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  1. would love to hear how you get on as i have gone down the route with FOS and as my agreement was pre-2004 it was outside of their jurisdiction, any suggestions on next steps as my claim would be in > £5k which i think is the limit of the small claims court. also nervous about going down the court route!
  2. Howard Cohens in disguise................ London - Salans maybe a PM to postjjg might help? sorry can't be of any further help
  3. Looks like CITI group may be interested in Cattles.............. http://www.iii.co.uk/investment/detail?code=cotn:CTT.L&display=news&it=le
  4. Hurrah, I won the PPI aspect of this complaint, recieved a cheque today for > £4K!!(more than expected). FOS still dealing with MIF issue, has been sent to another dept for review. I have a further question.... I had this loan re-written back in 2008 to remove PPI but did not receive a breakdown of how this new loan value was calculated (had just had a baby 4 weeks prior & car accident the week before so my brain was well & truly fried!!!) so don't remember asking for it. Looking back over my SAR there is no evidence for this either. I suppose my question is the validity of this new agreement in light of welcome admitting mis-selling of PPI for old loan agreement? hope this makes sense. any views appreciated. thanks pears23
  5. does anyone have a good telephone harrassment letter as well as one about harrassing door step visits? have looked on CAG library but only see a telephone harrassment letter. any help gratefully recieved. many thanks ;-)
  6. CATTLES News CTT CTT.L - Interactive Investor Just spotted this, interesting how following appointment as the FD in all his previous jobs the relevant company went onto administration just a few months of his appointment!!!! get your complaints in quick, I wouldn't hang around.....
  7. welcome back Ozzy (pardon the pun!)
  8. hi I agree with beyond, you need to do a subject access request, and then start reclaiming with them. I currently have a complaint in with FOS regards loans dated 2001 & 2003. good luck.
  9. of course they did, they never admit they are at fault! I would suggest you submit a complaint with FOS.
  10. you've got postie on your case now, all will be well. good luck littlefish
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