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  1. Question about the spreadsheets, one of the first things on there is the interest rate, now this is either the cash interest rate or the merchandise rate and it changes over time so do you just use the latest figure available or do you have to do a seperate sheet for each rate change and which figure is it ?
  2. Thanks for that, looks like my evening is taken care of, not quite as far on as i thought but better to get it right.
  3. Candyapple the one I used was CISheet v101xls (can't post a link yet) I was calculating charges and expected it to be the same. Do I need to do the FosrunningPPI one? Whats the difference?
  4. Many thanks guys, wasn't expecting a reply so quickly !!
  5. Hi Guys. My first post on here after reading for weeks and a big thank you for all the help and advice offered to everyone. I have several credit card accounts, some going back to 1999 with PPI on most are closed, there are no defaults or outstanding live issues just old charges ( I will start threads elsewhere as relevant) I also have all my old statements (except one or two) from the begining so from that point I believe I don't need to send out a SAR I also don't think I need to ask for a CCA but will be happy to if the more experienced here think I should. I have also done the excel spreedsheet for compound interest for these cards so am one step closer to getting some much needed money back. I think from my reading that the same path is followed pretty much for the reclaims but what I can't seem to find is a template/ example of the letter I should send to start the reclaim process. It's more than possible I have seen one and not recognised it so would be very greatful of a pointer in that direction. I'm fairly confident of a result with the PPI, not as much with charges. The card /Loan details are HFC revolving Credit account (2000 to 2002) I have a copy of the agreement with pre crossed boxes. Peoples Bank 1999 to 2002 (changed to Citibank in 2001) Capital One 2001 to 2007 (PPI cancelled 2006) Lloyds TSB (2001 to present day (PPI canceled 2005)) I have phoned Lloyds on their dedicated PPI line so my complain with them is logged and I am expecting some kind of a reponse from them next week according to the operative and am hoping this route will be fairly easy (yes I know but I am trying to be optomistic) I will continue researching as time allows but would be very greatful of any pointers to see if I am doing the right things. Many Thanks for the forum.
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