouragement to go next step and can someone point me in right direction for the next letter. I have been reading this site for many months now and thought I had downloaded all letters but can't seem to find them. Cheers
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