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  1. I don't particularly agree with his method but I sympathise with his situation. I have a 2.0ltr HDi xsi which 5 months after purchase cost me £1200. The flywheel was "wobbling excessively" I think was how they phrased it on the work sheet. I am currently chasing this up with letters soon to be sent out. My clutch also had to be replaced, as the work carried to replace the clutch is the same as replacing the flywheel. As the clutch had 48000 on the clock it was advisable to replace it as it was halfway through its life. They wouldn't cover any thing as the flywheel is apparently an item that is affected by wear and tear, it may have wear plates but when its "wobbling excessively" thats got naff all to do with standard friction wear. That was an exspense that I didn't expect for another 50k miles, give or take a few thousand miles. It is an exspense that I shouldn't have to cover. Had they said from the start they will cover the flywheel and labour cost things would have been different. I could have said no, I will cover it when it goes or yes, I will pay a reduce amount now as it is earlier than expected. They don't give you that option because they generaly refuse point blank to cover anything, so you are cornered and have to replace both at the same time as its the most cost effective solution. The only real choice is to have it done and fight it later. I like the stand and he did go back, but for me its the letters then court route.
  2. I don't condone un-called for violence but she was in your home and not welcome there, you can use reasonable force to remove them and protect your family. If what your saying is right and it was just a slap then you shouldn't have too much to worry about. You also have an inherent right to self defence but again with reasonable force, she swung at you and you gave her a slap. Probably better suited to Jeremy Kyle rather than the courts unless you're not giving us the full picture.
  3. There has been a lot of interest from trading standards and the like into cold callers and home callers who target vulnerable people. Try them and consumer direct, I am sure others will be along before long to help.
  4. I thought that once they have taken the money, in this case only the postage, then they have accepted the deal. Hence why Amazon, Asda etc dont take the money anymore until an order is dispatched.
  5. Actually if ASDA had proper procedures in place i.e company phones then this issue would be less likely to happen. ASDA have turned what started as a slight grievence, which an apology and assurance it wont happen again would have resoled, into a more serious problem of not wishing to control private infomation and very poor customer care. The phones calls seem to be diliberate as they happened in quick succession each time and hanging up quickly too, a phone in the pocket or a book on a touch screen wont do that. How many times have you had to hang up after listeng to somebady's conversation via thier pocket or had long irrelavant vioce mails. Again, why delete the records? Having siad that, I dont think this will go too far but sending letters of complaints to various people and organisations trying to right a wrong can be quite theraputic and often does does some good, be it a resolution or satisfaction you have aired your views. Give 'em stick I say. If they rang me like that at 0530 and I had his name and number, a letter to his boss would be the least of his worries. Plenty of website wanting personal infomation including numbers who will phone you back at pre-arranged times. Not that I would reccomend that of course
  6. Main thing is dont drive it as it could be seen as acceptance, I had a very similar problem and after dealing with a director I got a full refund. They were very reluctant and tried a replacement of the same spec first but it would have cost them too much so they relented and gave me the cash. Just write to them your reasons for rejection, give them 7 days to reply with the outcome you want or you will take further action. Expect a little bartering/resistance at first though. The garage said to me first that they ''dont do refunds on second hand cars'', I said ''we'll see'', 4 weeks later having that same moron signing the cars v5 to take it back off me, oh how I laughed. Consumer direct are a great help as well as this site, I will try to find the letters I sent and post them later on.
  7. Most bullies only understand one thing, my kids will be told how to deal with them and I will back them up all the way so long as they didn't provoke it. Let the grown ups talk politics with ''the bullies are the real victims'' and all that tosh but let the kids live in peace. If that means they have to dish out a little justice to get them off thier backs, let them. You might not be able to pay for self defence but you can show her where it hurts, then tell her to get some distance between him and her. Schools are useless when it comes to bullying and lots of kids get in real distress when it hapens, some even take drastic steps to aviod it. So my thoughts are fight fire with fire but keep on at the school yourself with regards to what action they should be taking. If they did thier job, fighting back wouldn't even be a consideration.
  8. Have you thought about self defence lessons. It will give her some discipline and confidence, it will also give the lad a shock when she kicks him in the plums in self defence. You don't have to condone violence, just be prepared for it.
  9. Double check you haven't recieved the refund then do it all in writing. Tell you have been over charged/ over paid and you want the money back, give them 14 days to pay. Probably an oversight/lazyness on thier behalf but you have 6 years from the money being taken to get your money back. A letter should suffice in this instance.
  10. From my own use of Amazon, they dont charge you until its about to start it delivery journey, i.e going on the wagon. Regardless of this though they are responsible for it until you have accepted from the delivery man. Even then you have variuos distance selling rights should you wish to return it.
  11. Also depends how good a friend she really was? If the friendship is worth it offer to pay her back in installments, sounds to me that if you can't afford to pay her back then you probably couldn't afford the holiday anyway. As for the sister, phone the police if she carries on.
  12. I see what your saying but regulation 12 is based on incidents out of thier control i.e ''(a) where the organiser is constrained before the departure'' , not because they cant do the sums. 11 Doesn't count as it there is no price change, I think regulation 4 will help though. Descriptive matter relating to packages must not be misleading 4.—(1) No organiser or retailer shall supply to a consumer any descriptive matter concerning a package, the price of a package or any other conditions applying to the contract which contains any misleading information. (2) If an organiser or retailer is in breach of paragraph (1) he shall be liable to compensate the consumer for any loss which the consumer suffers in consequence They have effectively said the holiday will be one price and they have all agreed then after a while they have refused to honour this agreement and lowered the class, would the OP have agreed to this holiday with at that price and at the class now being offered. I think the ''descriptive matter concerning the package'' is misleading. May be pedantick as it wasn't malicious but they still did it and may sway an arguement.
  13. Does the fact that they have accepted payment in the form of a deposit not make this a full contract now. If so surley they should now honour it if not then can any body enlighten me of my usual ignorance. Had something similar with my wedding ring, got a really good deal but we paid full price though. When they realised the offer only applied to rings in store they tried to reneg but couldn't as we had a reciept with the payment and ring size expected. Just a thought but I though they had to honour the deal now they have accepted money. Hope you get have a nice trip though.
  14. Think you might find you lot elected these socialist thieves, I certainly didn't. At least Stalin or lenin didn't put up a soft front to appease the masses when they made a decision (yes I know they are communist but it is only one more step).
  15. Do what borris say's and report them to the ASA, its what they are for. Send Game a copy of the letter too.
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