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  1. I totally agree - I've no intention of doing anything other than claiming my £30, just thought it was an interesting point. Thanks all.
  2. I totally agree - I was only joking I'll be crossing it out and saying I accept £30 in settlement Though - technically I wouldn't be doing anything wrong, the payment isn't a refund it's simple a "gesture of goodwill" to settle my complaint. It would certainly settle it for me
  3. You can't claim additions fees. They are clearly a fee for a service you asked for.
  4. Got a lovely letter from Barclays this morning! I've settled my claim for around £4500 a month or so ago and since then I've started persuing £30 that fell outside the settlement period. I get a letter this morning offering me £2850 in full and final settlement of my claim!!!! Seeing as they have paid my main claim, you think they are offering me this in settlement of my £30 claim!!??! Shall I sign and send back :D ?????
  5. jkop

    jkop V MBNA

    I banked the £190 then they sent the rest and sent in the defence of having paid all money owing. WON!!
  6. posted complaint form to FOS today.
  7. Thanks - will do. I'm going to complain through the FOS (as it's free) hope to get something through them.
  8. thanks - it just arrived this morning in a hand written envelope with a compliment slip in! Never seen such sloppyness, all my other claims were very strict. Banking it this morning. Claim is £549.90 accpeting this £190 in part payment. Will write to them monday thanking them for the part payment and requesting the rest. Thanks
  9. Hi, I received a letter saying we will be sending you a cheque for £190 in relation to your complaint as a goodwill gesture - we hope this will be in full and final settlement of your complaint and nothing to sign (claim for £400+) I've since started my Country Court Claim for £549. When this cheque arrives can I cash it in part payment of the claim?
  10. jkop

    jkop V MBNA

    7QZ58501 Claim submitted £549.90 including Court Fee. Can I bank this cheque for £190 in part payment?
  11. Think I'm going to have to give up
  12. jkop

    jkop V MBNA

    Hi, Claim is for £450, the write to me saying they will be issuing a cheque for £190 within 7 days and they "hope this will be final settlement of the matter" Nothing to sign, can I bank this and claim the rest?
  13. Stalled on this one at the moment - can't get any statements - I wrote a pre-lim and LBA estimating the charges hoping to get a goodwill gesture as I can't really proceed with a court claim as I don't have proof of the charges but htey wrote back saying they won't pay as it's over 6years old. I'm going to try and check out Metroplotion Collection Services - whom my overdraft was passed to years ago, they may have records from HSBC on me. Worth a go. Any advice? Anything I can do to be able to move forward with this claim?
  14. anyone have contact details for these people?
  15. Can anyone help with getting statements from HSBC - I have loads of charges with them but it was over 6 years. Back then I was really bad with my money. I got a massive overdraft and they then closed the account. I couldn't pay it all off so they defaulted me and I paid £100 a month for 10 months to Metropolitan Collection Services. Do you think I might be able to get some details from them? HSBC seem to maintain the 6year policy but won't say how the data is deleted. I'm kind of stalling with them at the moment. I take it no-one has been able to get older statements that 6 years?
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