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  1. Yeah i did let them all drop which is a shame as being from Scotland, some are now over 5 years....I will try sortng through all my paperwork and getting each action started again - am lucky i still have the original emails\spreadsheets in a folder...just wish I had kept them going them but I started full time work then after being off for a years maternity and didnt seem to have much time or energy and what I had left, I spent with my daughters!


    Yes it sounds sensible that if i take action on all my old debts, loans, ppis and charges that it may in fact turn out that my debt is not such a mountain and I may even be able to avoid LILA...I know i have to try to get energy trust to send me out forms for my old gas debt - I never got them in when I tried, and when I left msgs asking for the forms (several times) none were sent out!!


    Anyway I will see if I can do some paperwork and maybe kick off some threads tonight once kids are in bed! Would be nice to start taking control of some aspects of my life again!



  2. I have a mountain of debts due to breaking up with my husband after my 2 daughters were born and my head being totally messed up as my husband played mind games with me while still screwing around while working abroad.


    I have been off work for the last 17 months because i wasnt coping well with working\hardly seeing my kids and my mum complaining she wanted a wage to look after the kids and at that time I was struggling to pay everything, let alone pay her a regular wage. She was living with me, the hosue I rented which she lived in too meant she had her own living room and bedroom, and i bought all the groceries and her cigs - and she is a heavy smoker. Anyway i understood my mums views so she got her own place and a job and I stopped work and had to move to a smaller place (another private rental)...


    I have debts including an Egg loan, credit cards, littlewoods, old mobile phone contract with orange, old utility bills from last property (Gas boiler was faulty and bills were huge and the £80 a month i was paying no-where near covered it)....


    At moment, 17 months later, i am getting letters from DCA's but nothing further but dreading the day things get worse....money is tight, i want to learn to drive as I stay in a village where there is no employment, and the nearest City which offers decent pay is about 45 miles away and takes a couple of hours each way on bus (service is not that regular outwith core times)....i do have my name down with Local Authoritys and councils for a local authority house but no joy so far. my kids are at nursery 2.5 hours a day and would like to return to some kind of work and also get divorced - am ready to move my life on, but still waiting for my husband who is in asia to find a lawyer and provide me with their details - he argues it isnt easy as he doesnt know when he will next be in scotland and has to meet one face to face to be able to get them to act onhis behalf.


    Anyway, what is best order for me to go on this - should i try and claim PPI's, Bank charges, credit card charges, then LILA and then divorce, or LILA first? If i do LILA first, would i get any of the money from the claims if they were sucessful or would it all go to my creditors? just this money would help me towards getting white goods and carpeting a property when I finally get offered it, as well as help with removal costs and maybe even help with me getting driving lessons so i could get a jb futher afield so that i could maybe use this as leverage to help in getting a house quicker (i.e. closer to where I work). i ahve no assets or savings - apart from the furniture in my house. Also, at moment my ex has been making regular payments into my account for the ids - he will not be happy if this all goes towards my debts and may stop the payments if this happens - with LILA would i have to make payments to the companies for a certain period of time? Would I then be able to update them if he did stop the payments for the kids (he says he would put the money into bank accounts for the kids for them to get when they were older?)...


    Thanks for any info and hope this makes some sense....obviously I will see CAB when i decide to go the LILA route (just a bit awkward as dont have easy access to childcare and kids go to nursery in afternoon so with public transport it makes it difficult for me to get to CAB and back and put kids to nursery so would mean i woudl have to take them off nursery if i had to go to CAB and take them with me - woud CAB be okay with that?


    TAs I said sorry if this is garbled, my brain functions are messed up due to stress\depression and concentration span is poor - new doc at surgery says i can come see her when i feel ready to discuss it further and see how she can help me so bit more postive about that as at moment I worry i couldnt do a demanding job as brain is currently mush!

  3. Its a Worcester Greenstar 40 CDi - not sure if its a condenser as landlord organised it all. There is a Huge supastor tank beside it (About 5 ft tall and no insulation on it - clothes dry really quick on the clothes airer in that small room) which landlord fitted when he bought house - gas guys said it was something to do with landlords plan to put bathroom facilities on top floor and there is a small tank lwhich says airfix and some numbers on it....

  4. That was my first problem and hence why getting accurate total bill has taken so long, meter readings on gas and electric were incorrect. This is supposed to be true readings now but she says bills are now looking like they are approx £500 a quarter but as I only have water on for aprox 4-5 hours due to baths and showers, and heating for approx 2 hours a day that seems excessive so may just have to switch boiler off and use immersion instead as will be only way I can reduce my backlog owing...just wish showers were electric and not using water from tank...

  5. The £9000 was instead of him charging me for rest of lease - at that point 15 months at £1000 a month..said he is a businessman and didnt see why he should loose any money because I was struggling with higher than anticipated bills and problems with childcare due to high bills restricting my cash flow and the ongoing mouse infestation we had....still waiting for EH to check bait traps and see if all bait has been taken ....again....although havent noticed any for last coupleof weeks so fingers crossed.

  6. I have been rentig a large, single glazed property for a year(Lease runs till July 2008). When i took out lease I asked what utility bills were like and was told average....Gas Boiler was replaced earlier this year due to me asking landlord if he had a Gas Cert and any ga maintenance due to me having toddlers and previous problems with cooker and other stuff. Anyway they came out and they basically condemned boiler cos it was over 10 years old....He got boiler replaced shortly after...


    I then queried my gas bills with British Gas, and after them testing my meter but not telling me the results, have now had my direct debit increased from £72.50 to £299. I am a single mum who has recently had to give up work and cannot afford this. I use gas to heat water and radiators. Cooking and everything else is electric. Currently since I stopped working full time my gas is on for heating for approx 2 hours a day, and for water about 4 hours as shower is not electric and have toddlers who need bathed - its a huge water tank (Listed building, 3 floors)...am seriously considering asking gas to disconnect my supply and relying on the immersion and perhaps calor gas heaters in the hall to provide some heat to the kids rooms when its chilly(High ceilings) but not sure if this goes against lease? My landlord doesnt know I am not working yet - since splitting with husband due to his actions and mind games I dont like confrontation - and have just spent last few months dealing with a mice epidemic. My landlord isnt easy to deal with i.e he doesnt like spending money....and when I previsouly asked to get out of lease he wanted £9000 - 6 months rent, plus council tax plus his fees for agent to find a new tenant.

  7. I had to give up work due to my mum wanting to get a full time job as wasnt working with us living under the same roof, and I couldnt afford to pay her, just buy her stuff and keep her.


    I signed up for a 2 year lease in July 2007, and the lease is expensive - £1000 a month - was splitting up with husband at time, housing market was booming, and was advertised at £850. I had removal van and my daughters outside, had been packing all day after taking the day off from work to move, and didnt read lease as with marriage breakup and eerything my head wasnt screwed on right. Anyway a solictor says I canot get out of lease and would be liabile for rest of rent, council tax etc etc...Checking online I only get so much towards rent but read that in special circumstances they may pay more....


    I am in process of claiming benefits but wondered what the chances are of them paying my full rent? If they dont I cannot pay the shortfall, I stay in a little village, cannot drive and would need lifts to be able to work somewhere that pays more than minimum wage orclose to it. If I had stayed on at my last job I would have needed childcare to cover from 6.30am to 5:15 and was already using my savings to subsidise the bills. My ex lives abroad and sends me money as and when - he hasnt paid since April as I think he is hoping I move abroad to him because I cannot support kids here, and will end up homeless....


    To summarise, any chance they will pay all my rent? Or perhaps provide local authorty housing while I suss out financial avenues for paying off lease, and money owed to gas and electric over several years? Think my boiler was faulty before landlord replaced it cos BG wouldnt issue a cert cos BG have increased my monthly debit from £72.50 to £299 a month and I sure as hell cannot afford that but as its only used for heating and water I could technically survive without it over summer months if they switch it off......


    Any advice as to other forums I could try would be great...may try phoning shelter once Ifind out when they are open!




    Oh yeah, I am in Sotland...

  8. Yep got one. says it can take up to 6 weeks to fully work but hasnt been much use up till now in deterring them!


    Solicitor obviously felt bad about my terse reply saying that as I had asked her to do letter last Wednesday I thought landlord would have got letter by now and that i did not have his contact number. She has contacted him and he is going to take action. I have to phone him too and i hate confrontational phone calls.

  9. Just got hold of my solicitor and although I asked her last Wdnesday to draft up the letter she hasnt done so yet. She now tells me i would be quicker to phone my landlord and cheaper as its costing me money every time she reads and repsonds to emails!! I am only mailing her cos I am not getting feedback from her as to whether she has done the letter etc...! Should have learned with the house purchase screw up not to use her as i already told her his phone number was in my old mobile phone which is broken. I got a quote from local environmental Health and she says i should just get them out but I already told her there is a hole in the outside wall leading into property so that will only be a very short term fix to this problem. I am tempted just to move out and move into a rental temporarily with my mum and reassess my situation....

  10. I have a mice infestation - have been trying to deal with it with humane traps etc as i have 2 toddlers and didnt initially realise there were so many mice. We have caught at least a dozen so far. I asked my solicitor to send a letter to my landlord last week - still trying to get a hold of her to see if she has done it, along with other things we want fixed. Had a terrible weekend though. My oldest came across a mouse twice and was hysterical both times. They are coming ito my living room and I saw one squeezing in through a gap between a kitchen cupboard door and the unit on saturday. Today is final straw though. Just had my mum on the phone in tears as one ran across the kitchen wortop when she was in the kitchen and when she went to the loaf of bread ontop of the breadbin it seems that they have eaten though the bag and partially through the centre of the bread. She lives with me and is my childcare and is now threatening to leave. She says even if they get professionals in she will always be uncomfortable here. Last time I spoke to landlord before mouse business he wanted £9000 to cover 6 months rent and council tax and advertising and new lease drawn up if we leave early. I stupidly signed a 2 year lease with no early exit clause while going through a marriage breakup. if my mum finds her own place I will have to quit work as wont get childcare to cover 6:30-5:30 as thats when my lift picks me up and drops me off due to working approx 40 miles away. There are no decent employment opportuities in the area as its a small village, and I dont drive.


    My question is am I and my kids expected to live in a house in which my kids are now scared to wander about in and which I am not much better myself? It will be a pain in the ass to move quickly and not what i had planned but I really dont want to spend much longer in this place, the stress of this is having an effect on all of us and there are certain rooms my oldest daughter wont go in because she has came across mice in them.


    regarding the house I was going to purchase, the seller has gotten a new acceptable offer, so this is not the reason i am asking...

  11. Okay - cool forgot about that. Out of interest I am in scotland so as we can only claim back 5 years is this also the same limit for them chasing us? And should things in Scotland only be kept on credit file for 5 years or does this come under English law and is therefore 6?


    Thanks for any advice - also i have a thread I am waiting for an updated response on for my si...if anyone can help with it that would be great - its for goods not received but company ognored letters and passed to a DCA....

  12. I have an old debt - clubbie I think - fom two addresses ago in which I am owe them £386.90 - I must have missed out writing to them when I moved, and have been meaning to do something about it for last year but just never got round to it. Its been passed to a DCA who have sent me a letter before Action, And since then sent me an offer saying I can pay reduced figure of approx £115 (Letter is at home) to pay this debt off.


    This is quite a few years old - should I accept the reduced figure, or am I better to offer to pay the full amount? Its the only unpaid debt I have on my credit file - I havent made contact with them about this debt yet.

  13. Have asked my solicitor to draft up a letter asking landlord to sort out mice problem (We have caugt 6 in last few days since getting traps) and there are still more (Gas engineer landlord used left whole in outside wall where old pipe used to be..which I think has contributed to this)...plus windows not shutting\not opening, plus sklylight which lets debris in, plus asking for copy of Gas Cert.. Have also asked her if there would be any merit in getting the local surveyors to give us a figure for approx rental income on the house I am renting cos I know they provide these for buy to lets and if its low then I can maybe use this as leverage with landlord to drop the rent? We both never read the lease properly so didnt realise till after it had gone up from advertised price of £850 to £1000 but landlord said lease is signed so he wouldnt revert price back, even though i told him I would struggle as was a single mum on a tight budget.

  14. My sister has just had a debt collector round chasing this debt - looks like they have yet again ignored the letters. Are there are Acts etc I can quote when writing the next letter to make sure this goes away as my little sis is thinking of just paying this off so she wil not end up with bad credit history and to avoid further stress - even though she did not receive the items!! I said I would try and get it sorted for her......

  15. I have been told they can recoup all interest on the £157,777 from the date I was supposed to settle, right through to when they eventually get a successful sale, plus their costs for re-advertising, plus the difference in price between my offer and what they eventually get. The market has dropped by us so unless I can buy, i am 100% sure i will not have enough money to pay them all these costs that i will be liable for when it eventually does re-sell. What happens then as i wont have any assets and very likely wont be working as my mum will want to get her own place and work full time so she can buy her own property...

  16. Yes she did warn me of the risk if the mortgage offer didnt come through but when i said that she had spoken to advisor and he had told her 22nd so i guessed it must be okay, and also that mortgage company had been given all required docs almost 2 weeks ago and I had heard of no issued that I guessed it must be all right. She didnt tell me my financial advisor when speaking to her had advised her i didnt have a final offer and that although he was confident it would go through, that he advised her with thse things you never really knew till the offer was in writing. She usually plays 100% by the books and in past when i was with my husband and we were making offers on other properties she would never let us get pushed into anything and acted in our best interests. On this I feel she didnt but i have been told not to try to fight a solicitor as you rarely win.


    Forgetting the who's in the wrong angle here cos I dont think I stand a chance of managing to back out of this, can anyone assist with my query on what happens once the sale goes through to another party. The longer this all drags on (I have chased Abbey up since 24th for my old mortgage statement as new financial advisor is basing my application on my past history as my contract duration is too short), the more money i will have to pay ontop of the purchase price in fees so its getting to stage that i dont know if I can afford to go ahead with this due to interest and their fees I am liable for. I need to know what this means for me. At moment I take home less money than I need to live on, what with rent and utilities and transportation, my mum is doing unpaid childcare and I am stressed and only see my kids for an hour at night and at weekends. Public transport wouldnt get me into work on time and if i had to use it would cost me hundreds a month whereas my lift is only £120, but if he stops work or goes on holiday, I have to take a mix of time off and stay occassional days with my sister who stays within 10 miles of where I work and as a contractor I dont get paid for time off. If I am in debt for the forseeable future i do not see the point of remaining in work and putting everyone else out when there is no end benefit to my family.

  17. you dont pay a deposit in scotland, except for a new build?


    Anyway, long story but I put an offer in last year, then due to husband withholding maintenance payments i backed out before signing anything. At that point solicitor was okay with me backing out. Anyway they send me a letter before xmas via my solcitor asking if I was going to offer any compensation to seller for their costs. i spoke to my solicitor and they said I wasnt obliged to and i told her I had had a talk with husband and he was reinstating payments so if i had known that I would have gone ahead with purchase. She then contacted sellers and reinstated my offer. I contacted my financial advisor and he said he would have to resubmit due to my last offer having lapsed - had got it about 6 months before but it had now expired. He then started the ball rolling again. They said they wanted proof of id, and copy of utility bill. Sent id and utility bill mid December. they then asked in January for my payslips. Sent all bar two to my financial advisor as I couldnt find them. Then requested them from my work, asked my finanical advisor if i was okay to look around for other work, he said I should be okay as they had gotten all the info they would need. Mortgage coy then asked again for missing payslips. i got them for them. They had them for over a week. My colicitor contacted me at work and asked when i thought we could commit to purchase and that seller was looking for date of 7th Feb. I advised i didnt have mortgage in writing yet but she could check with my financial advisor as I was busy doing a handover at work as my colleague was leaving. She phoned me back and said my financial advisor said 22nd should be okay and would i confirm this date would be okay to commit to. I told her that I had given financial advisor all docs the mortgage coy had told him they wanted and that i was under impression that we should get it in writing any day now as they had had my docs for a while, and I had no further requests from them. She said if I was sure I would get the funds as she had given her word i wouldnt back out again and if i delayed i could loose the property and i said I hadnt spoken to advisor but as she had spoken to him and he had said 22nd that everything must be all okay. So she did mention at this point that it would cost me a lot if it fell through but she knew my circumstances but didnt offer to delay them any more. I think this was because she had given her word i would complete. When i spoke to my financial advisor a few days later when the company then decided they wanted certified payslips etc from my employer I told him my solicitor had said I was committed but he said if i hadnt signed anything then dont worry as I couldnt be tied in if I hadnt signed anything. I dont drive and my solictor is closer to my home than work (I live 40 miles away from work as stay rural) yet when i sold my property and for other docs she specifically said things couldnt go ahead unless i came in and signed docs yet this time i didnt need to?


    Got to go cos at work but will reply later if any queries\questions!

  18. Hi, due to bad advice and my head being in wrong place, I committed to purchase a property then found out just a day or two after handing my notice in that my mortgage wasnt 100% approved (My payslips were kept on line and they were not happy with paper copies I got from my work even though they had had them for about 1 month). My issue is not the legal side of whether I am obliged as basically i have been told not to fight a solicitor...


    What i want to know is I am scambling around trying to get a mortgage as people said they will sell to me if I get mortgage sorted before they accept an offer and at moment am getting charged interest of £42 per day, plus their costs, plus of course the difference between my offer and what they get if they sell before I get a mortgage comfirmed. When i put my offer in the market was good and I bid £157777 even though the house needed revamped inside. Its valued at £150,000 so there is a good chance that it will sell for less or take a while in current climate.


    I have been told in standard letter from their solicitor to mine(For these circumstances), that they will go to local court to enforce payment of monies due once house sold. Does anyone know the ins and outs of this if I cannot get the mortgage sorted (I have to get a bigger deposit etc). I am a single mum of two toddlers, and in my current accommodation struggle month to month so use my savings to survive - hence why I was buying. If this takes a long time to sell, or sells for more than a couple of thousand less than what i was offering I wont have the funds to pay them. I also have an Egg loan of about £6000 outstanding (Payments up to date). My mother says that if I cannot buy then her incentive to stay with me and look after my kids so i can work goes out the window (Was giving her a share of house in return for childcare as well as free board at moment) so she is sorry but she would get her own place and return to full time work. I understand her viewpoint on this but wonder what courts can make me pay? If I used my savings and paid off my credit would I get into trouble or how do priorities work out. Its just if I stop working I cannot afford to pay it and as I am a contractor, PPI wouldnt cover me. Would they chase me for what could be the rest of my days to pay them all I am due, at a few the court decided I could afford? Would the court think I was trying it on by stopping working? My ex has offered that i could come out to America and he could get me a flat for me and girls (he is hoping to persuade me to try again with marriage) so would they still accept paying it up if i moved abroad? If I did get back with husband, owuld he become liable for this debt? Does this type of debt have a time limit? I hate to thing that due to my solicitor pushing me to commit even though she had spoken to my financial advisor on my behalf a few days prior and knew mortgage offer wasnt in stone (She told me financial advisor had said first date seller stated wasnt practical but date y would be fine), and me providing all docs to financial advisor tha the mortgage company had asked for 6-8 weeks prior when they received my application), but financial advisor telling me he had told my solicitor that mortgage offers are never guaranteed till they are in writing (Shame she negleced to tell me my financial advisor had said that when she persuaded me to verbally agree to commit to purchase), as well as me not knowing that verbal agreement is as good as writtwen in Scotland.


    Anyway, anyone know ins and outs? I do feel sorry for the sellers but at moment have to think of my family. It looks like due to some bad advice I could be in debt for the rest of my life, and loose any savings I do have, as well as have to pay my solicitors fees for her work on this.


    Thanks for any info.....

  19. Been off this site for about a year and only just recently on. Had a quick look through the thread but there are soooo many pages. I was one of those idiots that kept taking a new loan with welcome every 10 months or so. I am pretty sure they kept adding PPI on. I was told i wouldnt get the loan without PPI. I paid them off with another loan a few years ago. I did do a SAR last year but info they sent was incomplete and they said they couldnt find my agreements. Because i have paid them off is there any way i can reclaim the PPi as they forecd me to take it and I didnt want it but needed the loan(s)...Also when I had a look through docs it looked like PPI was never refunded when I took out a top up loan, just a new policy charged again. Can I di anything about this seeing as I have paid them off? I only found out about mis-selling of PPI once I paid them off. Will have a look around more on site in next few days but single mum of toddlers and work full time and dont drive so by time I get home and see to kids and get them bedded my free time is limited! Any pointers to relevant pages appreciated. Found the email adfdress for CEO of cattles on an earlier thread so thats handy....Thanks to guys who posted that.

  20. There is also hotukdeals.co.uk - I have sold and bought a few things off there. Bit of hassle to verify you are who you are and they are getting a bit stricter with rules as some regulars have been banned for a week for not following procedure...plus it has some great bargains....and no fees unless you choose to pay or accept payment via paypal....

  21. forgot to add, I replied to my landlords letter stating he would require £9000 to end lease early to say that I couldnt afford this and guessed that meant I would have to stay put. I then asked him to see if he could get his joiner to look at fixing the windows - some do not open and some are stuck slightly open which makes the house even colder and not secure. This was over 1 month ago and he said he would get his joiner to come round but no sign. I always have to chase him for repairs and then chase again as he doesnt check with henadyment o see if they have been and carried out repairs. I have also brought up the matter of my gas bills being so high with gas company but they have just left me a number to call back on which is awkward cos I work all day and am busy with kids at night. Will try tomorrow though as my boss is working half days this week!

  22. Firstly, this is a long one so grab a cuppa....


    I split with my husband last year and due to our marital house selling I had to find alternative accommodation for my mum (She moved in to provide childcare so I could return to work), myself and my daughters. The housing market was quite buoyant and I dont drive so after checking with the guy that gives me a lift to see he could pick me up from that area, I contacted a company re. a listed building with a garden that was available to rent in a village about 12 miles away from my old house.


    It stated £850 per month on the website. I asked Savills what the utility bills were normally for it as it was single glazing and they said average. It is a big house though with high ceilings but has a bank that backs onto it and is in the centre of the village (Used to be the Bank Managers house).


    Anyway I explained my circumstances to Savills and went round and met the owner and viewed the house. Great garden, shops nearby and village is just off the main road so very handy for my sisters for visiting and my mum taking my toddlers out and about. He mentioned that someone who was going to be renting it had changed their mind before contracts were signed due to a change in circumstance but had been going to lease it for 2 years. Anyway I agreed with landlord I would take house a few days later, and would sign the lease the same day. My head wasnt screwed on right then due to stress of relationship breakup and the animosity between my mother and husband due to my husbands actions in our marriage so I suggested I take a 2 year lease and asked if the rental amount would be fixed. I am a contractor so took the day off and with assistance from my inlaws who were staying with us as husband works away a lot, we packed up mine and husbands things into the separate vans. Once van was packed I arrived at Savills stressed after dealing with toddlers and packing up and that horrible feeling you get when reality kicks in and you move into a different house from your husband. Anyway myself and owner signed the lease and I stupidly didnt read it. noticed later that night that rent had increased to £1000! After first payment my landlord contacted me to say I had overpaid. I explained that lease said £1000 but that was more than advertised and was a figure I would struggle with. He then text me back later and said oh yes the amount was correct as per lease and never discussed it again. There is no get out early clause on my lease.


    Anyway I moved in July 207 and by September it was looking like my gas bills are going to be approx £200 per month - they estimated £75 when I phone the gas company and explained number of radiators, rooms, appliances, type of house etc. I then contacted my landlord and asked if he would consider letting me out of lease early as I found rent and bills too high for a single parent and was considering purchasing before I used up all my share of the money from the house sale. He said he was sure we could come to some reasonable agreement.


    At this point my head was still up my *ss and my mum was harassing me about wages, buying our own place etc so I found a property and then the nightmare started. My husband stopped paying me maintenance so I backed out of sale, only to reinstate my offer in January when my husband and I had a heart to heart and I explained I was struggling monthly so he reinstated my maintenance payments.


    I thn have a separate nightmare with house purchase but will leave that for later.....


    Anyway I told my landlord I had purchased a property and asked for a settlement fee to get out of lease, reiterating that costs were high etc. Lease runs till July 2009 so he has asked for 6 months rent, plus his fees o find another client plus council tax which he says comes to about £9000 all in all. I cannot afford this.


    My solicitor has read over my lease and says its iron clad and I shouldnt have signed it in the first place but easy for her to say I had my mum on my back, mine and her furniture and two kids aged 1 and 2 to provide a roof over their head. Alternative was moving into husbands new house and my mum wouldnt have been able to come, which in turn meant no childcare so no income cos I would have had to leave at 5:50 in morning and wouldnt have got back home till after 6pm and even if I had found childcare that would cover those hours it would have taken time to get kids used to that and would have been so expensive it wouldnt have been worth my time working. Rental market was buoyant and houses were getting snapped up quickly and my mum wanted her own living space. A flat wasnt an alternative as neither of us drive and my mum is in her mid 50's and wouldnt have managed pram up and down stairs to go to shops or just out for a walk.


    I tried to get out of house purchase but cannot and due to bad advice am past settlement date and scrambling to get a new mortgage agreed while being sued £42 per day interest as well as all other costs and difference in my offer and sale price if I cant secure a mortgage before they sell.


    Most if not all of my savings will be eaten up by this house purchase either if I buy or get sued for not buying. I have about £8000 in credit\loans and will struggle to pay these if I stay in the rental as the cost of living here is more than I earn. I am still a contractor and current contract ends mid April though they have said they will need me for longer. My mum is looking for full time work, preferably live in as she had hoped to part purchase a property with me and knows that its looking like it would be better for me to finish up work at the end of this contract because I cannot afford to pay the bills and give her an income.


    My husband has suggested I just up sticks and move to America where he now lives. He says I could come over for a 6 month holiday and he will help out with kids and cover all my expenses. He is also hoping that after the 6 months I decide he has changed and that his new position and location will be better for our family and I will give our marriage another try.


    My q's are these:


    Is there any way I can get out of this lease? Am I allowed to sell on the remainder of my lease or is that at landlords perrogative? If I land up unemployed and claiming housing benefit can he ask me to leave and still chase me for the rent left in the lease? With house purchase if I cannot complete do they accept payment agreement if I dont have enough money? Can I declare myself bankrupt if all goes bad as I definately wont have enough money to pay everything? How would this affect my husband if I did take him up on his offer and 6 months later decided to give our marriage another try? Would he be liable for my debts\court action debts from lease\failure to complete purchase which were incurred whilst we were separated? Can they chase him over in USA? Would this affect his visa? I have sent away for a housing benefit form today as only just found out that private tenants can claim this and my bank balance has fallen below £16,000. It will be a lot less when the house sells as I will be liable for approx £5000 in lost interest plus difference in sale price, their fees etc etc...Oh yeah mylease has a bankruptcy clause...any advice appreciated...


    Probably heaps more q's and stuff I have missed out but please ask and I will do my best to answer, and yes, I know I have got myself into a pickle, to be honest I should have got help from doctor for depression 2 years ago due to marital probs\coping with babies 9.5 months apart with no close family or friends and husband who works away over 300 days a year then but only time I tried and made an appointment the girls played up so much and as a multiple appointment for daughters first checkup, my post natal check, and mental state that I never got round to discussing, and as I have no transport, it means I loose at least half a days pay if I do get an appointment, and being in contract positions, I dont want to jepordise my job.

  23. Thanks for that, just what I thought and nice to see you are still here - had some emotional ups and downs (husband screwing with my head and mum stressing me out!) and have got myself into a right pickle - see my other new post if it makes any sense....still to do my bank and other charges as all stopped due to complications at home and no energy or time to deal with them so will have to read up on all that and kick then off again!

  24. Hi, I hope this is an easy one, my little sister is getting upset over letters received from Vertbaudet re a debt she is disputing owing. She says she never received the items, they said 'As there was no reply the goods were left at your property'. There is nowhere safe to leave the items and she never received a card to state they were left round the back of house or anywhere like that. Is there an act she can quote? Surely it is sellers responsibility to prove that my sister received the goods?


    She did originally order them and enclosed a cheque. he then received a letter from them stating they hadnt received cheque so could she send another one. She went to bank and cancelled cheque and then they tried to cash it but it obviously failed. She has never received the items and has told them this several times. On one statement it shows all items cancelled then next statement they are all reinstated.


    Any help appreciated as she is getting really stressed by all this....





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