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  1. Quite rightly, the main focus of everyone's thoughts and thanks is for the heroes who work in our amazing NHS. They are all doing an amazing job in these difficult and uncertain times We should all spare a thought for others who are working to keep society ticking over. Bin Collections, Postal Workers, Delivery Drivers, and I'm sure many others. We often see them come around or come to our doors. Lets all thank them when we see them. It will help boost their morale at this difficult time. I went outside and thanked our bin collectors this morning, and have make an effort to thank the postie and delivery drivers when I've seen them. It has cost me nothing hopefully made them feel appreciated
  2. Very much so. Running events (when we can) needs people. Not sure if posting a link to a youtube video showing what we do is allowed? There are so many small charities that struggle
  3. We all know how hard things are for everyone, but we should all spare a thought for local charities in or communities who don't have the resource to get on TV and ask for £x per month to support their work. I speak from experience - the charity I volunteer with in North Yorkshire are going to loose the several thousand pounds this year due to cancelling fundraising events. There are many such charities up and down the country who do amazing work who I worry are being forgotten about in these challenging times. Jeremy
  4. With you there London. My 11 plate and I did 160,000 happy miles, and I'm sure they are like the tardis and bigger on the inside!
  5. They can't identify the fault. What vintage is your car London? I had an 11 plate Titanium X and I had weird issues caused when the battery was iffy.
  6. Cheers Hammy. Will do that tomorrow. To be honest, I know (just forgot to mention) that a restart clears it. J
  7. Hi all I have the above vehicle - 67 plate with just under 30K on the clock. Every now and then when the car is cold I'll get an amber message pop up about transmission limited function or a red warning saying service transmission now. I know the oil change is due at the next service, but this has been happening since I had the car (had 6K when I got it). It's been into the dealer (Stoneacre) who cannot find any relevant fault codes to indicate an actual fault. I've asked about any software updates, to be told there are none available. Has anyone come across this? Jeremy
  8. 0049 136 40283 is what came up on my phone The caller was definitely not German!!
  9. Hi Had a possible suspect call on my landline claiming to be from Openreach saying there were errors on my Internet connection. I work in IT and as soon as I mentioned this she hung up. The giveaway was that the call came from a German number: 0049 ***** 238 (will post the full number if admins okay it) Just thought I'd mention it Jeremy
  10. Hi 16/10/19. Very poor reception on my TV. Re-tuned, but then found I had very few channels (even BBC1/2 were missing) I called the freeview helpline to find there had been an issue at Bilsdale transmitter, but it was now resolved I ended up unplugging TV from aerial socket, re-tuning, then re-plugging in TV and re-tuning to fix it Thought I'd post this in case anyone has the same issue
  11. I had a similar issue with my 11 plate Mondeo TX. Random electrical issues, hazards would come on, etc The cause was the battery not taking charge and therefore screwing up the electrics. The car was five years old when I had to change the battery. All was fine after that. When the AA came out to test it, they said it should have been pulling 60 amps from the alternator, but it was pulling 10! I'd get the battery checked
  12. You should probably make a complaint to whichever train company manages the station
  13. Hi all, Anyone ever done/tried this? We are a small charity based in North Yorkshire and I'm keen to know if anyone has had any success with this? Jeremy
  14. While Ryanair would love some extra pilots, the complication is that they operate a Boeing fleet while Monarch was an Airbus fleet (or vice versa).
  15. And lets not forget the 1,900 souls who have lost their jobs 12 weeks before Christmas
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