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  1. Only found this letter so far - think it was the second one I received: IMPORTANT : Have you read and understood the Payment Protection Insurance Policy Document we recently sent you? It is important that you have read and understood the Policy Document we recently sent you relating to the Payment Protection insurance you have taken out on your Capital One credit card. This document details important information relating to your policy, so please ensure that you have: > read the policy Document carefully - in particular the Policy Summary Section > Checked that you
  2. yeah will look it out once the kids are in bed and can type it up on here - I only have a letter for the one I got the refund for, the other one I dealt with over the phone. They could have been fobbing me off but as I dont know the time period that they omitted to send the PPI policy info out I just accepted. It was my £1000 limit card I got the refund on - its the newer one, and the £200 one that they said was ok. Nikki
  3. Hiya PPI should not be cumpulsory - have a look through the threads for mis-sold PPI - there are steps to claim it all back! Helps if you have all your paperwork too about loan and PPI cos you can post the figures etc and get great advice on here.
  4. I have two cards and received the letter on the most recent one. I phoned to cancel and get a refund on that and asked about the other card and they said that this wasnt one of the accts affected. I asked them to cancel it anyway as my situation has changed. They did this and they have remained friendly even though I have sent a SAR and have just sent the prelim letter in.
  5. Have not heard anything yet. Will give them till their 40 days then chase up. Will type up a letter this week all ready to be sent out on Wednesday. Have a lot on at home just now so will give them the benefit of the doubt with their 40 days.
  6. Still not received them - will chase up if not received by the end of this week!
  7. Have typed up prelims for these and hope to post tomorrow. Took monthly figure for interest on each, multiplied by 12 and have used this as figure. Am claiming compounded interest so one is for approx £480 and the other just over £1100. Just a waiting game once they are sent off....
  8. Have typed up one SAR for the three accounts. Just got to get my £10 PO and cert of posting. Hope to post later today. Not sure if they can all go to same address but thought I would give it a try any way!
  9. Typed up my prelim letter requesting £125 back from Black Horse. hope to post it off today - just got to enclose my marriage cert as they have me down under my maiden name. Have enclosed a copy of my passport too.
  10. Will be sending a SAR off for this and my previous loan with them, hopefully later today. Have got some info on my current loan but want the old loan info, and also to make sure I get or have had all info (Inc manual intervention stuff) on my current one. Will do a CCA later.
  11. They replied saying because its a SAR I have to send £10 and further ID. Have written a new SAR requesting info on my two closed credit cards, my current loan (Got some info from them already via secrure message) and the loan this top off one paid off. Lots of other things on the go just now so couldnt be bothered arguing that 40 days should be from original request. Have added my loan accts onto this plus I have delayed sending the id and £10 fee off. Hope to post today once I get some sleep and get kids organised.
  12. Just away to send a prelim into Black Horse for a loan I took out a few years ago. Got £75 in unpaid DD charges (3 x £25) and a Collection Activity Charge for £50. Not sure if I can claim the second one back but will definately be claiming the £75.
  13. I had my BOS Preference Acct passed over to Blair, Oliver and Scott a a few years ago and its nearly paid off. Just wondering who I send my SAR to as I have no paperwork for this acct to check charges incurred - BOS or Blair, Oliver and Scott? Does anyone else know if I am likely to have incurred charges on it - I am guessing I did cos otherwise why else would I have defaulted and been passed to a DCA? Just so long ago I cant remember! Cheers for any info.
  14. Yep got the standard 'we won a court case so you aint getting any money' letter so just got to wait for my 14 days for sending off the LBA. Will amend to show contractual interest as this is what they have charged me and is therefore only fair Brian.
  15. Hi, My little sister is 6 months pregnant and has just returned after being off for 2 weeks with high blood pressure and headaches. Her doctor was happy enough to sign her off for longer as her pressure is still up but she felt it would be best to return. Anyway, she says they are beiing horrible to her. Here are the snippets she emailed me: "they were wanting me to photocopy all week as they have auditors in but I said no as I am not standing all day as its not good for me!! Do you agree! They are so annoyed and have said I have to do overtime now to do other peoples work as they will
  16. Hi, I have 3 types of Littlewoods accts - does anyone know if the SAR has to go to three different addresses or if its the same for all of them? If it is the same, does that mean I would only need to make one payment of £10 for my charges information? I have got an address on the threads for LXDirect in liverpool, has anyone got correct addresses for all of them? Thanks for any info...
  17. If you havent got your statements then if I was you I'd get the SAR sent off asap as they have up to 40 days to send the statements - mine took 30 days - so gives you plenty of time to learn the ropes in between!
  18. Oh yeah Sweetrose, forgot to say, if you start your own thread(s) (One for each company you are pursuing) then you will be able to use it as a trail of your status on each and more likely to receive answers to questions which would otherwise be lost in someone elses thread and become confusing for you and whoevers thread you hijacked as could be difficult to work out who replies were aimed at! feel free to pm me at any time if you have questions or want me to look at your threads and if I am online I will do my best to answer - not an expert but just someone who has a few weeks head start
  19. Hi sweetrose, if you have all your statements then good on you, you've saved yourself about 5-6 weeks of time! If you havent already then go read the sites FAQ's - they give you an easy to understand step by step guide. After that spend a few days reading through threads, start with the ones relevant to the companies you are persuing, have a look at new posts etc. Once you have an insight into how it all happens and obstacles other people have met and how they've dealt with them, then fill in your charges spreadsheet (Either Compounded interest or basic 8%) and send this off with your prelim
  20. Got my statements in for my two cards today - I was beginning to think I wouldnt get them till the 40 days were almost up! Instances of manual intervention sent too. Am looking forward to the kids going down for a sleep so I can start on the spreadsheets and prelim letters. Think I will be gooing for compund interest cos they have hacked me off in the past with whacking 2 charges on a month. Most of my problems was due to paying for things through paypal and the credit card paying things that then put me overdrawn. Also, my marriage problems havent helped this last year. Think I should g
  21. I find the majority of bank staff i deal with great. While chasing up receipt of my SAR recently via online banking\secure messaging I got a quick, friendly response (True she asked what a SAR was but maybe she just didnt know it as a SAR.) Anyway, I replied explaining ans she got back to say she had forwarded onto relevant department. I then replied thanking her and saying what a pleasure she had been to deal with. I used to work at Shell and we were encouraged to keep all positive feedback, and in times such as they are for banks, I feel the staff could do with the lift to moral - they li
  22. Yes best of luck to you - dont think its you that needs the luck though! I've sent my prelim off 4 compounded interest, the first of my claims, and will be sending off my mums S.A.R - (Subject Access Request) soon - hers got passed to a DCA after they more than doubled her debt with charges - she paid it all so will be getting a nice windfall back in 2-3 months. was going to leave it and a loan I had with them for a while as have a few kettles on the boil but their cockiness has changed my mind. Look forward to hearing of your victory!
  23. Hi, I got a letter through about a month ago from clubseasons (Seasons holidays), saying I had won a Club Seasons Membership with a value of £2950 in a prize draw. I ignored it cos I guessed it was one of these prize draws that everyone wins and is just a way for them to get you to buy a weeks holiday with them annually for £337 a year. Anyway got another letter from them today saying I should call their audit office, pointing out that I do not have to pay the £2950 fee and that they are suprised they haven't heard from me. Goes on to say that as a gesture of goodwill they will cont
  24. You will be able to claim all the charges back but I think when you cancel a direct debit you are supposed to tell the other company too so that they dont keep trying. I dont have one to hand but if you check the standard direct debit agreement it should say who is liable, your bank or the company? Guess the guys on here will be able to give more input, am bit busy with midgets at moment to check through the web and this site for more info I am afraid or I would. But I would read through the FAQ's and then get a SAR sent off to your bank. While you are waiting for your statments read throu
  25. Got this dodgy looking email in response to a genuine looking email from a guy asking about my car I have advertised for sale on a yahoo group. Are there dodgy bank drafts on the go just now or could this 'Simon' actually be genuine?! Hello , Thanks for the mail back to me.I am interested in purchasing car as i am o.k with the offering price of your car that go for 1800 pounds as i intend givivg the car to my lovely son as a BIRTHDAY gift .i would have loved to pay in cash for the car only that Payment would be made via bankers draft cheque from my client Mr Fabian Costa in sc
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