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  1. Very tempted to do that, last time I went in there the saleskid tried to sell me a tablet and I ended up explaining to him the difference between ARM and x86 based operating systems. He soon skulked off to next customer and left me to it.
  2. Yes I don't expect them to offer a refund they will prob just apologise, it's more the manner in which they go about buisness that annoys me. Praying on ppls lack of knowledge to make a few extra quid.
  3. Will try to keep this brief, My mum bought a new laptop from the High Wycombe branch of PC World as this was the only place that had a new boxed model, our local one Basingstoke only had ex demos She got it home and I went over to set it up for her, I discovered she had been charged £35 for their "know how set up service" the salesman told her she "had" to pay this as it was already installed on the laptop. there was no choice in the matter. so she paid her £35 thinking it was required. As it turns out it's just a USB stick that has boot files on it, as I work in IT I am more th
  4. Cheers, On this advice I will walk away from it, do not want the headache! Phil
  5. Hi, Afer some advice. i've seen a car that ticks all the boxes but after doing an HPI check it turns out to have a Bill of Sale attached to it. I have not bought the car, nor put a deposit down. Of course this set some alarm bells going off, but what are my options here? walk away? or is it possible to buy the car but make a payment to the LBL company for the outstanding amount and the guy selling it? Iam happy to work with the seller so long as I know 100% the loan has been paid before the car becomes mine, how is the best way to do this Thanks Phil
  6. My beef is that I took 21.5 days hol in the period from April 1st 2012 to Dec 31st 2012 - 3 days more than my entitlement, so they have now deducted them from me for this years entitlement. as i "owed them" by argument was that it's unfair because as a full time employee I should get 25 days per year or 12 months, not 18.5 per 9 months. it's their prob for letting me take them it should have been refused.
  7. Hi, Just looking for some advice on something. I have been in my job for 6 years 37.5 hrs per week, for the first 5 years my holiday starting on the 1st April and ended the 31st March ( 12 months) my entitlement is 25 days & bank hols. - all pretty standard so far. This year they have changed the holiday year to start on 1st Jan 2013 and run to 31st Dec 2013, this is where my question begins: In order for them to do this in 2011 my holiday ran from 31st March 2011 to 1st April 2012 25 days entitlement (12 months) Then on the 1st April 2012 to 31st Dec 2012 I got 18.5
  8. thanks Zimmie anyone out there offer some advice on this...i can't wait to get them in the small claims!
  9. bit of a bump on this one Lowell have now sent me a letter saying "they are no longer chasing payment" I have sent them a 14 day lba. and now want to get my money back via small claims Could anyone offer some advice on the words/wording of what I need to detail on my MCOL claim?
  10. phil24b

    Court order

    i got a letter from the county court today ordering that i send in a schedule of "each and every item of charging relied upon" and that the bank send; "any facts and matters relied upon to show that each and every item of charging so detailed by the claiment is resonabled and proportionate" I guess i just need to send my charges spreadsheet? and they need to send in details how they reached these charges? thanx
  11. cheers guys, I should really have run spell checker before pasting it
  12. CCA request 30 mark has nearly passed, I'm going to send this letter to Lowell as a LBA,,,is this ok? or do i need to amend/include anything? thanks
  13. yep, i've done all my bits sent Abbey not one but two copies of the schedule in the prelim stages. plus the court have a copy too I'm tempted not to send it again as they should not be so incompetent.
  14. Hi, My Abbey claim is ticking along nicely, I filed an online court claim 16 days ago which has been acknowledged by Abbey. however I got this letter from them yesterday, and i'm not sure what i'm obliged to send: Sounds to me like they have lost my paper work!
  15. Cheers nail! top reply there! I will await the 30 days, I have marked it in big red writing on my calendar! then i'll pen a letter and no doubt not get a reply, just lots of calls asking for more money and threats...........then a small claim awaits them!
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