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  1. You should probably make a complaint to whichever train company manages the station
  2. Hi all, Anyone ever done/tried this? We are a small charity based in North Yorkshire and I'm keen to know if anyone has had any success with this? Jeremy
  3. While Ryanair would love some extra pilots, the complication is that they operate a Boeing fleet while Monarch was an Airbus fleet (or vice versa).
  4. And lets not forget the 1,900 souls who have lost their jobs 12 weeks before Christmas
  5. As a regular hotel user myself, I wonder how this hotels guests would feel about the way they treat their staff.
  6. I have an 11 Plate Mondeo, and I had the same, It needed a new back box only. I took it to my local Ford Dealer and they fitted new (non-Ford) back box for far less than £800 I did take it to a type/battery/exhaust place but they said they couldn't do it.
  7. At the very least it is probably breaching licensing conditions
  8. Out of interest, what if my car is in my garage?
  9. My car was saying low battery on the dash. Turned out the battery was knackered. Was only taking 10A when the alternator was trying to give it 40A
  10. I would have thought you'd have had to agree to and sign for their terms and conditions? I had to when I last engaged a solicitor.
  11. I had an 03 Tdci and it would sometimes cut out or go into limp mode with a flashing glow plug light. Then if failed to start. Turns out it was the cam chain position sensor that was mis behaving. Got it changed and it was right as rain after that.
  12. There may be rules governing times when deliveries can and can't be made. May be worth checking with the council. Try the planning dept. Jeremy
  13. I got DV many years ago. I had some debts at the time myself, and they ask for your credit report. All they really want to be sure of is whether your debts are lore likely to accept a bribe. As a previous poster said, your partners debts are not likely to be a concern. That was a good few years back.
  14. Not to mention getting a sue-ball from Bon Jovi for using one of their album titles without permission!!
  15. A lot of it is most likely down to organisations (or their insurers) not wanting to have a sue-ball thrown at them if some poor chef gets burnt by the crackling, or someone looses control of their car because they were blinded by the over-yellow daffodils!!
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