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  1. Thanks Tawnyowl, some good advice and info from you there. When my father was made redundant, he got a £7k redundancy package which he and my mother used to pay off a large chunk of their debts. I think at this time, they have only the charge, the mortgage and a couple other debts (around £5k worth) which they are making regular payments for. From what you have described with when you went bankrupt, it seems very much like my parents situation. My mother was hoping it would just be my father going bankrupt but seeing as how there will probably be a shortfall oin the mortgage, it would
  2. Hi, lots of good advice from you guys, thanks for the help. Think the first thing I will get them to do is send a SAR letter as suggested. @ PGH7447 - I think the original company was Car Craft (their first mistake). I think it was sub-prime finance used so high interest rate. Like I said, my math is good and to arrive at the £27k figure, they would have to apply interest to the interest from the previous year. So its like year 1 say 40% of 5.5k, then year 2 is 40% of that figure etc. I am shocked something like this could be allowed to be honest. No doubt other costs were added
  3. I have a bit of a complicated one here so I will try to explain as best I can. About 10 years ago my parent bought a car on finance which I think was worth about £10k so adding the interest and whatnot it would be a bit more. A few years after getting it, they hit hard times and couldn't afford to pay all of their bills. The car was repossessed and sold at auction but the amount outstanding after selling it was about £5 1/2k. The debt was later sold to a collection company and last year they were taken to court. The collection company won and were granted potential interest for 4
  4. I wouldn't even bother telling him my self, he's had ample oppertunity to change and refuses to. Return everything to sender and send a letter to each company informing them he no longer lives there.
  5. Just cancel the credit card. I dont understand how the recurring transaction has moved to the new one issued to you but if you say it just sits in the draw not being used, get shot of it. Then if you do need a credit card, get a new one in a couple months or so, which will give enough time for the recurring subscription to lapse. If you are contacted by the company the subscription is for, you can tell them it was an unauthorised subscription which you never signed up for.
  6. You should dispute the overpayment using a form TC846, stating you have made several attempts to ensure the amounts paid to you are correct and that you were informed by their staff that the amounts were correct. HMRC will suspend recovery of the overpayment until the dispute process has ended. This will at the very least give you a little more time to sort things out. This link http://www.hmrc.gov.uk/leaflets/cop26.pdf will take you to the HMRC guidance regarding overpayments including what you should do when there is an overpayment and what your responsibilities are. HMRC have a syst
  7. If you sent in the tax credit renewal forms at the end of the 07-08 tax year, you will be entitled to the underpayment from the begining of the 08-09 tax year right up to todays date as the renewals form proves you made a claim for the tax credits. They will have records and logged forms proving you made the claim and was denied the money you are entitled to due to some idiot who doesn't know their job. One thing i dont understand is how they told you you were overpaid. This is because the HMRC introduced a new rule meaning that if part way through the tax year you change jobs and get a b
  8. If you are working now or on JSA, your tax district will be the first three numbers of your employers/jobcentre's reference i.e. 948/gz1453 - the first three numbers are the tax district (948 being South Wales). Any letters or phone calls should be directed at the dax distric for those numbers as this is where your tax record will be held (and will be the only place able to access it). Im guessing when you say the 2002 year, you mean the tax year 6th April 2002 to 5th April 2003, but if you mean 6th April 2001 to 5th April 2002 i dont think you will be able to claim. The informati
  9. You could send a complaint in and hope this gets picked up by their complaints team and doesn't go into this huge pile of post they seem to have. Also, you could try contacting your local MP and see if they will get on their case. I know from experience in the rev that ANY MP case is sorted as a matter of urgency. The person you spoke to is probably correct in saying that some offices are closing as currently the HMRC are closing smaller offices and moving people into large urban areas. Still, the amount of time you have been waiting (and will still have to wait) is terrible an
  10. I would have to agree with Coniff in asking how a cashier who sits there and counts money all day 5 days a week could posibly mis-count £300, if it were a few pound then yes that is easy enough, or at most £50 (mis-count one £50 note). But £300 doesn't seem possible unless the cashier is very careless in what they are doing. I would check both accounts to see if the numbers match up as it may just be an error on your receipts. Personally, if the bank has made the error, I wouldn't inform the banks and just wait for them to come to me with enough proof that i owe them money. I would
  11. You could also go to your local newspaper (or a national one) and get them to do a story about how an some idiot has refused someone who obviously deservs the allowance. Newspapers love this kind of story.
  12. As Saintly 1 said, it is because the government have removed the 10% tax rate band and reduced the basic rate band to 20%. When they announced it there were quite a few people who complained and rightly so as it penalised people on low pay. On average, anyone paid less than the £12,000/year area were now paying an extra few hundred pound a year tax. To rectify this (and to help them with the impending elections) the government increased the basic personal allowance from 5435 to 6035, which is £600 more tax free pay each year, and they also reduced the income threshold of the basic rate ba
  13. You'd be surprised how much these old people have sitting in bank accounts, they stick a little in here and there and by the time they retire, they have quite a bit sometimes, often spread out over a few accounts. The 1k was just an easy figure to use for the example though. The more common occurance would be getting a couple hundred pounds in interest and I'm sure Dorris would be happy to get that back.
  14. Tell the dog owner you are going to report his dog for being dangerous if it isn't controlled and if he is bitten once more, he will sue the dog owner. Also take some pics of his current injuries. He is not paid to be attacked by dogs. I wouldn't ACTUALLY report the dog as I like dogs and ultimatelly it is the owners fault, the dog is just doing its job. But it might scare the crap out of the owner the thought that their dog will be destroyed. With the guy complaining about not having any post, he could write a note saying there is no mail today and post that. I agree that p
  15. Hi, This thread is aimed more at people who don't earn allot of money through work or pensions, but do get a bit of bank interest on their savings like pensioners, so might be useful to pass on to your grandparents maybe. When you earn interest on any money you have in your bank account, by default it is taxed at 20% by the bank unless you tell them you are not liable to tax. The problem is, people like pensioners for instance who just have their state pension and maybe another small pension are not aware that they should not be paying this tax. Another problem also is that unless y
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