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  1. Hi I have looked all over including on the forums and not been able to find an answer to this particular question, Some years ago I followed the advice on here regarding a pre-2007 catalogue debt. I requested the credit agreeement which was provided to me and it was unsigned. I assumed this was the end of it as I stopped receiving letters and then since moved house however the letters have now started up again I have scanned copies of my original letter their reply and the unsigned agreement to send to them but I am completely stuck on the wording of this in terms of what I am actually asking them to do? Am I asking to acknowledge that the debt is unenforceable and therefore want written confirmation that the debt will be removed from my credit file? Unsure of wording and what the next steps might be, any help greatly appreciated!!!
  2. Thanks sea-side lady, It shall get posted tomorrow
  3. hi all, got a reply yesterday to my first letter to Halifax, so just after a bit of advice....am assuming I go ahead with my second letter and stick to my guns? letter says they have carried out a full investigation of my account and satisfied that the charges have been correctly applied. Also says I agreed to the terms and conditions when i opened my account etc etc It was stated in my first letter that I required a breakdown of the costs involved to show that the penalties reflected the true costs...they have not done this (like a really expected them to!) but instead just put in a paragraph going on about additional work when there are insufficient funds therefore reasonable to charge....the usual BullSh** really. Assuming I just stick to my guns...already have draft of 2nd letter ready to go tomorrow. Any additions or advice people? Hope you are all getting there with your claims.
  4. cheers m'dears will keep you posted
  5. hey, let me know how you get on Sarah, im about to send off my letter to GE capital tomorrow- its an old account that was settled through another agency- probably CL actually now i think of it! But im claiming back my late payment charges (luckily i had kept all my statements) whether they like it or not!!! mwahahahaha
  6. hey guys, Im wanting to send off my letter to GE capital, again a closed account and only couple hundred but better in my account than theirs!! Done my spreadsheet but wondering if its the same letter as the bank ones?? Sending letters to Halifax account, halifax c card and barclaycard (old account) as well tomorrow. Wish me luck,
  7. Hey little miss and all, Another peed off halifax account holder about to post her letter tomorrow (also barclaycard, GE capital and Halifax credit card) Expecting the same kind of tricks they are playing with you but good to know theres people here for advice. Any advice you guys? sending letters and spreadsheets tomorrow so I take it I just wait 14 days and follow up with second letter if i dont like what they say/ they dont bother to say anything at all? Best of luck y'all Progress: Halifax account- 1st letter sending tomorrow (8th May) Halifax ccard- 1st letter sending tomorrow Barclaycard- 1st letter sending tomorrow GE money- 1st letter sending tomorrow
  8. Thanks muchly, will get right on it- them dirty banks better watch out lol x
  9. Hi all, Been considering doing this for over a year now and decided its about time i pull my finger out. Being v organised I actually still own every bank statement for the last 4 years....well less from being organised and more from having had a terible time financially!!! robbing peter to pay paul me thinks. Anyways....Im starting to add up me totals and preparing to send off my letters and ive done all the reading n stuff just trying to get the nerve to start the ball rolling!! Have a couple of nagging queries still that I haven't managed to find the answers to....any advise is appreciated.... I am currently negotiating with creditors for repayment plans yet again as although I am in a good job now and finally starting to get back on my feet I have terrible debts from previous years, not helped by one particular bank. grrr. And also just got accepted on to a work trip abroad which is going to cost me an arm and a leg....does anyone know how far the courts will consider a reduced court fee should it get that far?....only want to go ahead with my claim if i am in a position to go through with my threats and with at least 4 different claims it is really going to add up!!! Has anyone else been in this situation? I earn over the threshold for free and am not eligeable for benefit. Typical that the people who need it most have to stump up the cash first! Also has anyone tried to claim halifax account when they are also in negotiations for debts on halifax cred card? they are real b***rs and have been taking cash from my current account without notice or consent to pay my credit card so im worried about what other dirty tricks i might face....time for a parashute account me thinks lol Kisses
  10. hello all. im new to this site too, and just relieved to know there are others out there for a bit or moral support!! (especially since im mainly up against Halifax who arent exactly the friendliest and most helpful of people!) Still trawling through the basics and looking at the FAQs, one thing concerns me which maybe someone can help me with.....????????? Im currently negotiating repayment plans with creditors which is already very messy, however i know im entitled to charges and payment protection back which would actually clear a vast amount of my debts! What i'm worried about is this: Will I still be able to ask for my charges back and threaten my bank with small claims court if they are already threatening to take me to court???! All very confusing any advice would be appreciated
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