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  1. i didn't find it hard at all. the instructions provided on this site are very clear and all necessary documents are readilly available. Also, i didn't include any correspondence between me and Lloyds in the bundle, as i couldn't find my original letters to them. Also, when i looked at the schedule of charges, i noticed that i had made a mistake there, more specifically, i didn't notice first time around that computer had used American way of wrighting the dates, i.e. our way 1/10/02 (1st Oct) v their way of 10/1/02, so obviously it calculated the wrong interest rate. I corrected that mis
  2. Righ then! I've just made my payment on line to you guys. Once again, thank you all very much for your help and guidence. I could not have done it on my own.
  3. Garry, i did receive money into my Halifax account at 3 p.m. yesterday afternoon. so they can do it sharpish when it serves their interests. I consequently faxed court and SC&M with the hearing cancellation request. donation is coming your way shortly. speaking of which, how do i do it? do i just press on "Plese donate to help keep the site alive" button and it tells me how to do it?
  4. Well, well, well… It’s not that easy to get an actual cheque from them as it seamed at a time. My court case is supposed to be heard tomorrow, and as of this afternoon, I still haven’t received my cheque. The story goes as follows: - I ran SCM&A last Thursday to find out where my cheque was. I was advised that there was some sort of misunderstanding and it didn’t get sent out to me when it should have. The lady I spoke to (Eve something) told me that she had a cheque in front of her and was sending it 1st Class Post that same day. However, there was no sign of my cheque i
  5. thanks Garry, It even says it in their settlement letter that they expect me to inform the court of the settlement after I have received the funds. I’m so happy at the moment Once again, thank you everyone for helping me with my case. Good Luck! to everyone still on the path to success.
  6. just thought i'll try and change the title..
  7. Hi everyone! Right then, Lloyds were supposed to send their defence to court and copy myself by yesterday, 12th March. Instead i received a letter in the post form SC&M advising that they will settle, and the personal cheque from Lloyds should be with me in 7 to 10 working days. Court hearing was set to be held on 23rd March. I guess i won then !!! I am so happy. it has taken 7 months, but it is so worth it in the end. bigh thanks to everybody on the site for their help and support. Especially Gary H. As soon as i receive their cheque and it clears into my accou
  8. Hi Lou, Good luck for tomorrow! if i were you, i woudl give SCM a call and find out where their documents are. Most likely, they have posted your settlement letter to you and didn't bother notify the court. Judging by the other "stories" on this forum, they never actually show up in court. i can understand why you are nervous, i have a hearing date on 27th of March, but i'm sure that you will be fine. Regards, Vastrik
  9. Hi everyone! Sending my court bundle to the Leicester Court and SC&M today by recorder mail. SC&M have until 12th March to send their one. Fingers crossed now.
  10. Thanks Gary, i will prepare my court bundle this weekend and will send it to the court and SC&M. I'm thinking of including a cover letter with SC&M copy asking them for the copy of their documents as ordered by court. Alternatively they can settle before the hearing by refunding the amount claimd by cheque as i have closed my Lloyds TSB account last year. What do you think? or should i just wait until their deadline? regards.
  11. Hi Garry, i have typed up the cort order. Here it is. The claim is allocated to the Small Claims Track. 2. The Claimant shall by (28 days) file and server: 12/02/07 a) A Schedule setting out each charge repayment of which is sought, showing the date, amount and alleged reason (if any) for that charge being made: b) Copies of any statement or other document relied upon as showing that each and every such charge has been made; c) A statement of the Claimant’s own evidence, if such is to be relied upon as tending to show that the alleged charges have been m
  12. Garry, coudl you please advise how i could do this. i could scan the court order in, but how can i attach it to my postings. Sorry, if i'm being thik. Alternatively, i could always type it up. The help with what documents to present will be very helpful. Thank you in advance. Regards.
  13. forgot to ask. when i'm sending my schedule of charges with the court bundle, do i leave the total amount as it was when i starter the claim, or should i recalculate it to allow for the interest that has accumulated by now? please advise. Thank you.
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