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  1. Hi, this is my first thread on here although I have been signed up for some time now and follow many of the threads and articles with interest and often finding extremely sound advice. Now I find myself in a position of needing specific advice for a problem of my own. First, a bit of background is needed to understand my situation. I started with my employer back before I needed to shave in June 1999 and remain with them to this day. However, in August 2000, I became seriously ill with a rare blood disorder that required very aggressive chemo threatment. I was off work for over three mont
  2. I used to find junk mail a huge pain in the rear. Until I began working in the paper industry 15 years ago. Now I figure that the more they send out, the more paper I sell to printers! It then goes straight into recycling. As for the issue with trees, almost all paper sold in the UK (very few exceptions) come from either recycled material or a sustainable source. The sustainable source is simply a large area set aside where the trees are grown to be harvested - like any other crop, just with a longer cycle. So no worries about destroying forests etc.
  3. In fairness, the article does say that the vests are being issued to staff that are being sent to the homes of people who are in enough debt to warrant a pre pay meter being fitted or where there is evidence of tampering (energy theft). So stab vests for dealing with individuals who are desperate due to debt or simply a criminal not wanting to pay, the protection seems like a sensible idea. The big six are still very much over the top when in comes down to price and they have no concept of customer loyalty. Times are changing however. With the dawn of sites like CAG and similar, coupled w
  4. I think the best solution would simply be to have barrier car parks everywhere apart from roadside spaces where it would not be possible. That way, no one could ever overstay their time as they would simply pay for the correct amount of time upon leaving. This will never happen though for the following reasons: 1. The extra money gained from people paying for more time than they need. 2. Because they would no longer have any need to issue penalties so again would lose money. 3. Money again - the pay and display machines almost never give change, so a lot of people will put in more tha
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