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  1. not sure - going to contact the courts to check. to be honest I've been very busy (accountancy exams!) so havent really had time to chase it for a bit. Can we request judgment if the AQ wasnt returned in time / at all? Presume thats why we haven't received a court date?:?
  2. Hi WendyN Sounds very good to me - you are in exactly the same situation as us. I sent similar to them after we received their defence. However I have had no response from the Halifax to our last 4 or 5 letters. The only thing they have done is to submit their defence. We are still awaiting a court date, having submitted our Allocation Questionnaire per the courts schedule. Good luck!!
  3. Hi Slightly different problem as its not strictly charges - any advice gratefully received. A few weeks ago my mother-in-law (80) tried to withdraw some of her pension money (£90) from the Halifax for Christmas shopping. The machine appeared to process the transaction but then didn't deliver the cash. Whilst her friend stayed at the machine, she went into the branch to explain what had happened. A member of staff came out with her, helped her try again, and this time the money came out. She was advised that although her account would show the money debited twice, they would credit back one of the withdrawals. This morning she has had a letter from the Halifax stating that they now cannot and will not credit the money back, as when they checked the cash machine records for that day it was fully in balance. So basically they are saying 'Tough!'. This is an 80 year old lady who is now £90 of her pension missing due to their cash machine error. I am furious that they have done this, but am unsure what we can do as obviously its her word against theirs that the money never came out of the machine. Anyone any experience of this? Thanks all
  4. Oh yes! Although on your online statement receipts do indeed show as processed before payments, the Halifax 'kindly' explained to me that in fact all Standing Orders / direct debits / cheques presented for payment etc are processed at 1 minute after midnight each day. Therefore in our case (and yours by the sounds of it) although we spotted it was going overdrawn (and paid money in to cover it the same day), and when you view your online account it never went overdrawn, the charge is triggered at 12.01am - ie before your money is paid in. Hence the charge stands. I had so many arguments with them over this, none of which got me anywhere in terms of refunds. And then I found this site!!! By following the steps and advice from this site all those long-argued over charges have now been refunded - despite all their previous "you'll never get them back" comments! Good luck - don't let them get away with it! (also consider arranging a small overdraft with them to stop it happening again. You only get charged a small amount of interest if it does slip over again, and its worth it to stop this frustrating, infuriating robbery from happening again!).
  5. Hi Purple This sounds very familiar - in our case we did say we would accept as partial, as recommended elsewhere, and they did indeed repay the full amount excluding the debited overdraft interest to our account. Their submitted defence clearly states they don't consider this amount repayable. Just be careful though as with ours they also then sent us a letter saying 'thank you for accepting in full and final settlement'. We are currently awaiting a court date (or settlement of course! ). Good luck and hang in there! (morris v halifax by the way if you want to read the whole tale)
  6. Yes been reading it - and I agree it does seem that once they've paid over the partial settlement they may then be prepared to go all the way over the remainder. I've also noticed other cases around the boards recently that make me think all the banks are having second thoughts about settling claims quickly. Barclays certainly seem very happy to take people all the way - over small amounts too. So yes - it may be worth people considering not accepting partial offers, especially as in Jonni2bads situation where there are also defaults (luckily we're not in that situation though). In our case, by them crediting our account with the bulk of the claim, our account is no longer in the red and therefore incurring no more overdraft interest - which is a massive relief. And personally, I get even more relief that when we get paid our balance doesnt still have a minus in front of it anymore. They do still seem to be just arguing over the numbers - and refusing to see that when they sent out the settlement letter they made a mistake. Hopefully the judge will see that - after all I've set it out in letters so clearly that a child could see it.
  7. Heard nothing - hand delivered ours on the 13th, deadline for return was the 15th. Think I might nip down at lunchtime and see if they can tell me anything - were very helpful when I took the AQ in. If HBOS haven't returned it do you know what happens? They've gone very quiet on me - havent replied to the last 3 or 4 letters I've sent.
  8. Definitely small world - my dad's from Leigh. Sat at work in Wigan as I type.....:o
  9. Well done - Mr Magill sends you nicer letters than he sends me!! Enjoy your win!
  10. Great news Crash!! At last they see sense. Enjoy your victory :)
  11. Heard nothing since going down to court to submit our AQ on the 13th. Included a covering letter saying 'despite our best attempts to resolve the matter...etc... Halifax haven't replied to our letters re settlement....". Deadline for AQ submission for us and Halifax was the 15th - anyone know what happens next? Do we get a copy of their AQ?
  12. Hi Crash - did they also return their AQ? does seem strange you hadnt heard from the court before this. With our Halifax claim I received the defence with the AQ to be completed. But as you say - they have less than a month to get their act together! Keep us posted and good luck - have you got your court bundle ready?
  13. I told them we would accept as partial, and explained then what the difference was. Next thing we had was the money in the account, and a letter saying thank you for accepting in full and final settlement! Having the bulk of the money is wonderful of course - would just like it over with though.
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