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  1. Thanks saintly_1 -- hoping that they dont get away with a stay...I want my money back now,...not in a few years time lol
  2. Hi all. My court date is the 6th of August for my claim as hubbys has already been settled. I have just sent an email to the litigation tteam...are barclays settling any claims now? or are they going to every court case and trying to fight it out?
  3. Ive got my court date on the 6th of August, Ive filed my court bundles and everything...do you think that barclays will say naff off and wait until after the test case or what, I dont fancy waiting much longer now, its been over 6 months as it is!! My friend won the other day from barclays and got her full amount back..seems abit wierd that they would pay up until suddenly (when hardly anyone has heard a thing about it) they decide to suspend all refunds? Surely the judge would say eh hem cough up?
  4. Hiya, I have recently been going through our old credit card statements and EGG have taken a fair amount of charges. I have searched on the CAG website and there seems to be no area for EGG credit cards, is there a reason for this? I have received a letter from them stating that 'The OFT set a threshold for intervention of £12 but stated that the default fees should not be equivalent to the threshold. The OFT stated that the presumption of unfairness in relation to charges over £12 would NOT apply where exceptional business factors apply and specifically referred to Egg's practise of req
  5. Got home from collecting sprog from nursery this morning to find a letter from barclays offering £2543. Got DH to ring them up and say the full amount is £2708. Unfortunately he isnt very forcefull on the phone and ended up settling for £2600.00. Have amended the letter also crossing out the confidentiality junk and am sending it back tomorrow morning recorded 1st class. Mr Lombardi said the money could be in the bank by tuesday next week. I also put a note stating that we would not be informing the court until the settlement money has been put in the bank...they are no way getting out of THAT
  6. Not had a response like that however well done on getting the bank a CCJ lmao!!! Oh dont you just feel SO sorry for them!!
  7. Sent the sourt bundle the last thursday via recorded delivery...was only £1.99 I was quite surprised as it weighed a freaking tonne lmao!! 169 pages EACH!! Hopefully will hear something soon and they will give us back our bloody money!!
  8. Hi all. We are currently going through all our old credit cards and bank accounts and regaining all our taken charges for late payments etc. OUr MBNA/Virgin credit card account was closed early last year after a settlement was agreed as we had a lump sum and wanted to clear as much as we could. My question is this, is it likely that if we start a claim with MBNA for the charges, are they likely to turn around and say 'we settled so you can have the money but we will keep it' kind of thing? Also how long roughly are people waiting for a payout? Thanks!
  9. Got a goodwill offer of £200.00 last week, and sent the 'dont be bloody stupid I want the lot' letter back on the 4th of feb. Today got a letter saying ok, sorry about that, spoke to a manager and heres your full £380.00 back! Very happy now...even if it is only going to pay it off abit...but better than nothing!!
  10. Recieved a letter from the court finally stating that the hearing date is the 12th of march, and asking for our court bundle to arrive before the date as usual. I have downloaded the ZIP court bundle and was just wondering how much of it will actually be relevant to a current account claim. Ive read through most of it but I have no idea if its relevant or not since it is like Im reading hebrew or something! I have copies of all the letters and barclays responses to send along with the up to date charges list with interest etc, its just the actual court bundle bit that has stumped me!
  11. Hows your court bundle getting together going? I feel completely lost! I have downloaded the court bundle zip file but dont know whether to just print the whole thing off or to delete bits. I personally dont have much of a clue what is relevant to the case and what isnt as its full of statements and jargon to me lol! All I have so far is copies of all our letters sent and the responses given by barclays!
  12. Maybe we can write a letter to them asking them politely to settle for the full amount, as long as you send a copy of what you have written to the court and let them know it they might cave in! I was thinking of doing this before I set about with the court bundle, give them a chance before I waste my ink and paper like lol! Adrian Ruffhead is my guy.
  13. Ok I cheated and asked on teh chat room lmao.... http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/33060-basic-court-bundle.html court bundle heaven!!
  14. I havent got a clue about the court bundle eaither, just been having a quick nosey through some of the other peoples threads, it seems there is a ready made one we can download and print off (thankfully!) and then just add in the copies of letters we have sent to the cheeky (edit) such and such's, so Ill have to have a gander about for it shortly. Yep 3rd baby due May 5th, been waiting for this money to come through so that we can actually buy the stuff we need!!
  15. Our court date came through today too - 12th of march. Says at the bottom of my claim form that we dont have to attend and to just let them know a week beforehand, it says the district judge will hear the case in your absence and will take account of any paperwork filed. Im wondering whether I should send a letter saying heres the date, pay up or pay the full belt of it mateys! Could do with the money Im due in may and have alot to buy yet!! LOL. Will follow the thread with hope!
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