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  1. iam having problems getting my money back off BOI iam claiming £2655 and they offererd me just £51 there hard work , ive just send an L.B.A
  2. i got clamped in belfast by a private firm (ISTM) and appled it and got nowere - i also trying to defate tyres and remove it and they called the police after i gave the istm employee a hostile situation NEXT TIME WILL BE BOLT CUTTERS !!!
  3. yes there was signs on the nearby walls it was off a main street in belfast. ------------------------------------------------------------------ > > > > main street > > > > > ------------------------------------------------------------------ - m - - y - - - - c -
  4. i bought a laptop @ pc world on the 23/12/06 i then went in to the same shop yesterday to buy a case for it and discoverd it was £100 cheaper , can i do anything about this ?
  5. i sent 1 letter to halifax requesting £6252 back over 6 yr per and i got an offer for £4465 and accepted it thanks to C.A.G
  6. hi all i was clamped on the 1/12/06 on private land on a footpath outside an entrance to an apartment block car park in belfast by a company called I.S.T.M (NI) , is this unlawful clamping or can anyone advice me on this £55 charge i had to pay to get my property realsed??? regards colin nb:i was not obstructing any entrance
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