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  1. Is it 14 days from your first letter or LBA. You only add 8% when you apply to the courts
  2. http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/671-2-letter-preliminary-approach.html http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/182-6-interest-calculation-spreadsheets.html
  3. Hi there Joy. Cant see why not tho. Pop in to the chat room in the evening, there should be somebody who would possibly know. Got me cash back:D :D . Thanks for the compliment by the way.
  4. Hi Claire, HSBC ignored my Prelim letter, offered me payout 4 days before my LBA was up. I accepted as part of claim. MCOL filed after 14 days up from LBA. HSBC acknowledged . They offered nearly all my money back. I accepted then had a letter from court with there defence. But got cheque a few days later. Took about 9 weeks all in all. Hope this helps
  5. Hi Emma. Dont be worried. I had offer just efore LBA. Just go ahead with MCOL. They will soon reply to that. I'm getting my payout within 7 days.
  6. All my time limits were the day i sent letters. Dont know if this is right or not but i stuck to them. I had offer just before LBAwas up.
  7. Another letter from solicitors. They have offered me £2265 instead of £2400, with a confidentiallity clause. As again, they said they would win in court. Any body been here, if so any advice. Thanx
  8. Hi guys and gals. Had letter from DG solicitors today asking for summary of charges if HSBC are to consider a settlement. I have an overdraft limit of £1000 on 2 accounts, sometimes up to this limit. LOL. I will pay some of money in to these accounts, but not all. Is it too late to ask for cheque, or can they put the money in to these accounts?? I suspect that if they put money in to these accounts, they will withdraw my overdraft facility. Do I ask them for a cheque when I send these charges IF they are going to settle? Thanks
  9. Hi there Gordon. My offer was similar to yours. I accepted as part payment. But they had left it too late. I'll give you a quick summary off my track so far... 4th sept-prelim letter sent for £1796 18th lba sent. prelim ignored 28th offer of £1620 29th accepted as part payment 4th applied to MCOL 5th letter recived off MCOL saying HSBC got 14 days from 10th to respond 12th letter fro court saying HSBC going to defend, signed by DG solicitors 28th Letter from DG solicitors asking forsumary of charges in case hsbc decide to settle. hope ths givs you an idea of time scale. ever
  10. They ignored prelim. They responded to LBA about 3 or 4 days before LBA was up, made an offer. Good offer mind. Accepted as part payment. By the time they would have got that I had applied to courts.
  11. HSBC responded to my LBA letter a few days before the time was up. They offered £170 less than what they owed me. I sent a letter saying thanks but no thanks. By the time they would of got it I was filling to court. If your worried, open another account just in case.
  12. I agree with Jobloggs, Lesley. 14 days for prelim, 14 days for LBA. Then MCOL or court action. They know the time scales, they are just trying to stall. STICK to your schedule.
  13. Thanks Kazzy. Hopefully be hearing off their solicitors soon. thanks
  14. wimpawipa

    jk. vs hsbc

    Hi JK. They ignored my first letter. The offered me £1620 instead of £1796 anout 4 or 5 days before I applied to courts. I accepted money as part payment but still applied to the courts after the 14 days from when the LBA. It says on LBA there will be no time extensions, so if they offer only a part of your money back, tuff. I'm hoping I did the right thing after reading Kazzy's response to you. Hope this helps.
  15. Hi all. HSBC acknowledged the claim, there is a tick in the Defend Claim box. Do they have 28 days from the day it was served or from when they acknowledged. Can I ask for a cheque ?? I have 2 authorised overdrafts of £1000 each, can they insist on putting money back in the accounts overdrawn?? Thanks all
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