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  1. I appreciate what your saying. As to bringing the matter to their attention! I think the registered letters and emails I've exchanged with them over the past few months may have given them a clue! As well as the official court doc's theyve had. I, as has nearly everyone dealing with Lloyds has had to bend over backwards to make sure we do things by the book and give them every opportunity to settle, but they take the pi**. The court has said I can enforce judgement and thats what I'm going to try to do. Why should I give them even more time. As the judge said in Kazzaws case, they have settled every single other case are are abusing not only court time, but my time as well.
  2. Oh, I didnt know that the advice from the court helpline was not to be trusted!! As for mis-information from the "helpline" i feel another courtcase coming on if that is indeed the case.
  3. Just been on phone to the court, GuidoT , and they confirm that your point is wrong. The Bank have had the docs and they havent responded, the onus is on them, he said I could apply the warrant without fear of the bank saying "You sent it to the wrong address we want judgement set aside"
  4. Actually , I looked at my form and it wasnt that address it was Customer Services recovery ,charlton place , Andover. Also it was one that was offered as an address by the court.Also, the court didnt mention anything about that and the onus on the bank, when they receive official court docs must be to ensure they get to the right dept surely! Not just ignore them and not respond to any letters from myself which have all been sent recorded delivery.
  5. I am filling in the warrant form on line now. Do I need to put anything in the additional information box?
  6. cutomer services,125 Colmore Row, Birmingham. It was the address on the "go away" letters
  7. The Court has issued Judgement, phoned the helpline up today and they said I could apply the warrant at anytime. Lloyds have not corresponded with me at all so I might as well pursue the warrant immediately. Has anyone else had this?
  8. Changed firms in November so been busy concentrating on my Job! Got the usual "go away" response from lloyds. Sent off LBA and filed my claim on MCOL on the 5th Jan.Yesterday was the day they had to respond by, and of course they didn't. so have today applied for judgement.
  9. Just doing the same as destinyofsouls, this could be what weve all been waiting for.
  10. Indeed, we are all here to help each other so as long as the message get across.....
  11. You dont need to keep re-printing what Ive said, I can see it! Well done you!
  12. Thats fine.You are indeed right, I didnt realise, just went by what was recommended on the site, as , charges plus interest @8% and I had a figure in front of me and when they voluntarily offered to pay contractual interest I was more than happy, especially as I got £400 more than I thought I was entitled to. I realise now I could have got more, but with all the hassle I'm getting from LLoyds I was happy just to put this one to bed. Do you not agree though, that comapred to some other banks MBNA have been a pleasure to deal with?
  13. "if people are happy to settle for what the MBNA offer thats their affair and I'm pleased for them. I suspect that many people don't realise they are in effect potentially loosing out by not working out what they want." I think your missing the point, I, and many other people phoned up MBNA after working out how much we were owed, plus interest at 8% which was the advised amount to go for, and MBNA, unsolicited, offered to pay contractual interest from between 19.3% in my case to as much as 25%+! So were all got more than we thought we were going to get! I for one was more than happy, especially after reading the nightmares other people were going through. Plus also even if it was slightly wrong, I am happy to pay a premium for things being handled quickly and politely. As ive said in other prints MBNA deserve some respect for they they are handling this as far as I'm concerned.
  14. cantsay

    m casey V MNBA

    No problem Mark, happy to have been of some help, my wife just phoned me to tell me my cheque has arrived in the post today as well, so good news and celebrations all round!!
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