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  1. Thanks for the input guys. Actually we havent paused any DVD on it. I'm sure as we've not had the opportunity to even watch a DVD on it as we were extremely busy after Feb owing to additions to the family. Trading Standards have confirmed with the independent engineer that it is an address line failure hence a manufacturing defect. They also say that Currys could offer to repair or replace at their choise. But having had all the hassle and poor customer service from both Philips and Currys, I would much rather have a full refund, plus cost of the independent engineer's report. To be honest, I'll not be purchasing any Philips products in future, nor will I buy from DSG retail. I'm sure other retailer and manufacturer will have their problems but I'll try to stick to the smaller independent retailers who actually do provide good customer service (although I may have to pay more for the product) Does anyone know if I can insist on a full refund rather than a repair or replacement?
  2. Can anyone advise? Trading standards have been of little use so far although they are still trying for us. We purchased a Philips LCD TV in Dec 05 from Currys (I cancelled the extended warranty before taking delivery of the TV). In May we noticed a straight black line from top to bottom in the picture. As it was past 30 day currys told us to speak to the manufacturer. Philips tell us we caused the problem by pausing a DVD for extended time, and the defect is a burn on the screen. An independent TV engineer has looked at the TV on my behalf, and assures me that it is not possible to image burn a LCD TV owing to the way it produced the image on the screen. We've relayed this back to Currys in the hope that they will do the right thing (via Trading Standards and my credit card company). But does anyone have nay info or advice that will help if they continue to "fob me off"?? Thanks
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