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  1. Hello i have an ex council propery which i boght about 5 years ago the service charge was estimated around 400 quid per year but they council without any visible increase in the service increased the costs to over 800 per year. i disputed the charge as the dindt explain how it was reasonable and how they calcualted it. they just told me that it was possible to charge me more under the lease and they last week issues a county claim for the unpaid service charges they are claiming plus court costs. I send in acknowedgement of service last week and now need to submit my defense. I
  2. hello nice people the not so nice people of co-op/smile bank have just sent a leter to my GF that stated that they terminate her account and have registered a default notice against her. she had a graduate overdraft of £1000 and accumulated about £900 in various bank charges which are not justified and true reflection of their costs. I recently sent them a letter stating that the charges were unlawfull and not a reflection of their true costs and that we were happy to pay them the £1000 that we owed and expected them to refund the £900 of penalty charges immdiately. they re
  3. yes and the interest was also estimated. is it ok if i just add a sheet and say the average charges were x i mutiled that by y months (duration of the accont being with you) and the totat = z plus estimated intetest please settle this claim ASAP or will also file a claim against you for breach of DPA.
  4. Thank you for your help I dont really have the full list of charges, i based it on the the few that I had, calcuated the average charge and then multiplied it by 3 years which is the time i had the account. I also has another account wiht them which is now closed but i still have my current account. No I havent complained to ICO what is the reason for doing that ? Yes i sent LBA advised them of the estimated amount and told them to correct it if they thought it was wrong again received no response. Can I ask DLA to send me the statements if they think that my estimate is w
  5. here is goes i could wait to start suing abbey national plc for all the illegal charges. i wrote to them for years and they were just hiding behind their terms and conditions. I requested the statements about 3 months ago nothing was received and i sent them a letter before action stasting that i have estimated x amount in overcharges and that id they think it is wrong to let me know immediatly No respopnse so i filed a claim through Moneyclaim online with the amount i estimated stating that the charge are unresonable as not reflection of their true costs etc etc Letter from DLA
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