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  1. I started my claim on the 5th of July this year in regards to ppi miss-selling I received a letter within a week stating that they would reply within 8 - 10 weeks, they took the full 10 weeks and then another letter arrived saying they needed another 4 weeks which they took full advantage of and abit more, so I phoned them and they told me I would receive a letter upholding my claim, and that I had to sign a confirmation that I would accept their offer of 1675 just waiting for the cheque to arrive hopefully soon although they have given themselves 3 weeks to dispatch it to me, to which I am su
  2. I received a letter regarding my ppi complaint today upholding my claim for ppi. From the first letter I sent on the 5th of July 2012. I received a reply on the 24th of July stating that they needed 8 - 10 weeks to investigate my claim, then after the initial 10 weeks I received another letter stating that they would require another 4 weeks to still investigate, the 4 weeks passed and I still hadn't heard anything from them I decided to phone them and they told me a letter had been sent to me on the 18th of October which I received today (24th of October), I
  3. Many thanks I have just phoned them only to be told that the cheque hasn't even left the office yet, he said he had emailed the finance office in order for them to send it to me, hope they do it quickly. I want it in order for me to pay off my debts
  4. :-xI have been waiting for 28 days for a cheque from Mbna and still nothing. I sent them a reminder letter on Tuesday 28th August and that should have arrived by now, I have emailed them also today asking for my cheque, no reply as yet, does anyone know if they have a direct telephone number for the ppi complaints.
  5. I also wrote to Capital One on the 5th of July regarding my ppi payments and I received a letter back on the 24th of July stating that I would receive a response within 8 - 10 weeks is this the normal time frame for Capital One? If not how long should I wait.
  6. No I haven't done my own calculations, I really wasn't expecting to get anything, when I got the letter I couldn't believe it, I suppose I have just relied on them, silly me, but I wouldn't have the time to check as I have 4 kids so the money will come in handy for Xmas
  7. I wrote to Mbna on the 5th of July this year asking for my ppi payments to be paid back with interest. I received a reply back from them on the 2nd of August, stating that as a good will gesture I would receive £1196 back from them, it states in the letter that I will receive this in the form of a cheque within 28 days this will be up on the 30th August what do I do if I don't receive it by then
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