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  1. Well, after 3 months wait, I got a letter offering me the full amount claimed over the 3 month period. Accepted.
  2. Hi all, Hope you are all ok... I am considering VT'ing my car, the problem is that I think that the car is on Finance, not HP. I am with Black Horse but find the T&C's a little confusing. Its a 5 year term to which I have paid just under 50%. I have heard its not possible to VT under finance, you can only do it on HP. If this is the case then is there anything I can do as the cars value at Trade is about £4200 and I owe over £8000 due to negative equity from previous 2 cars. Please help
  3. Hi, I got as far as my LBA and they got refunded straight away. It was very easy to be honest. Something tells me it wont be as easy this time. I am trying to make an appointment to see my branch this weekend to discuss the situation and basically 'ask' for them to be refunded... What do you think...?
  4. I have had a 'large' amount of charges over the last 3 months. However, I claimed against HSBC in December and won - I had my charges refunded. MY QUESTION Can I claim from the date I had my charges refunded to present date? Please help...
  5. OK, about 4 months ago I had a look at this site after my friend told me about it.. I decided to give it a go (after 2 months... lazy) I 'phoned' HSBC and requested my statements, I was suprised at just how helpful they were and the statements were 'free'. I then sat down a week later and totalled up all my charges etc, I knew that one was pending for the month later so I waited until that was taken then sent my 'prelim'. 14 days later no reply.... hmmm. I then decided to leave it a week then sent my LBA. Waited a few days then wham, there it was... a letter on my door mat saying basically we feel that we would comfortably defend a claim in court etc however, it was more cost effective to refund my charges - thank you very much. They offered me 1850 (100 short of what I claimed) but hey, you cant complain about that... anyway accepted their offer, 6 days later in my Account... Easy peasy... (sorry to all of you who seem to be having their claims dragged out).. Anyway, a big thank you to all the people who have put their time and effort into creating this site (donation on way). The information you have provided is fantastic... Good luck to all of you with your claims... I'm off to have a chat with Lloyds about the numerous 'non-profit' charges (yeah right) they have taken from my missus...
  6. Hi all, When looking through my statements, it has lots of "Interest DEBITED"..? This is obviously money they have taken off me. Can I also class this as a form of a charge and hence relaim them or does it have to be JUST the ones that say CHARGE..?
  7. Hi again, Can anyone tell me exactly what I claim for with regards to charges..?? Do I claim for 100% of all charges, unpaid DD's etc..? Thanks
  8. Hi, hope you are all well.. After recently studying this site for a few days im now ready to request my statements. I will be posting my Data Protection Act letter on Monday recorded delivery. I have requested this also by telephone with the Halifax who have stated that these are now ordered and to send my cheque for £5.00 to them. I closed this account 2 years ago so suppose I have 4 years worth of statements to study - cant wait. Just a big thanks to everyone for their information on this site, I will certainly contribute to this as I proceed with my claim.
  9. Just been told about this site and what a site it is... awesome. Just about to launch a claim against the halifax..... (more to follow) Will keep you all posted.... 1. Requested statements via telephone, advised to send cheque for £5.00. In post 2moz.
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