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  1. thanks for that info your bank. I checked my balance online and low and behold there it was sat waiting for me. I received £817 which is only £50 of what i asked for. It doesn't include interest but its £800 more than i had last week. I didn't think i would be successful going down the hardship route. (maybe i'm more broke than i thought ). I thought it would be worth giving it a go the worst they could say was no. If you think your in hardship give it a go you never know.
  2. Received my offer today £817 instead of £872. There is no interest on there but its still £800. They say if i don't accept it i'll have to wait for the court case to be over.(could take forever) so as i'm in Hardship i'm going to accept. I've not received my cheque yet so hopefully i wont have to wait that long. I didn't think i would qualify for this at all as i'm only on maternity, all i'll say is if you don't ask you don't get !!!!!!!
  3. Another £25 default notice saying she has till 5/7 to pay up full amount or they'll do all sorts. Typical threats debt collecters, removing the vehicle, court action. just a quickie, is 34.9% APR unreasonsible lending? heard somewhere that it is? Also am i right in thinking that they cannot take deposit off insurance premiums and that they can't charge interest on those either?
  4. Received my cheques today after a long, dragged out, 2 months of waiting (i'm defo not a patient person). Only £300 back from my RBS CC i had YRS ago. But its money i never knew i'd get back. It took a few good letters for them to pay up however they have, to my utter delight. For anyone whos dealing with rbs at the mo keep at them, they knocked me back first couple of times and i got there in the end. If i'd of known it would of taken this long i would of gone for contractual interest and statutory interest on top. However i needed spending money for my holiday, (i got back a month ago) so i agreed to their settlement. Good luck to all
  5. Today was the day, i wasn't waiting for mr postie and low and behold my cheques arrived only £300 but its whats mine. Another PPI success
  6. its £1016 which is charges, interest for going over overdraft and 8% on top of that. I've sent them a letter today saying that i've disposed of my cards and book myself and that the money will be used to pay off overdraft and other stuff, so i want it all now not in dribs and drabs. We'll have to see how that goes down
  7. Well after waiting anxiously for the postie every day. Today it came. Dear Miss XXXX I refer to recent correspondence in relation to your financial hardship. Your request has been assessed and confirmed subject to token payments as appropriate. This arrangement can continue, if required, until the office of fair trading and uk banks court case outcome is known. In accordance with these arrangements please return the highline card you have your possession along with any unused cheques. For security reasons, please cut the card in two before posting. Alternatively you can had this in at your local branch. If you have already disposed of the card sign and return the declaration within the next 10 days. A replacement cashline plus card has been ordered that will operate using the same pin. Until the result of the charges test case is known we can confirm that no further charges or interest will be applied to your account. you will be required to continue to service any direct debits/standing orders and cancel any that you are unable to adhere to. We also require you to continue to operate your account within its overdraft limit. An offer letter will be sent under seperate cover after the return of your highline card and any unused cheques which you will be require to sign and return. Once we receive the signed offer letter your account will be credited within 21 days. What do you think of that then ?
  8. Received their response this morning. We're sorry but we can't free up the report you'll have to contact your dealer to free up this information. I've tried on numerous occasions to contact this bloke. He claims the companies gone into administration, and he uses the premises for his new business. I've checked companies house and there is no record of this so called company (which i bought my car from)going into administration or even the company. On phoning this guy(as he just returns my letters)he told me to contact the administrators, which he didn't know who they were, but that he saw the guy shopping and if he took my number he could pass it on when he saw him next. It all seems very dodgy to me and i don't know what my next move would be
  9. ha ha ha i love it. they've got 7 days starting tomorrow tick tock
  10. Still not received my cheque, sent them a letter on thursday asking where it is. They best cough up soon i'm getting bored now.
  11. Recieved a letter today re my ge money account, only it was from santander cards informing me that its no longer ge money. Anyone else aware of this ?
  12. received a letter from hbos re my claim with them, they gave me some advise (shocking i know) and told me to write to the solicitors who were dealing with my claim, they should pass my papers on to the insurance company who worked with the Accident group, the Abby, and i might get something back, maybe, hopefully, fingers crossed. So i've set the wheels in motion and will let you all know how i get on.
  13. Suposedly i have to contact the dealer who sold me the car, Which i have done! The guy received my letter and phoned (i didn't give him my number) saying that the company went into administration in march, he had taken over from him and didn't know anything about it. I received the letter back from him in the post this morning. I'm 99.9% sure its the same guy i bought my car off, so i've sent him another letter asking him to send me all stuff on my car and evidence for the warrenty company they went in to administration. Also if he had no info how did he get my number !!!!! we'll see how this ones goes received a letter off auto protect this morning also saying they will look into my complaint and get back to me within 21days.
  14. love it aa i won't give in received my statement this morning The cheeky bleeders have just put their pathetic offer on there so my account is £200 lower but still not i'd agreed. In my previous letter to them i'd specifically said not to put the money on there as i'd not agreed to any offer, I specified my terms which would make me agree. They still have to send me a breakdown as to how they reached their figures. Letter of complaint gone off today advising them to meet my terms or i'll take my complaint to the FOS. I'll keep at them don't worry .
  15. The problem with these companies is that they just expect us to take their word for it and just roll over and say nothing. I'm currently having the same problem with customer protect not paying up on a clutch and fly wheel problem thats just set me back £1300. Im in the process of collecting evidence from all parties involved(The garage, the dealer, the warrenty company.)I want everything from everyone. They sent out an expert to my claim and them declined it. I paid £180.00 for jeff all. When i took out this warranty i was told it covered everthing obviously it doesn't so it was missold to me and they won't get away with it. I won't give up without a fight you shouldn't either Don't forget this is just my personal opinion and shouldn't be taken as anything else. If you want to sue make sure you have all the evidence to support your claim good luck and keep me posted
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