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  1. That is the letter that was sent in May to the previous company so I think I'm going to just sned it again and not mention the fact I sent it in May, if anything is said I'll point out that it was sent in May.
  2. You dont sound like a broken record you sound like somone who is trying to make sure I do it right and get the result I want and I'm very grateful for your advice !! Thank you again for helping me out !
  3. I have used the same letter again but have added this paragraph : "We have already sent a copy of this letter and we shall be sending both a copy of the original letter, along with proof of postage, and a copy of this letter to the OFT along with a formal complaint." Does that sound alright or is it a little blunt ? Don't know why I'm worrying about sounding blunt when they're trying to put the scare tactics on anyway !!
  4. Sorry about this but could you please take a look at my post as I started a new post incase I got wrong for hijacking someones thread lol It called HELP needed with Aktiv Kapital http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/general-debt/62310-help-needed-aktiv-kapital.html#post526891. Thanks ever so much for your replies.
  5. I'm sorry but what does statue barred mean ? And how can I find out if the debt is statute barred ?
  6. Right here goes ....I had a store card 10 years ago and got myself into debt(a grand) on it and never made a payment on it as I was young and very stupid ! I strangley didnt here anything until last May I got a letter from a debt recovery firm (which I cant remember the name of) so I sent off a letter stating the limiation act etc special delivery (I have the track and trace number to prove it was delivered and signed for).Then today I get a letter from Aktiv Kapital stating that if I dont reply to them within 14 days they are going to send around a 'field representative' to discuss the debt.I have a few questions regarding this :Have the company (forgot their name but in Edinburgh) who had the debt originally sold it to Aktiv ?Should I send a letter to Aktiv stating I have already sent this letter to a previous company and they can go and jump ?If someone turns up I take it I dont let them in under any circumstances is this correct ?Any help or direction for what I should do next would be much appreciated !Also any help or general advcie about dealing with these people would be much appreciated.Thanks
  7. SO so so pleased I'm not the only one I have a letter from Aktic Kapital saying I owe nearly a grand - shame its about 10 years old. They are sounding quite pushy saying they'll send someone round etc and I have already sent a letter stating the limitation act to another company who tried before Aktiv Kapital. Hope you get sorted and I'll keep you updated about how I get on.
  8. Right well finally I've won!!!!!!!!!!! I come in from work tonight to a letter offering me full payment including interest. The only question I now have is there is no details about how they will make payment so I'm a bit worried about that !! Does anyone know how this will happen (the payment that is) ?
  9. Gary, I submitted my new strategy AQ last Tuesday and still haven't heard anything and haven't recieved a copy of HSBC's AQ do you think this is a good sign lol ? Just out of interest are there many people using this and are there many people who have used it and won / won because the banks haven't responded ? chewy
  10. I used the new stragy for my allocation questionaire (2nd January) so we'll wait and see what happens and I will keep you all posted. My claim is for 3k from HSBC.
  11. My AQ is to be submitted tomorrow (deadline is January 2nd) I think I'm going to have a go at using this any further advice anyone wants to give before I start adding this ? Gary I have just read the thread from start to finish and tipped your scales !!! Excellent advice and I think after reading it you have made things crystal .... and if I win I'll drop a bottle of the same off for you
  12. Yes I've put in my MCOL and they have entered their defence. DG solicitors have sent me a letter requesting a breakdown of the charges. I was wondering if the breakdown of charges is just a copy of the spreadsheet, and if it is, does it need to include 8% interest?
  13. Hi all, I noticed on a thread about DG solicitors that someone had faxed the breakdown of charges to DG solictitors as they had requested a breakdown of the charges. Could someone help me here please ..... do I need to fax it with the interest and if so do I make sure the interest calculates to the day I entered the MCOL or the day I fax it ? Or do I just need to fax it without the interest simply just showing the charges with no interest on ? Any help would be much appreciated and many thanks in advance, Chewy xr
  14. Hello, I have noticed today that the kind people at HSBC have charged me again on the 17th November for 75 quid even though I have filed a claim via MCOL !!! Would it affect my case if I was to ring and ask them nicely to refund the money ? Any advice would be appreciated !!
  15. I have just noticed that the lovely people at HSBC have charged me 75 quid on the 18th November even though I am in the process of sueing them via MCOL. Would I be ok ringing and asking what they think they are playing at and demanding they credit my account or would this be detremental (sp) to my claim ? Any advice much appreciated !
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