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  1. Thankyou guys, I'll sort something out i'm sure
  2. Hi I've been offered half of what i asked for and have sent the letter today stating that i accept it as part payment but still want the full amount. The deadline will be on the 22nd October, however i am going away for a fortnight on the 27th!! What do i do?? Do i file the court claim before i go and hope the date isn't until i get back or do i wait until i come back. If i wait, does this not make me look silly with the bank as i haven't followed through with my threat of court on the correct day. Any help will be appreciated
  3. Another question, do i send another lba letter saying i accept is part payment and give them another 14 days? There are no templates for this letter in the library and i'm a bit stumped for what to put. Has anyone done a similar letter they can show me to help me out? Thanks again
  4. Thanks for that, is what i want to do but its just all a bit scary, full amount it is then
  5. Hi Just had a letter offering 50% of the money asked for, the thing is it's £2000 and i'm now wondering whether to accept it or to take them for the full amount (4k). I'm worried that i'll take them to court and lose and then be forever kicking myself for not accepting the offered sum. Can anyone tell me what the chances are of losing? And whether you think i should accept their offer as part or full payment. Any advice would be really appreciated Fanks
  6. Hi we've just received our statements for the past 6 years from RBS and the sum of charges is definitely going to come to more than 5k:eek: . Can anyone provide information on how to claim more than £5000 as it won't be through the small claims court. Any advice or links to simiar threads would be brilliant, Fanks
  7. Hello all Just a quick question. I had a business account and personal account with RBS and i'm about to start reclaiming my bank charges. As i have two accounts do i need to make two payments of £10 when requesting my statements or as its with the same bank do i just make the one. Any advice would be appreciated Thanks Jen
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