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  1. Hi all, Hoping someone here might be able to advise my next step or point me in the right direction. Back in January 2016 I called T-mobile to provide my 30 day notice and request a PAC. I tried to terminate using the webchat but kept being advised that termination needed to be over the phone. I decided against keeping my number as I was receiving so many sales calls and random texts so just took out a new contract with Life mobile. A week or so ago I discovered that T-mobile were still charging me £32 a month, so emailed them for an explanation and a copy of the call wher
  2. Hi, Really need some help. My wife reversed into a parked land rover freelander parked behind her. She hit the driver front wheel arch from the side at a very very low speed. She took photos at the time, and they show a small dent, a very slightly buckled wheel arch and a few scratches. The driver has now come back with a quote from Guy Salmon for £1,300. There are a number of things that I believe can be disputed E.g., direction of travel (head on impact apparently) and the sheer amount of work that is required. My wife's photos and the photos acompanying the quote differ also,
  3. Sorry. I believe I'd moved house before the CCJ and therefore don't recall anything about it - I think the letters would have been sent to an old address. If I am disputing the debt, and the CCJ was for an amount that gets proved to be wrong, can I then not make a case to have the CCJ removed?
  4. The date of the CCJ on my CRA file is 2009. I really do need to fight this, especially as I distinctly remember phoning them at some point and requesting the payments stop. Only for the to start again a few months later - this is reflected in the statements as well if I remember correctly.
  5. I'm just looking for a little advice or some pointers to other threads with a similar situation. I took out an egg credit card back in 2000. I was pretty useless with the repayments and got into all sorts of trouble and finally I defaulted owing about £3,500. I then didn't hear anything other than the odd letter every 12 months, but I was moving house quite regularly and they never caught up with me. I filed for all my statements years ago and have all the relevant paperwork to now claim back, or reduce the money I owe. I sent the standard claim form off and r
  6. Hi All, Really looking for some advice as I'm losing all patience with this system. I am 33 years old, have lived in the UK my whole life, have worked since I was 16 without a break in employment. I was made redundant on 28th Dec 2012 and started a claim for JSA and housing benefits on 2nd Jan. I live with my wife who works 19 hours a week and my 20 month old daughter. I own a property which is rented out as it's only 1 bed and has no capital in it and we live in a rented 2 bed house. My claim for JSA was closed as they didn't receive back a second property form from me (A64A I
  7. Hi,Hoping someone here can offer me some advice.I manage a team of sales people, however 9 of the 10 I manage are based in an office 252 miles away. I have been managing them successfully for 3 years, always hitting targets, however a new sales director has come into the business and has told me I must be in the other office for 2 full days a week.With a 2 month old daughter and wife at home I am loathed to have to spend so much of my time away from home.My question is, can they force me to do the travel to keep my job. And if not and I refuse to do it what can they do? Will I lose my job,
  8. Hi all, hoping you can help? My wife told her employer 6 months ago she was pregnant, instantly they told her they were going to have to cut her hours as they needed to reduce costs. My wife raised a greivance, which was eventually closed when the employer agreed to pay her SMP based on her full time hours and not her part time. A variation of contract was signed, stating this agreement. For the past 3 months my wife has been asking for confirmation of her SMP payments from her employer, on her final day of work they told her what there were. Doing the maths we calculated the paym
  9. Hello, I have today been informed that I am to be placed on sickness absence review. The reason being that in the past 12 months rolling period I have been off on 8 occurances for a total of 17 days. The sickness has been well documented and I have doctors certificates to cover these periods. I am a sales manager and as a result of the sickness absense review I will not receive any commission for 6 months (about £7k) and will not be able to have this backdated at the end of the review, I will not be able to take time off as flexi and I will not be in a position to receive a pay incr
  10. Hi, I was in Sole Trader yesterday and wanted to buy a pair of shoes. The pair I chose were on display at £44.99, however when I got to the till they wanted £54.99. I said to the lady at the time that you have to sell at the advertised price, and her reason for not doing so was because it didn't have a sticker on it. I argued that the law states you have to abide by the advertised price, however she wasn't going to agree. Eventually I took her name, position, and details of the shoe and said I would complain to the Office of Fair Trading. During which time she changed the tag on the s
  11. Hi,I was on a train from Redhill to Earlswood yesterday after work and as normal had a valid return ticket for the journey to see my gf. As we pulled out of Redhill, my gf called me to say she was stuck at work in Horsham and could I meet her there as we were meeting up with friends in Brighton and she was driving down. I didn't have a valid ticket for the entire journey and as the train was so crammed decided to wait for the ticket inspector to come around and I could buy one on the train. No-one came so my friend and I got off expecting to be able to pay at the barrier. The person infrou
  12. Ha Ha Ha, Strike Three And You Are Out!!!!! Smile Have Today Paid The Full £280 Into My Account. Another Victory For The Mortal Consumer!!
  13. Having checked my account today, I have received a mysterious credit to the sum of £120! Is this an attempt by Smile to put me off the scent? Well they haven't filed a defence, and I've no idea if this £120 is from them or not. So I've sent them a secure message to remind them that they owe me £280 by midnight tonight or I shall file a default judgement against them! "FAO Val McClarren, Head of Debt Management. I know I have been advised to write to you via snail mail, however this secure message will have to surfice in light of the time constraints involved. Toady is the 28th d
  14. I fired off a letter on the 21st in response to their attempt to put me off; Vivian Calderbank Head of Debt Management Smile 19th Floor Miller Street Manchester M60 4AL 21st June 2007 ACCOUNT NUMBER: xxxxxxxx Dear Vivian Calderbank, In response to a letter dated 31st May 2007 from Chris Hopkins (copy attached), which I received on 15th June 2007. I am surprised that you have found that I have been refunded more than I have been charged previously to the tune of £765, however the enclosed schedule of charges that was referred to were
  15. HELP ME! I need some advice. I received a letter this morning, dated 31/05/07 - 14 days to arrive. "Dear Mr Smackbat I'm sorry that you've felt the need to write to smile about the charges applied to your account. To ascertain the correct level of refunds to be applied to your account, I have undertaken a detailed review of all prior refunds. To my surprise I have found you have been refunded £765.00 more than you have been charged (see enclosed schedlue of charges). Taking this new information into account I'm not in a position to refund any of the charges you have mentio
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