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  1. Hello tr1979 If you want info on the **** that turned up at your house, then give the enforcement programme at HM Courts service a call, on 020 7210 0516. They were really nice and helpful to me and they don't take too kindly to the stories that keep coming up on these moronic thugs. A link to the form to put in a complaint is below as well: http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/HMCSCourtFinder/GetForm.do?court_forms_id=1166 Hope all is well1 nite:)
  2. Hello SpecialK I'm not too sure of this, but I think that Drakes win the contracts and get the work from the courts, and it is actually the Bailiffs that have to be certificated, not Drakes. Therefore I'm not sure what procedure or checks that Drakes have to go through to win these contracts, if any!!! If you have a problem with a specific bailiff, you can check them out by calling the enforcement programme at HM Courts service HQ on 0207 210 0516, and they will let you know certain things about them, ie. whether they are certificated, where they received, when it is valid from/to etc. etc. etc. Take a look at the form on the link below: http://www.hmcourts-service.gov.uk/HMCSCourtFinder/GetForm.do?court_forms_id=1166 You may want to call this no. and see if there is any info that they may be able to give you on Drakes. Also, check out the Bailiff Watchdog, on the link below. There's lots of info to help you, and Alison & Sarah are a couple of knights in shining armour!!!! The Bailiff Watchdog - The Team & Profiles Hope all goes well! nite:)
  3. Hello Everyone I'm just curious to know how long people have had to wait for a court date after having put in their AQ's? Thanks nite:) PS. I've been on here a while, but I've now logged in under an alias!
  4. Excellent Post, Tide! Could'nt agree more! It has to come from the top, ie. The Government, and this Government needs to get its priorities right! nite:)
  5. I've been thinking of this solution all along, Pete! Surely it would be cheaper in the long run, and less bureaucratic! Well Done for bringing them to everyones attention! nite:)
  6. Thanks, blfuk1, that's exactly just what I wanted to know! Not that I'm going to put myself in that position again!!!!! nite:)
  7. Or, come on blfuk1, its the season of goodwill and peace to all men etc. etc. etc.!!!!! This makes you start to sound like the idiots that are out there using the sort of intimidation and scare tactics to extort payment out of (usually the poorer end of society) people that don't even know the meaning of negotiate(and I really do think your not one of them;) ) nite:)
  8. Hello Pete Thanks, for that, I've read it a few times, but say you've paid your debt, can they still come round, if so why? They could hound you and become a nuisance! Say then after you've paid the debt, 18 months later you've got yourself into a bit of a mess again, can the same Bailiff come back an say "Evening, I'm allowed in as I've been here before!"? Like I said before, my example is of a single Mum with 3 Kids late at night with quite a large figure of a bloke standing at her door?! nite:)
  9. Can someone clear this up for me, but what I don't understand is if a Bailiff has gained a peaceful entry to your property once before, what still gives them the right top gain access to your property at any time?! At what point are they not allowed after the first 'Peaceful Visit' to gain access, even by force? I just don't get it, surely they need a valid reason and still require a warrant of some sort, and in this day and age anyway, I'd have thought any warrant they may have to gain access to anyone's property, there would need to be a police officer present, to make sure the law was adhered to and to give at least a little warming presence to the occupier that the Bailiff was within their rights(what if it was a single mum with 3 kids late at night?), and not blagging or lying through their teeth like most Bailiffs are reported on this site to have done? nite:)
  10. Hello Ruthie I'm really sorry for the problems that you must be going through at the moment, it must be tearing your family apart! I read this post earlier, but had absolutely no idea of how your Father & Uncle can resolve the situation. The last few posts are Great examples of how this site works, and the differing views and options people can give you in your hour of need (hope that does'nt sound too religous like!). Having read the above threads, I agree that first of all you need to know whose name/s are on all the legal documents to do with the house. This will give you a good idea to where this situation will lead you. If everything is in your Father's name, like I hope it is, then I am of the opinion that any court would treat your Uncle's £14,000 as a cash loan, and therefore at most will only be entitled to interest over the last 11 years. I'm no legal buff, actually I'm quite useless when it comes to legalities, but this is my opinion. I hope that it can be resolved amicably, and that your Uncle can show a little more sympathy. All the best, Ruthie, and Good Luck! nite:)
  11. But, blfuk1, after all the bad press of late, force, bullying and intimidation is still being used, even when attempts to try and make an arrangement to pay off a debt is trying to be made by the debtor! Debtors are being bullied and intimidated into making payment at all times of the evening, there and then, without any warning, and without the chance to come to any arrangement, so much so the Bailiff can't wait even till the next morning to accept full payment! nite:)
  12. I've got to laugh, blfuk1, but where do they undertake this training, from some ruthless, dictatorial mentor in some Bangkok hell hole!!!!!! "YOU WILL LET ME IN AND DO AS YOU ARE TOLD!!!!!!!!" nite:)
  13. Do you really think they'd stoop so low?!!!!!!! nite:)
  14. Totally agree with every word you say above, seylectric!!!!!!! Thanks nite:)
  15. Hello blfuk1 When I say inaccuracies, it looks like the wording has been changed to suit the circumstances of this particular bailiff. You may now be frowning, but I'm telling you its true. The document does'nt look like its come from any court, and does'nt look very official at all! I could have typed it up on my PC and printed it on cheap stripey A4 paper from Tesco's! I regret the whole episode happened the way it did and it went so far, it did'nt need to, but I am worried sick now the bailiff can come back whenever it suits him, even though they were paid in full! Got to keep smiling though;) Don't let the b*****ds grind you down! nite:)
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