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  1. It's a joke isn't it same as happened to me and am not sure I can be bothered to try and have it removed. We are just he unlucky ones.....shame as have just got engaged so that money would have done nicely in the wedding fund..... HMPH!
  2. Hi hi guys - pelase hep me, I cannot find the details for requesting removal of stay thank you
  3. Thank you Freaky I will do that
  4. They didn;t say......they said that they will request one and let me know. Can I write to the court ask for it to be thrown out as they didn't organise it within the two days they were asked to by the judge?
  5. Hiya - had a great time It was for 6th Sep at 3.30pm........
  6. Well - I am back from my hols and right up until about midday on 6th Sep I heard nothing (bearing in mind the letter from the court said they need to set up the telephone details atleast 2 days before, so thought I was home dry). so they call me about midday to make sure I was available for the 3.30 telephone call....which of course I wasn't, so have asked for an adjournment. ARGH Any advice of what to do next appreciated?!?!? Hope everyone is OK.... K
  7. Mine is on the 6th and i received this letter yesterday. I called my court who said that I should wait to hear what the judge says - but as far as they were aware all court proceedings already with a date are going ahead...... So am waiting to hear from the judge. my case is a phone one so they have to set up the numbers 2 days before, am hoping they won't so I can win.... Give your court a call and see what they say.......
  8. I am going to leave it as late as possible to see the outcome. If DG asks for a stay and it gets granted then I have a few days to appeal, So I can do it when I am back If I hear nothing from DG re: the telephone hearing details, I can ask for it to be thrown out when am back. If I tell the court I can;t make it now - they are going to put it back by atleast another 2 months.....!!? I have someone at home checking on the post...... You see what I mean? What would you do?
  9. No - I was kind of sitting it out, as the DG are asking for a stay as they told me so......so was going to wait and see what happens....?
  10. Oh OK - well have e-mailed it and could use some help if poss! Many thanks
  11. Thanks Freaky have given them a try!
  12. Hi me again - some advise needed please. Am going to send another nudge today - but I know that HSBC are going to apply for a stay (after me conversation with ol Jase). MY problem is that my telephone hearing is for 6th Sep at 3.30 and my plane lands back from holiday at 3.35pm. Ya see my predicament? I didn;t expect it to get this far so wasn;t worried. I guess I just have to wait and see what the judge says re: the stay, and get to appealing against it when am back from me hols?!?!?! the other thing I can hope for is hearing nothing from DG, as they have to set up the telephone details 2 days before the 6th Sep....and therefore win by Judgement by default?? Oooooh - it's enough to send your brain to mush! Is this what you guys would do?
  13. I don't - I have been writing to them since March! could I please have a copy of the letter - thanks Noddy.
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