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  1. Hi DX Well Ive been through all my paperwok and its definitely not there . But I cant prove that can I ? Would it be okay to tell them the truth and ask them to let me pay it ?
  2. Hi Yes the letter saying they are registeringbthe default is directly from Aqua. A new day account yes. Ill go through the rubbish ive sorted now for shredding and check again but im so sure I haven't received one .
  3. Hi Thanks for your reply . Ive no idea when its for but id guess at least 2 years ago as im with BG now and prior to that Eon. Ive no idea for what period as I haven't got a bill ? Not heard of back billing code which prevents them from billing you more than 12 months in arrears if they have failed to send you bills or if the bills they have sent you were not accurate --- I don't want to get into further trouble but wonder if I do have any rights to more information and if so will they serve me with a court notice ?
  4. Hi I'm finally going through my unpaid bills following a challenging development opportunity I stupidly took on this year at work. Home and family have suffered as a consequence. No excuse I know but my bills just got left. I had a credit card ( aqua ) which I thought id cancelled as no longer needed as credit history was very good. Id cancelled the direct debit as it was cleared but hadn't cancelled the card . I took it abroad, made a few purchases totalling just over £300 and totally forgot I didn't have a direct debit set up any more to pay the
  5. Hi I've received some letters from Credit Style Solution for immediate action regarding an unpaid bill from Flow Energy. Its for a significant amount or id just pay it but I'm with a different provider and prior to this a different provider again I cannot address this during the day due to current work commitments ( am out 7-7 with no signal ) so apart from writing to the company any suggestions on what to say please ? Im not disputing it but I don't know what or when I may have owed this bill . TIA
  6. I have spent the last 4 years making my finances and credit file 100% so I could confidently escape a not nice relationship . My credit file was 100% and I was v proud . Bank have offered me a decent remortgage ( 6 weeks ago ) and solicitor has filed consent order so I could be as planned divorced and have bought my ex husband out of the family home in a few weeks. However I stupidly used an empty Cap 1 cc when it was all I had with me recently . I only put about £65 on it . They contacted me to say I hadn't made the minimum payment and i assumed they were right and pai
  7. Hi Thanks for that . Its £19.50 so I haven't paid it yet will try a couple of other avenues first . I spoke to someone in XX which is a big Housing association who bought up lots of the smaller ones - the one who lent me the equity loan being one of them. According to them I don't even exist on their records . I wonder if I should see a solicitor re this ? There is a fair amount of equity in this home .
  8. We bought our home approx. 11 years ago through the old Homebuy scheme through a housing association called Beth Johnson. we got given a 25 % loan which is repayable at any time in the future, and whether the house increases or decreases in value they have a 25% return upon sale . We still own the property but its legaly called a charge or something . We put a biggish deposit down ourseleves . The house is worth approx. £170k now and the mortgage is around £60k we are divorcing and I need to contact Beth Johnson to ask them legally if I can ever transfer th
  9. I split with my ex almost 2 years ago. Since then ( prob irrelevant ) I have sorted out almost 100% of the financial mess he left us in. I have paid for and initiated all the solicitors fees and divorce . He was chased for an old debt last year and as usual ( because they had traced him to his mums house which he didn't like ) , he asked me for advice . As the debt was over 20 ! years old I advised him not to acknowledge it in anyway and no it wouldn't appear on his credit file . I then asked him if hed considered claiming for PPI and he said no. I asked him if he min
  10. OOh thank you . Do you think SAR is always the first step ? Could I just fill out the PPI online form supplied by the ombudsman ?
  11. Hello My ex husband and I had a loan with the HFC years ago-approx. 18 years It was for 5000. We got behind with payments and def had PPI which actually we could ill afford and both working for NHS didn't need . I think with interest rates , charges and PPI I remember working out once that the 5 year loan had limped into 8 or more years and we had paid back something like a couple of thousand more than the original loan and still owed a couple of thousand ! last payment was over ten years ago and weve heard nothing for most of this time until this year . My husband
  12. Hi many years ago I ran into debt ( £4500 ) on a Halifax credit card. They sold the debt to Arrow Global who tried to take me to court and obtain a CCJ. I wanted all the paperwork before acknowledging the debt but despite many SARs and CCA requests ( I did everything correctly ) I ended up putting in a defence as they wouldnt give me anything . After many weeks and lots od support on here the debt was thrown out of court. My credit file in now better than ever putting me in an ideal position now to move house and start my life over honestly. I never knew if I had
  13. Andy Im signing this consent order today-how do I know they will send a copy to the court ? Is there anything else I should do to absolutely ensure I don't get judgement entered while this is processing ? Thanks
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