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  1. Can you send you court summons to the local court where your bank branch is based or does it have to be in Andover for Lloyds were there Recovery Centre is based. Regards Gary
  2. I am claiming £1290 plus £360.24 interest total £1650.24 from Lloyds. The made a 'goodwill' payment of £750 directly to my bank account without any agreement to it. I intende to pursue them in court for the rest. I don't know though whether my court summons should claim £1290 plus interest or £540 plus interest taking into account the payment of £750. If I make it the smaller amount I will not be claiming the interest on £750. Is there any views on what amount I should be claiming in the court summons. Thanks Gary
  3. Lucy, Yes I see what you mean about the confusing post, when I read it again myself. Thanks for the reply, you did get to the question I was asking anyway. My concern was that if the bank offers a full settlement of your claim they also ask you to sign a form saying that future charges they make to your account will be accepted. I was trying to determine whether agreeing to this would prevent a future claim against them for unlawful charges. I thought, as you say, it doesn't matter what you sign, you can't sign your rights away, was the case, but I was not sure. Regards Gary
  4. I have been helping a few people claim back charges. When the Royal Bank finally offers a full settlement, they ask you to sign a form saying you will accept it as the full settlement and that future charges must stand. Does anyone know if you refuse to sign saying saying they can continue to charge illegally, they will still settle without requiring you to sign to accept future charges, if you contine with legal action. Regards Gary
  5. I know it is not possible to claim back overdaft interest, but does any one know whether it is possible to claim back overdraft usage fees. Regards Gary
  6. You will get the full amount for sure, just by refusing their offer.
  7. Can anyone tell me whether it is possible to reclaim interest charges on an arranged overdraft in your account. Gary
  8. I made a claim for £3300 aganst RBS. I received a letter from my RBS branch offering £600. Sent a rejection letter. 12 days letter recieved a letter from Customer relations in Edinburgh offering £2100. I will send a rejection letter to this and tell them they have 12 days to supply all of it before I take court action. What I expect them to do is offer to pay in full a day before initiation of court action is due. Gary
  9. I am also in correspondance with Tommy McLean and I was wondering if you could clarify something on your timeline Sent rejection letter have untill 12th Sep before i launch Moneyclaim. Can you tell me the wording you should use in the letter just the sentence after refusing their offer of settlement and they have until 12 days time before you launch moneyclaim. Should you say before before I launch a small claims procedure against the bank. I am just confused by the phrase launch moneyclaim. Gary
  10. Does anyone know about the possibility of applyng the procedures for recovering bank charges to other types of organisations. For example credit card companies, mortgage suppliers, Sky, Insurance companies indeed any domestic supplier of any type who has been making penalty charges towards you for fun. Is it possible to send the data protection act disclosure letter to them asking for details of any manual interventions by their staff to make penalty charges in your business with them. If is possible, there is a strong possibility I am never going to be out of court. Gary
  11. No, just follow the procedure for claiming back. I have also received a letter from Mr Tommy McLean offering £2067 for a £3300 claim. Which I won't be accepting. Gary
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