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  1. Hiya as far as I know its the day they received it. So if you dont know when it was received then take it as being 2 working days after it was posted. I sent mine on 11th September but when I emailed Halifax they said they received on 15th (I am in Scotland so will let them off with it) so my 40 days is today. I emailed Nicola [email protected] halifax but have not had an update from her or a guarantee that I will be receiving the statements. I also asked about my BOS ones as after all they are now all one company now! Think they are running late with doing these but doesnt hurt to email. Her email
  2. I am due to have a meeting with my boss re. going back to work after 2 years maternity (Each year 6 months unpaid\6 months paid). I am currently on FTC and had it planned that I would stay at my mums as I live 30 miles away from my work, cannot drive and there is no reasonable transportation system in place to get there (Think it would involVe 3-4 buses and take approx 2.5 hours each way) and as the first bus is a minibus and I would be using a double buggy, not at all practical. Anyway have had a fall out with my mum and although I have text her she has not responded to say she will meet me
  3. Hiya, and welcome to the site - loads of help , advice and moral support on here! Firstly, you need to go and look at the FAQ's and also a good idea reading through other people threads in your banks area. As you have your statements the next thing to do is the prelim letter and your charges spreadsheet. Its better to get it right and follow the system - its worked for thousands on here and will work for you too! The recommendation is you spend a few days reading through the site to familiarise yourself with the process, and other people experiences. Also gives you an idea of what to
  4. Yes welcome to the site and good luck. Create a separate thread for each claim - its a great way or getting advice quickly and info that is relevant to your claim. Its also handy to use it like a diary for status of each claim and the dates you sent letters and received replies. Means you still have all the relevant info if god forbid your pc crashes or you loose any handwritten notes! If you havent got your statements then I'd send off your SAR's now - the banks etc have 40 days to comply and some even take longer - those that do you can report though! All the best and if y
  5. Hiya and welcome to the site! First things first, if you dont have your statements then I would look through the libraries, print off a SAR and get it sent off. The banks have 40 days to respond to it and some take even longer. The time you have waiting for the statements you can use to familiarise yourself with the site, the FAQ's and looking through threads of other peoples experiences recouping their money from the same institutes as you will be claiming from. Just remember everyone on the site is here to help and there is a LOT of knowledgeable people on it. Its all light hearted
  6. I thought the husband would only be entitled to half of the increase in value of the property since they were married and not any profit from before as this was not purchased during the marriage? Might be different between Scotland and England but that was what I was advised up in Scotland when I asked about this. Could be different though as there are kids involved though. If I was your friend I would try talking to her husband and try to fix things between them. She loved him enough to want to live with him and then later to marry him, she should therefore give her marriage a fair tr
  7. Yeah same happened to me too - think it was just the two loans with them but when I tried to say I didnt want PPI they then said I couldnt have the loans without it. When I said it was too expensive they came back with a lower PPI on one of the loans but I needed the money, was in their branch and knew I would get the money there and then. With one of the loans I tried to change my mind after I had signed it and they told me I couldnt cos I did it on their premises. I think thats a stupid law as I personally needed the money and they talked me into it, when I would have been cheaper trying
  8. I would guess you should do your prelim again once you get your statements and have done your schedule of charges. Then wait 14 days, issue your LBA then another 14 days and its off to court. This is only my opinion but i would guess your prelim would either have had inaccurate or no figures on it, and to my knowledge you have to give the banks 28 days (Perhaps this is why they quote 4 weeks?) before commencing court action, hence the 2 x 14 days. Means a slight delay with your timescales but at the end of the day if it goes all the way to court better to show the judge you have given
  9. Dont panic - there is heaps of advice throughout this site and lots of people willing to help you get your money back, some with really indepth knowledge of the law. Remember its not just bank charges that are covered, its also PPI's and Early redemption penaltys on mortgages so make sure you claim everything back you can - its about the little person getting their own back on these big institutes who have abused their power for WAY TOO LONG! Also its always handy to open up a new bank acct - not saying it will happen to you but some banks take offence when you try to claim your money bac
  10. Got a letter from Egg today re my complaint about PPI. They have also reattached their resolution proposal and a copy of the agreement. They say I have till 20th November and then they will close the file. I have details of transaction on the current loan but dont know what reduction I received if any when they paid off the original loan, and no notes on manual intervention so I really need the response to my SAR before I can progress this. My main issue is until I found this forum I was always under the impression that PPI was mandatory if you had a less than clean credit rating. The agree
  11. Just quote that you want your credit card info and list all relevant addresses you stayed at - they should be able to trace your information and provide it - why pay them £10 twice! Just put something like - Platinum Visa Credit Card. Other people have done this in a SAR and got info back when they didnt know their acct number with other companies so worth a try with Lloyds. Good luck with your claims!
  12. sent off a SAR and CCA to my local branch of Welcome Finance. had loans with a company they took over (Macadam Finance) and was forced to take their Insurance. Also, I had several loans with them but cannot remember being offered a rebate on insurancce. With one of my loans I paid £1252 into it 2 months after it started (On top of regular payments) and this did not reduce the loan by anything more than the paid in amount. Their interest rate was also sky high so am hopeful I will be able to get something back from them now I know that you dont have to take insurance out with loans. Just g
  13. Just sent a SAR off (20 October)for my husband for 2 x bank accts and a Visa card. Not sure if the Visa should have gone to a separate address but thought it was worth a try including it and will see what they say. Not much money to claim here in total but better out of the banks pockets and back with the rightful owner! Included £10 postal order and got certificate of posting...
  14. My mum had an acct with Associates and got into arrears, charges went spiralling on and it got passed to a DCA. As far as she recalls she paid th whole amount off with no discount. Anyway I have sent her SAR off 20th October. Didnt have her acct number but have given her name, DOB, copy of passport and copy of recent Utility bill which should hopefully cover what they would need along with the standard £10 Postal Order.
  15. Sent off mums SAR today 20 October and got certificate of posting....
  16. Sent the SAR off 20 October and got certificate of posting for it...
  17. Sent prelim off 20 October and got certificate of posting for it...
  18. Prelims sent today got certificate of posting for them...
  19. You must be as bad as me for being up most of the night\early morning! anyway thanks for that info, I have sent off the SAR so will update when I get more info. Got Macadam aswell that I have sent a combined SAR\CCA request - they had really high rates, I only have a copy of one of the agreements and it doesnt state the PPI but I know I HAD to take it. They were a part of Progressive I think it said and Welcome has taken them over. I think in total I had about 6 loans from them - most paid of the previous loan. Finally sorted out my finances though and my credit rating (Git a bit screwed
  20. Nightmare4Banks is pretty clued up on missold PPI - lookl at thread I've listed below: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/insurance-assurance-companies/31031-good-news-folks-ppi.html Maybe u could pm him\her and get him\her to read this thread and get his\her advice
  21. Is it not possible to attach a note to your credit file to explain the reason for the defaults - i.e. marriage breakdown or whatever? Only thing is, do banks and companies looking at your file even notice these or take them into account? Surely your current history showing you;ve been a good girl will stand in your favour? Also what about who you currrently bank with - they may consider you because of your banking history with them - maybe its worth going in and speaking to someone? I had defaults and a CCJ years ago and still got a mortgage with BOS who I banked with.
  22. Surely you can still take them to court if you want? You should pm Martin and see what he says....After all every penny helps when you are on benefits...
  23. Just dug out my paperwork so am going to list the details I have from the 2 loan agreements. The second loan was used to refinance the first. They were both signed in the office and when I tried to cancel one of the loans just after signing but they told me it was "non cancellable" and drew my attention to the top corner of the form which said "Non Cancellable Unsecured for use on Branch premises only". Their clause says the PPI was optional but when i siad I didnt want to take it cos it was too expensive they said I wouldnt get the loan. Not sure what the arrangement fee is?! Also not su
  24. Just away to start a thread about my Citi\Associates PPI. I found the agreements in my paperwork and will be sending a SAR off to them...If you could have a look and see what you think would be great. They wouldnt let me take the loan without PPI and I am unsure if I got a refund of any of the first PPI when taking out the 2nd loan which paid off the first...
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