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  1. Thanks guys for all your replies. I'm ready to send them a letter, is there a template I could use for this. Thanks again.
  2. I opened an accoount with Littlewoods about a year ago and have spent about £500. I opened it online and the information online led me to believe that I would earn commision(£1 for every £10). I phoned a couple of weeks ago to find out how much commision I had on my account and the lady I spoke to said "you dont have any because you havent returned your credit agreement"!!! She said she would get one in the post to me, I had to sign it and send it back but commision wouldnt start until they have the form back. I still havent received it, so I phone again and was told I would have to give 14 days for it to arrive and that I couldnt speak to anybody about it until I had sent the agreement back. I get the feeling they are being quite obstructive about the commision on my account, if they decide to give me any at all. I know for certain I was never sent a credit agreement to sign and send back when I opened the account with them. Has anyone ever come across this before and what is the best way to deal with it. :-?
  3. Spoke to bank on Saturday, person I spoke to said I'd had the account for at least 12 months but couldnt tell me further back than that. Went into my branch on Monday, lady I spoke to said she couldnt deal with it because it was already being dealt with by whoever I spoke to on the phone!!!!!! Then got a letter through the post saying "sorry you felt the need to complain" blah blah blah. They were looking into it and would get back to me by 27th April!!!! Is it really going to take them this long and should I be writing to them, asking for my money back for the fees they have already charged me for an Additions Account, I didnt even know I had, and also telling them that they actually have only 14 days from the day of contact to resolve the matter. Get the feeling I am being fobbed off!!!
  4. Have just got this month's statement and noticed I have an Additions Account with a fee of £11.50. I wasnt aware of this type of account until I watched whistleblower and it seems I have been given one of these accounts too!! As far as I am honestly aware, I have never agreed to this type of account. Does anyone know your account is changed over to one of these Addition accounts and whether I would have had to sign for it first. I've already tried to phone Barclays tonight but after waiting 20 mins on hold, I decided to post you guys. Thanks.
  5. Thanks for your reassuring replies. I will be onto them first thing Monday morning, although I will have probably driven myself crazy worrying about it by then!!
  6. Hi, just wondered if anyone else has had the same happen to them today; got home from work to a letter from Legal & Trade Collection Ltd on behalf of Department for Work and Pensions, Debt Management. Letter informed me I had an outstanding balance of £1330.65 and my case was currently being considered for immediate transfer to a private company for debt collection....I could have cried!!!!! Phoned the company and was told this was overpayments: March 1996 - £73.98 for Job Seekers Allowance (I have never ever claimed JSA the only benefit I have claimed has been Income Support) 13 August 1996 - £410.72 The date of 13 August was apparently a start and end date, which means that on that date I received that much money (I doubt it!!) 21 August 1996 - £740.50 Again this was a start and end date (now I definitely know they have it wrong!!!) The person I was speaking to me told me there had been some problem with computers at the DWP department some years ago and an audit had been done recently and it showed that I had been overpaid by this much. I told the person I was speaking to that these dates and figures were ridiculous and that whenever I was on benefits, which hasnt been for the last 10 years and when I was in 1996 I was at college and had a 4 year old son, I had always struggled to manage so would certainly remember getting such massive amounts as overpayment. He then passed me on to the manager who did agree that the dates and amounts didnt make sense, that he would put the account on hold for 2 weeks while they investigated and someone would get back to me by post within 2 weeks. He tried to reassure me in saying that he had actually had a few accounts come back to him today with the same problem. I have asked for a phonecall on Monday as i am already going to struggle to not think about this over the weekend!!! And will probably cry again!!!!! I feel like its going to be a case of David & Goliath and Im not sure how I am ever going to prove I have never had this money 11 years ago. Has anyone had a similar letter. HELP!!!
  7. I'm looking into cancelling my holiday with First Choice. We have already paid 480 pounds (deposit). I have read the T&Cs of our booking, if I cancelled 56 days before departure date (June 2007) we would lose all our deposit. They say: These charges reflect our estimated loss as a result of dealing with your booking to the point of cancellation and any other losses we may have to pay. I dont believe for one mintue it has cost 480 pounds to deal with my booking so far. Arent these charges, and the description of them, the same as the unjustified bank charges that people are successfully claiming back. I am interested to know if anyone has ever challenged this or the company.
  8. Good for you, I just hope i have as good a response. Cant wait to get rid of my account with Natwest, and my overdraft of course, which they charge me horrendous interest rates on. It's my monthly interest charge (£26 this month) that has spurned me on to claiming back my charges. I shall keep you posted. Thanks for the info.
  9. I originally started my claim last year and have got all my statments but with Christmas and one thing and another, I had put my claim to one side. I am now ready to claim back my charges (£1123). Is there a specific address I need to send my prelim letter to or do I just send it to my branch. I have read a lot of threads that mention Mr Higley.... is this the guy I should be writing to, if so, does anyone have the address please? Thanks.
  10. Ok so they are not likely to close my account, but what about the overdraft and using my savings to pay it back? Getting worried:confused:
  11. Thanks for all your advice. Worked out all charges now and Natwest owe me 1123.00:eek: Do I send my letter to Mr Higley direct & do you have the address to send it to. Ive read that many Im not sure where to send it now. Also, I havent opened another account yet. I have an overdraft of 1200.00 and also a savings account with 800.00 in it. Is it likely they will request I pay the overdraft back and use my savings to do so.
  12. Hi, just received 2 years statements. Have got plenty of 'Paid Referral' fees & 'Cheque Return' fees but wondered if I could claim back 'Excess Borrow' & 'Unarranged Borrow' fees, (each one 14 pounds and seem to have one every month!)
  13. Hi Nellie P, you may have already got your head round it by now, but there is a step by step guide in the FAQ's section. Good luck & keep us posted:)
  14. Hi, thanks for your reply. I can assure you you have not been hit over the head! Im not sure I said the charge for statements was a penalty charge, I simply said it was another charge. Thanks for your advice but I have already read the FAQ's many, many times and completely understand the charge for supplying statements is NOT a penalty charge. Thank you again.
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