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  1. Ok, Husband in bed and kids are asleep (for moment!) so managed to dig out the docs I received from egg re. my PPI - Here are the relevant bits from the letter they sent: What I understand your complaint is about You are disputing the Payment Protection insurance premium on your loan account and believe this should have been cancelled last year. You believe this to have been mis-sold and also that someone should have offered to cancel this due to you being on maternity leave in early 2005. What my findings are after investigating it Following your application for the
  2. Any advice from people - Egg say they have passed my query onto Borrowing Management Dept who will contact me in next 72 hours to discuss futher.
  3. Got reply back from Halifax last week saying they had received my letter on 15th (seems a long time but I know mail can be slow from Scotland) and that it will be processed within 40 days allowed by DPA.
  4. They sent me a letter back - the standard one by the looks of it, requesting £10 for the statements and proof of my id. I have secure message'd them saying that I believe a secure msg should be proof enough of my id, unless they are saying their site is not secure, and asking whether the right hand knows what the left id doing as I was told these statements would be free. Have asked them to reply asap as I need these statements incase I decide on divorce, and have asked them to chase up info on my loans as I was told someone would get back to me shortly and I have heard nothing. will see ho
  5. Husband just away for very short europe trips so not much chance to do stuff! Couple of updates on this. 1) I got a letter from Egg saying they will cancel my ppi on loan if I require and explaining that me being on maternity means I am still employed so still covered. There is more stuff but will need to look for the paperwork and type it out when AI dont have a midget on my knee who would rip it up for me! They also offered me £25 (Cant remember wording) and have asked me to sign some forms accepting this decision. Will type correct info when I get opportunity. I also checked my cre
  6. Husband at home at moment so not much chance for working on stuff. Just sent prelim and spreadsheet recorded delivery today. Claiming for charges + compounded interest Just left it at 8% as couldnt get into room where I keep paperwork when was printing stuff off so couldnt check interest rate charged throught acct history. Works put around £500 with interest.
  7. Delay with husband being home but have managed to send off my prelim with spreadsheet. Have asked for £375 charges plus I have asked for compounded interest. Went for 8% as didnt have chance before I printed off spreadsheet to check interest rates on statements throughout acct history but
  8. My sister is a manager for a local pub which is part of a chain. She has found out the pub has been sold and due to this has an appointment tomorrow afternoon with her area manager. She has to let them know if she is still planning on returning to work and if it will be part or full time. If she goes back part time she can no longer be official manager because the manager is also the license holder and she couldnt do that or respond to the police or the alarm. I am also unsure if the new owners have any other pubs nearby. her partner doesnt really want her to return to work but as she
  9. hi Mike220359 - If you can send me any info\advice for wording letters and contact details for Ombudsman would be greatly appreciated. Either pm or reply please! Want to chase up Associates\Citi and Macadam (now Welcome I believe). One query though will it make a difference that I signed for loans in their offices?
  10. Can you claim your PPI back on loans that have been paid? Its just I took a loan with Citi\Associates and then a top up one which paid off the old one. I tried to take it without PPI as it was expensive. The guy went to speak to his boss, then came back through and said I couldnt get the loan without the PPI. I took the loan out in their offices. I also tried to cancel the first one but they said I couldnt cos I had signed it in their offices - think I was still in their offices and waiting for the cheque when I changed my mind.
  11. Can you not ask them for a copy of proof of receipt for the new cards for the original acct? They must surely have to prove you received them rather than you have to prove you didnt. And just stick to your guns that you cancelled acct - surely that then breaks d\d agreement?
  12. I am in scotland but sent all mine to Trinity rd as thats where most others have sent them to. Just make sure you send it recorded delivery and that should keep things right.
  13. Thanks Giveitback. I have typed up a combined CCA and DPA request so will be posting it off for her tomorrow once I get the post office so will update once I know more. I've got my own thread that I am updating on this so I dont hijack this one!
  14. Thanks for that info - will have to see what they say.... She got her repayments down to £30 cos she filled in an income\expenditure form. At end of day she is left with about £145 a month after paying wages arrestment for council tax/electric/gas/phone/insurance/mortgage and a couple of other debts from several years ago. Her bus fares are approx £85 and occassionaly she has to get a taxi to get to and from her work if she has to go in early or work back late(She is a cook at a golf club). These cost £12 each so she doesnt have a lot left to live on for food, household goods and cleaning
  15. Dont know about bailiffs but my mum ended up getting a wages arrestment. She is on a low income - £17000 so pays £178 a month. All other council taxes get defaulted and passed to the sheriffs Officers. I have just drafted a letter to them to ask if they would instead consider a deferred payment. This is the info another user mailed me about it: A deferred payment would be like a second charge on her property, like a secured loan without the interest. How does it work? Lets say your mum owes the council £3000, she offers the council the deferred payment, by letting them put a £3000 cha
  16. I would have thought only the girlfriend could get the information as they are the person who signed the inital credit agreement, and who would ultimately be liable? Just my thoughts though, but I would have thought that if he is liable for the acct and information about it is recorded on his creedit report that he would then have an arguement to gain more info?
  17. My mums loan dates back to 1996 so have typed up a CCA and SAR request for the account - think it was passed to a DCA so does it get sent to SLC or DCA? Am hoping they will back down, give her back her money paid and defer the loan until her wages increase. Worth a try anyway.
  18. I am interested in this too cos my mum is currently paying £30 a month to Student loans after being chased by them and a company called JB Debt Recovery. Her current salary is £17000 and this is the highest she has ever been on. Her account number on her student loan starts with 96FD so I am guessing that means the loan was taken out in 96. She never received any deferment forms from then and said she was not aware she had to request them and fill them in annually. The leter from SLC mentions the following ' We are advised that a Notice of Default under section 87(1) of the Consumer Credit
  19. Have just typed a letter asking if the council will consider a charge on her property for the outstanding council tax. Have explained that due to finances she is unable to pay the wages arrestment and her current council tax so that way she could pay current and something towards arrears and they would have security of getting the arrears repaid. It also menas that she would not receive charges every year for not paying her council tax and it getting passed to sherrifs officers. Have mentioned that she wants to change job to one less demanding but feels its awkward as at moment her new empl
  20. have downloaded Vampiress's spreadsheets - Scotland credit Cards Advanced, Compund and not compound interest - want to see what the difference is. Started filling them in - couple of queries and sorry if they have been asked before: 1 Do I change the interest rate to the one Associates\Citi charge? If so, do I just take the one they have been charging recently (The copies of the Associates and early Citi ones dont have rate listed). 2 On some statements I have 2 charges - I listed them separate but just showed interest charged and balance\payment made following month on second charge
  21. Finally went down to post office today to pick up a special delivery and it was my statements. Not had a chance to read through them properly but noticed they have sent me 2 pages listing communications with myself re missed payments, cards reissued\expired - Did anyone else receive similar? Is this what they class as a record of manual intervention? It only dates back 2 years.
  22. You should maybe push them to see if they will write all the debt off? If Happy33 got it all written off, maybe your son can too?! Maybe see if there s a default registered, and if so, if they would remove it?
  23. Hate phoning companies as shy and get flustered but will get round to it. Husband is due home tonight and he has told me he will go out of his way to avoid the discussion I have been waiting to have for nearly 2 months so Ihe says I just have to sit him down and fire 20 questions at him so will deal with that crap first and then get back to the Egg one. May phone today before he gets home but not sure, will depend my frame of mind! Will update once I have though.
  24. My mum got forms to fill in about her financial situation and the good resuolt is that it has been agreed that she cannot afford to pay any more than she is already paying so I guess all her poll tax\council tax debt will be lumped into one account and her payments will reduce them. Will mean she will always be paying her council tax through a debt collector so guess I will have to investigate further as that means every bill will have charges on it but immediate threat is passed. Next time I am at my mums and if the kids behave I will look through her paperwork and see what correspond
  25. Milliewhiplash - Go for it. Its your money and you are entitled to it back. Spend a day or two reading the FAQ's and some of the threads round the site and then get the ball rolling. While you are waiting on your statements then spend some of your spare time gaining more knowledge on the site so that you are aware of the whole process and the steps involved. Oh and start your own thread(s) in the relevant areas so that comments dont get muddled and any questions you have can be answered quickly as people wont have to read through multiple claims on one thread! Finally, if you are at all w
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