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  1. Barclays wrote back to say they couldn't find anything, despite having addresses etc. I have managed to track an acc no via solicitors who handled a house sale, so that may improve things when I write again.
  2. Now have another letter apologising for sending the previous letter, saying they had written to me saying that they had settled the matter. I shall phone them. There has been no reply to my LBA, this is going to court.
  3. Another letter from shAbbey, possibly in response to my LBA on my sole acc. They apologise for keeping me waiting for more than 8 weeks. In turn - "No £", thanks for your complaint, and apols for keeping you waiting .. . Hmmmmmmmm . . . Mrs Quietzap and myself may be moving down the "Bad Admin" list from nos 1 & 2 to nos 2 & 3, shAbbey have hit the high spot!!! But I need to check that she has forwarded the stuff I sent her, or she may be due another "Worst Admin 2007" award after all . . .
  4. Another letter from shAbbey, presumably in response to my LBA on my sole acc. They will look into it etc. Strange, as they wrote explainig that I was to get nothing about a wek ago. Hope to have time to do all the work I need to put this into court this wekend. As I read the regs I should have a chance of not paying the court fees even though it is small claims.
  5. Well I have another letter from the shAbbey Complaints Dept presumably re my sole acc LBA, (why don't they put the acc no on it?) as this one says they will look into it, as though it doesn't relate to their letter rejecting my preliminary request for payment. I have sent Mrs Q a replacement for the Barclays Data Prot Act Grand Inquiry, and another Preliminary inc Contractual Interest for the shAbbey Joint Acc, hope she sends these on.
  6. I have also had a response to my claim on my sole account, perhaps to my LBA, just denying everything and saying they will not refund ANY of the charges. A lot of those charges arose out of my being overdrawn for one day at a time, for quite a while about 1/4 of my miniscule income went on charges. I suppose I reply to this letter, then move on to the Court stage. Lots of work to do.
  7. I had a reply to the claim for the Mortgage Redemption Fee claim yesterday amd a cheque made out to us both for £130, which is the excess over what it was supposed to be when we actually signed that mortgage. As we no longer have a joint acc my bank say I cannot bank it, so Mrs Q is going to give it a go, if that fails she will send it back requesting replacements/payment direct. In the letter requesting the fee back I asked for the money to be paid direct into her account, they don't seem to have read it.
  8. Thanks Tanz, will try it again later, it wasn't working just now. Also http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/lloyds-bank/90660-lloyds-victory-view-judgement.html makes clear that we need to include relevant T & C details in our court bundles. For the periods we are claiming for. Unfunny how media which advertise banks made a lot of what is a nothing ruling- cos it is a result of an error by the claimant, and the Judge might have gone the other way anyway if the claimant had not made another error in his verbal answers as I understand it. Not sure I saw it on the BBC, wh
  9. Thank you. "This case shows that it is for the Claimant to prove the claim. That means that you must have the terms and conditions in your court bundle. In fact, you really ought to have the terms and conditions that have applied to your account in various amended forms for the whole period for which you are claiming charges so that you can show that there has always been a contractual term that requires you not to go overdrawn or exceed an agreed overdraft limit." I suppose shAbbey are under an obligation to provide these under Data Protection Act? My previous attempts to get i
  10. Thank you very much for this: For claims which begin from say 6 years ago I suppose one needs the T & C they published then? and updates as they arose? We are using the arguement that our figures are the best we as amateurs can manage, does the same arguement permit us to use the current T & Cs? Thanks in anticpation of a kind response or two.
  11. Thanks Tanz, I am mostly worried about this Lloyds success in Birmingham. Doubt one bad decision which hopefully will be appealed successfully makes a disaster as the Indepnedant suggests.
  12. I now have the letter they sent (at last! Mrs Quietzap doesn't know about postcodes it seems, nor my street name!!! How the Royal mail managed is a mystery). They can give us (and me) the money back as soon as they like. I gather they say they only refund to customers whose accounts are still open, they closed mine contrary to my verbal request, albeit I hadn't used it for ages. It looks entirely standard, except that it doesn't refer to the period we are claiming for, just to Mrs Quietzap's acc, whereas it was a joint acc at the time of the charges under consideration. Wel
  13. In the case of the joint Acc the first prelim was sent when I thought we couldn't claim back beyond 6 years from when the claim was made. I am still awaiting their letter which they sent to my wife who still operates that account, now solely in her own name. They seem to have paid half of the charges we claimed in that prelim. Mrs Quietzap possibly the second worst admininstrator in the UK. Possibly the worst, fortunately she is far enough off for the arguement to be fairly ineffectual.
  14. Sent my LBA Sole Acc similar to the above recorded delivery today. Still awaiting the copy of the letter Abbey sent re the £300 they paid on the Joint Acc which Mrs Quietzap sent on a while back. ie the letter. I shall be repeating the preliminary letter for that acc as it seems it was not sent. Oh well I can do better this time.
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