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  1. Hi all, I decided to hold back on posting until I'd won the case so I could give a brief run-down of how to get your money back. The claim was for my mum and she had calculated the amount owed to be £2,294. She sent the initial letters and got no where, so I took over at the MCOL stage. I put the cliam spreadsheet together, and filled the money claim with the template from here, adding the statutory rate of interest. This put the claim up to £2,998. Cobbletts then sent an offer for £2,294 once the money claim was submitted and it was refused as they had missed the chance to pay this at the first stage. They then defended the claim and sent my mum the usual CPR18 request when the AQ needed filling in. This was answered with a template letter held in the Natwest forum, which tells Cobbletts they can't request this and that I was complaining to the County Court Judge. The next bit was the best because I used the new strategy for alloacation questionnaires template. This meant that the judge ordered both my mum and Cobbletts to submit their defence by the 14th April even though the court case was due on the 27th June. Worked a treat. I then submitted a defence based on all the templates on here. Cobbletts did not bother entering their defence (time wasters), and my mum received a cheque for £3,200 yesterday. Therefore, anyone reading this thread who is just starting out my advice to you is to read all the threads that you need properly, and don't be put off by the Banks trying to bully you. This website is one of the best on the internet and I thank everyone who has taken the time out to help others out. Reclaim the Right Brothers and Sisters!
  2. My sister never proceeded to court for the remaining £200, I wish she had but I couldn't really her force as she would be the one in court. Good luck with your claim.
  3. I am waiting on my sister sending through their defence. Once I have this I will let you know my decision but cheers for the advice so far.
  4. Hi Lu1, exactly the same thing has happened to my sister as I have been doing all the online stuff for her. Nationwide were £200 short so I sent the letter accepting the offer but demanding the rest. Today they have put in a defence even though I only set the letter on Saturday. The defence has a date of 22nd December. I'll keep you posted on whatever information she receives. Don't worry, I think they are just trying to pull a fast one.
  5. Hi, I have been completing the Moneyclaim online for my sister as she was owed £1,000.49 from Nationwide. The sent her a letter last Wednesday (3rd Jan) stating they would pay back the claim, interest and the £120 court fee. However, the claim section of the payment was nearly £200 short so I posted a letter to them on Saturday staing that we accept the offer as a partial settlement, but will be claiming the rest via court if necessary. Today they have submitted a defence. Has anyone experienced, or heard of such a thing happening?
  6. "Good practice", I'm afraid, is not something that is readily practiced by many organisations. Return to work interviews are not formal interviews and would therefore not require a work colleague present. Formal interviews are more along the lines of your disciplinary and grievance procedures.
  7. You also wouldn't be offered a witness present in a return to work interview, nor is there a legal need to minute such interviews.
  8. Smackbat, I have read your post and would ask the question - 'what do the bonus scheme guidelines stipulate?' With that information you will be able to see if this witholding of bonus is correct. Everything seems to have only been agreed verbally so what is in black and white? If you can get more information I will be happy to advise further.
  9. I work as an Employment Law Consultant for a large company, PM me if you want and I will see if I can help.
  10. I'm chasing the bank statements in conjunction with my sister (her charges), they said it was sent to her recorded delivery but then returned by Royal mail. They have until Tuesday to comply and i am now thinking they are messing us about. I'll be using this number tomorrow.
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