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  1. Is this aimed at me? I havent been on the forum for ages but mine is the last comment? Am hoping to kick off my stuff again, been busy trying to fix my marriage and have gone back to work so less days to fit everything in!
  2. !!!CONGRATULATIONS!! Am so chuffed for you, been a bit busy myself so have put claims on the back burner - still waiting for some of my statements from halifax - emails to your pal didnt work! Was away for a few days and got home late tonight so just checked my mail b4 bed after catching up with all house stuff. Anyway I saw your update in my mail and just had to take the time to reply to a fellow local - your updates throughout the evening made me smile - I'd guess you went into the local village for a drink as wouldnt expect you home that early if you went into the city, but wher
  3. I've updated my post with what I received from Welcome in response to my SAR and CCA. I hope to claim the PPI back but have yet to find out what happened to Macadam Finance who I originally had loans with. I went in to the branch one day, was told they were now Welcome finance but Welcome have only sent me info on the last loan I had. If anyone has a scoobie it would be appreciated...
  4. Hopefully you will get your money for Xmas time so you can get a holiday...Good luck, been following your threads but back at work part time now so not on here so often!
  5. This is what I have myself : A copy of the credit agreement between me and Macadam finance dated 4/4/03. Figures as noted below: Amount of Loan 2767.50 Add : Interest 1406.25 = Total Amount payable 4173.75 Payable by 24 monthly payments of 173.91 commencing on 4 May 2003 A.P.R. 50.3% FLAT RATE 24.40% A receipt for payment dated 10/06/03 for £1252.00, leaving a balance of 2417.93 This is what I received from Welcome Finance in response to my combined SAR and CCA request: Internal let
  6. Received more statements on Friday from Bank of Scotland. They are for my Joint acct and are for April 2004 to end of October 2006. There are some pages missing so perhaps they will come on Monday, if not I will have to chase them up. Will have to check through and see if statements received cover all dates or if there are any more gaps. Am back at work part time so will hopefully get a chance to do this stuff sometime this week, and get prelims sent off for the joint acct and my old BOS acct. just got to decide on interest rate, whether to go for compound interest - will have to read thro
  7. My branch seem a bit better than most - well for replying anyway, not for quality of data! I sent my SAR and CCA request into my local branch in Aberdeen on 20/10, got a letter back acknowledging it shortly after, then last week received data from them. They had forwarded the letter to their main office saying they could only find details of one loan agreement and asked the Newcastle(I think) office to deal with it as they didnt keep copies of loan agreement in local branch. Also had a copy of my original application from 1997, my bankers draft, a signed loan agreement, details of manual in
  8. Emailed Halifax and BOS several times and finally received a letter stating 'I refer to your email regarding your SAR. I am sorry you have not yet received your statements. I will re-order and get them sent to you urgently. I also asked in my email for details of ALL accounts and information the company holds on me. They replied to this by saying 'Your original letter only asked for transactions and charges therefore, you will receive the remainder of the information within 40 days from receipt of your e-mail as allowed by DPA 1998'. 'Please note HBOS plc is not obliged to supply
  9. Got some docs from Welcome but seems they have only info on my last loan with them and none for the loans for before when it was Macadam Finance - internal mail from local branch states this is only info they can find. The info they have sent seems to be partly for 1 loan, and partly for another. Had typed everything up but lost it when oldest woke, put her to bed and dont have time just now to look through and retype as youngest is up!! Have a couple of bits of paperwork I have to look out and add to pile thought too so will hopefully get opportunity tomorrow. Just not sure how I can get t
  10. Got my mums statements and have gone through them - just over £500 charges. Strange thing - they have included statements up to 2006 but last relevant one was August 2003, then a gap and lots of statements with balance, estimated interest (No more interest added since 2003), and 'Payment should reach your account by 30 June 2004). My mother said this was passed to a DCA and she paid the full amount off, I am just not sure what proof of this she has - hopefully it will be on her bank statements when she finally gets them from the Halifax. Anyway have put them all in spreadsheet, just got
  11. Received an offer on my Classic card of £262 but nothing yet on my premier one. Have typed up LBA's for both accepting offer as partial settlement only on Classic card. Hope to post tomorrow, if not then Monday at latest.
  12. Not heard a peep - but got a letter offering me a new loan! Have typed up LBA and hope to send today if I make the post office before it closes at lunchtime!
  13. Received a letter acknowledging my SAR (Nothing about my CCA but will give them a few more days on that then chase it up).
  14. I'm going through the same thing with Halifax although they sent letters to me for my BOS and Halifax accts saying they were being sent under separate cover. My mum got the same for her halifax acct. Received some BOS dating up to 2004 but none from Halifax. I have emailed Kelly Duffus at Halifax as that seemed to work for Aaronsdad so am giving them a couple of extra days before I send off the LBA's. Hopefully they will pull their finger out as lots on at home just now as am starting back at work part time after maternity leave on 13th and still to finalise childcare and transportation! P
  15. Do you know excel at all - if so check which cells the spreadsheet uses to get the total and see if there are any extra\incorrect figures in them. Cant see there is any way possible 8% interest would take the total to that amount! Would be nice for you if it was correct though!
  16. Cant offer any advice but just want to wish you good luck - I have some charges dating past 5/6 years so will be interested to see how this goes! Sounds very promising though!
  17. Its your signature you have to create\modify. Its under User CP, Edit Signature. Under the path that shows you are in the Barclays Forum along with the title of the thread there are menus - search, FAQ etc - the User CP is the first of those menus on the right of the screen(Your left if that sort of thing confuses you!). Hope thats what you mean?! Nikki
  18. My SAR took 30 days from capital 1 and BOS and HBOS are taking over 40 days. Egg on the other hand come up with all the delaying tactics possible! Their latest one was sending my Postal Order back cos I had left the Pay field Blank. Did that with all of them cos I thought that way I wouldnt put wrong payee in and risk them being returned and everyone else accepted! None returned though, maybe the SAR staff are keeping them and using them for their Xmas night out! Poor buggers will need it!
  19. Glad I could point you in right direction - my SAR request took 30 days from Capital One so just a waiting game now! I'm juggling heaps of different companies and doing other peoples too - it becomes quite fun! This SAR bit drags a bit but just use the time to brush up your knowledge and see if you can think of any other companies who owe you charges\missold PPI or ERC's!
  20. Yeah but think how much better off yu'd be with an extra 300 on top of that - you may even still get it for Xmas. If not it will give you money to traeat yourself in the january sales! If you are really organised you could buy all next years presents in the sales! I'd hold on if I was you, its your money and they make all these lower offers, hoping you will crumble and they save money!
  21. The Scottish system has two limits - £750 and £1500. Anything over that would require solicitors etc and you run the risk of having to pay the other persons costs if you loose, but you can break any larger claims into bundles of £750\£1500 and just put them through the courts one at a time as otherwise the court could argue they should be bundled together. Also in Scotland you are only allowed to claim back 5 yrs so thats another benefit of claiming through English courts. Bear in mind though that if you do have to go to court, you'd have to get down to the relevant court in England! S
  22. You can also check your old bank statements if you still have them. If you have paid from your bank acct your Egg number will be listed on the payment. I got my old acct numbers through Secure Messaging. For Info I still had to send proof of ID, fill in one of their forms and now they have just sent my Postal order back cos I never filled in who it was payable to. They delay as much as possible so if you send them everything first time then they cant delay (Hopefully!).
  23. Bloodhound Gang Why's Everybody Always Pickin' On Me?, Going Nowhere Slow, Your Only Friends Are Make Believe, The Inevitable Return of The Great White Dope, Take The Long Way Home, This is Stupid, Violent Femmes Add It Up, To the kill, Jesus Walking On The Water, Children Of The Revolution Evanescense Call me when you're sober, Going under, Everybody's Fool, Fortune Favours The Brave Metallica Don't tread on me, The Unforgiven Ok better stop now as got hundreds more and lots of housework waiting...Plus an LBA to post...
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