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  1. I have given it some thought and I really do want to end it. I don't want to be tied to a company that consistently provide me with terrible customer service! To top it all off the orange network is always dropping compared to the steady network of O2. I have had to take out BB with another provider because I was terrified that Orange would mess up the application again. Now I have got a phone tarrif which works out too much as I don't need that tarrif. It was a good deal with the Orange BB but not for me without...... Thank again for all of your help!
  2. That's fantastic Buzby - You've been a great help. I've drafted a letter for the execs.... would you mind taking a look? I'm going to attach the first two complaint letters with it which hold all the detail of the issue...... I’m am writing to you in the hope that you can process my request to cancel my mobile contract due to the fact that the Free Broadband that enticed me to take out the contract was not fulfilled. Please read the attached letter sent on 30th October for the full details of the situation I have been through. I wrote two complaint letters (one on 17th and one on 30th October) requesting that the marker is removed (enclosing the reference numbers provided by BT Wholesale) and that my Orange mobile contract terminated with no further cost to myself as I feel that the contract was mis-represented and I have not received the level of service that I expected to receive. Finally on 9th November I received a letter from Orange Customer Care apologising for not providing the level of service that Orange aim to provide and that my request to cancel my contract has been escalated. The marker was eventually removed at the beginning of October but the mobile contract is still in force. I have suffered financial loss and a substantial loss of my own personal time and hope that you will be reasonable and action my request (as no further response has been received from Orange Customer Care). Do you think I'm being to soft?
  3. I don't suppose you have an address for their office in Bristol?
  4. Thanks for your post seylectric. It makes me feel that my issue is not too bad! I hope you manage to sort everything out. I switched from O2 to Orange and have regretted it ever since!
  5. Can't anyone help? I'm not very good at writing formal letters and I thought the best thing would be to ask the forum.....
  6. Ok - I'll give it a shot and write to the exec office in Bristol..... Thank you for all your help and advice.
  7. I have just gone on the orange website and looked at their new deals...... In huge writing it says "Free Broadband with 18 month contracts over £30. So this is a selling tactic and surely means if the Broadband service is not provided then the contract is mis-sold? I already sent two letters to Customer Care and Head office (Extract below) "I’m writing to you in the desperate hope of resolution of the situation I have found myself in with Orange Broadband. In September I took out the Canary contract for 18 months with Orange partly because of the free broadband offer. At that time, my broadband provider was BT. On 8th September I requested Orange free broadband to be set up. Orange asked me to get a MAC code from BT. I did this immediately and called Orange back and gave them the MAC code in order for them to complete the registration. I was informed that Broadband would be complete on 21st September. The 21st came and I hadn’t received any equipment or notification that the set-up was complete. I called Orange and they told me that the MAC code was incorrect and told me to contact BT to request a new code. I promptly contacted BT and they said that they can’t give me a new code and my contract was discontinued on 15th September and there is nothing to migrate. I called Orange back and they told me that there was a marker on the line and that I would have to contact BT wholesale to get it removed in order to re-start the registration process with Orange. BT Wholesale told me that it was an Orange marker on the line and that they could not remove it. After numerous calls to Orange, someone finally admitted that it was an Orange market and that it would take 10 days to be removed and a further 14 for the registration process. They assured me that they would remove the marker…… I called back on 10th October to reregister, only to find out that the marker was still there and Orange were now denying that it’s their marker on the line preventing me from getting broadband with anyone and told me to call Ofcom. I called BT wholesale yet again and this time they were adamant that as far as they were concerned, Orange placed a migration on 8th September which completed on 18th September and that I was an Orange customer with a customer reference FSBB31170790. They also gave me the circuit ID which is CBUK12788103. They assured me that the MAC was in fact correct otherwise it wouldn’t have migrated. I called Orange again on 12th October at 13:05pm and spoke with someone called Paul. I explained the situation yet again and gave him the reference numbers. He assured me that he would resolve the situation and call me back by 13:20pm. It is now Tuesday, 17 October 2006 and I still haven’t had that call. I am at the end of my tether with this situation. I have experienced despicable customer service from the start and it’s plainly obvious that the people I have been dealing with have a complete inability to take ownership of a situation. I have been without broadband since 15th September and I am unable to get Broadband set-up due to the marker on the line placed by Orange." I received a letter on 9th November stating the the marker was eventually removed on 30th October and someone will contact me shortly about the mobile phone issue.........No contact made as yet!! Should I write again then?
  8. Hi All, I wondered if someone could look through a letter I have put together to send to my branch? Dear Sir/Madam, I am writing to ask you to close my current account (XXXXXXX), my ISA and the flexiloan facility I have with HSBC. I have cleared all accounts which should have a zero balance or a few pence credit. Please notice that a charge of £25 is due to be applied on the current account. I have just been through a lengthy process of reclaiming all the excessive charges that have been applied which were refunded in full. I would like to avoid putting everyone through this process again and request that you would remove the charge and close the account out of goodwill?
  9. Thank you for all your comments. I can see both sides....however, I took out a contract for 18 months @ £40 per month because free BB (which isn't actually free cos you pay a higher contract fee) was offered. I wouldn't have taken this out otherwise...... Also, I did check online the the BB was available in my area prior to taking out the contract.....It was Oranges terrible customer service on this occasion which prevented BB being set-up. After 12-14 weeks of pulling my hair out and being without BB at home (I cancelled BT and ended up paying dial up call rates instead) I gave up and didn't want to risk asking them to try again. I was worried that they would mess up the activation again and I would be stuck without BB for another 12 weeks. I would like to resolve this in the best way possible with no impact on my credit record but I just don't think it's that 5 months in, I'm stuck with this contract for another 13 months!
  10. Am I still within my rights to cancel the DD and send them a letter stating this and... "As they have failed to provide you with this service, you are holding them in breach of contract and therefore are rescinding the contract with immediate effect (rescinding effectively means you are ending the contract) and will not be making any future payments." Regards
  11. Thank you for the response. No, the broadband was never set-up and they apologised for not being able to deliver the level of service...... My complaint letter stated that I wish to cancel the contract as I only took it out as I wanted the free Broadband......they still haven't repsponded.....
  12. Can you believe it!!! I just called Orange to speak to the lady that responded to my complaint....eventually. I got through to Customer Care and they said that they had no way of looking up a number or whether this person exists. I asked for the complaints dept and they sais that they're not customer facing!!! Excellent customer service provided yet again!!
  13. Hi, I took out an 18 month contract with Orange as they also provide people with an 18 month contract with free broadband. To cut a long story short, I never got broadband as they totally messed up setting it up..... They said there was a marker on the line, which was actually thiers! It took over two months and two complaint letters for them to actually realise this and clear the line. In my complaint to them I asked them to cancel the mobile contract as I purchased it as I wanted the free Broadband. On the 9th Nov I received a letter stating that they will escalate the matter and someone will contact me soon. I have not herad anything and would like to know whether I'm within my rights to cancel the Direct Debit. I'm loathed to pay £40 plus per month for something that I don't want because they didn't give me the full package. Also the customer service I received has put me off for life..... What can I do? Advice gratefully received!!
  14. WELL, WELL! Today a letter form D and G arrived on the doorstep offerring the full amount inclusive of interest and the court fees....and they still manage to state that their charges are reasonable. There is a clause saying that if we sign we are accepting full and final settlement of the claim and to keep that payment strictly confidential..... There is nothing about how and when we will receive the payment. Should we just sign? Thank you everyone for all your support and peace of mind....we will definately make a donation.
  15. Ok...Thanks for the good advice. I'll post the defence details when I get them and keep you posted.
  16. Thank you for easing my mind a little. I do think that but I can't help C£apping myself (to put it bluntly!)! The deadline was Sun/Monday so today is probably the last working day for them to take action prior to me requesting a judgement......
  17. I'm getting worried as I wouldn't have a clue how to manage my claim in court. I'm not legally minded at all!
  18. No I haven't. They only submitted a defence on MCOL today. Have they ever appeared in Court? Is the defebce normally a standard response? I was hoping that this was just a delaying tatic as they didn't even request a copy of the schedule until 20 days into the claim.
  19. What details of the defence? I did receive a letter from D and G asking for a schedule of the charges. We need receive a partial offer from HSBC prior to raising the MCOL. The MCOL was raised for 2 accounts on 18th and served on 23rd October for £2350 and £2621.
  20. Hi All, With only 2 days left of the 28 days allowed when a claim is raised, HSBC have filed a defence. I'm starting to get slightly nervous now....should I be worried? Has HSBC ever appeared in court? What do I need to do now? Thanks
  21. Thank you so much Kaz.....I'm reading trhough the thread you sent me. All I can say is WOW.......!
  22. Hi, I'm just about to file claims for the first two accounts...... I have a question.... I checked my credit file with Experian and it seems quite good apart from my current accounts which show a number 1 for each month which means I am one month behind in each entry. I don't understand how they can do this as I don't have a formal agreement to pay back a set amount to my bank and therefore, I can't be one month behind. They have obviously recorded this to show that I went over my overdraft limit for those months. Is this fair or right?
  23. Hi, I'm just about to file claims for the first two accounts...... I have a question.... I checked my credit file with Experian and it seems quite good apart from my current accounts which show a number 1 for each month which means I am one month behind in each entry. I don't understand how they can do this as I don't have a formal agreement to pay back a set amount to my bank and therefore, I can't be one month behind. They have obviously recorded this to show that I went over my overdraft limit for those months. Is this fair or right?
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