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  1. Thanks for the quick response! I live in Scotland No payment has been made to the account in the last 5 years. I will send off the Statute Barred letter and see what happens.
  2. First time using this forum so please excuse me if I have not posted in the right section. My husband had a credit card with Monument in excess of 6 years ago, credit limint £250. He used the limit on the card and then stopped making payments. He then ignored any request for payment. Over the years Apex Credit Management have been in touch via letters and telephone calls. My husband has acknowledge the debt and in the past offered to make a lump payment of half the balance outstanding, this was refused on several occasions. There is no record on my husbands credit file in relation to this debt, not sure if that is relevant or not. I am in possession of a recent letter which states that the current balance outstanding is £911.25. We have no information on any of the charges that have been applied to the account. My husband has requested a breakdown of the account from Apex several times but has never received one. What I want to know is is my husband required to pay the full outstanding balance in order to get rid of the debt? Where do we go from here in order to settle the account? I'd appreciate any advice on this matter.
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