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  1. Hi Gem I was hoping that most of the judges would take the same attitude as the one in my local court, Boston and the main man in Lincoln, DONT waste the court's time. You sure seem to have done a lot of homework but as you have said on several occasions it can get confusing. I have read a few articles in the newspapers on this but I'm surprised it isn't happening countrywide, this would really make all the banks do something about this problem at grass routes and save a lot of heartache. but there who are we.....! One suggestion I would make and you may have already thought of this, send a copy of the letter of authority to the Abbey as well as the court. Have a great Mums day with your son. I saw mine last weekend. I went and visited him where he is now working, down in Hampshire, had a great weekend and he insisted I kept all but £400 of his settlement against money he owes me from when he was out of work. The £400 will go towards getting his car back on the road after failed MOT, etc. Keep smiling .... Brenda
  2. Hi Gem, You could always try bluffing and say that your son sent a letter giving you authority, with all the paperwork they receive I doubt if they would argue. If you don't want to risk it, can your son do a letter for you? Might come in handy in days to come anyway. I sent a copy of my son's letter of authority to the court as a just in case. I must admit, other than talking to the court managers, I did all mine by email. I always felt that if it was needed, I had a paper trail. Fortunately I didn't need it. Ihad never heard of a skeleton argument, is it the courts way of trying to reduce paperwork for them and you? I hope you don't mind my keeping in touch. Keep smiling .... Brenda
  3. Hi Gem Just been catching up and seeing how things are going for you. It seems that different areas have different systems. We were certainly very lucky living in Lincolnshire, the judge really came down on the Abbey like a ton of bricks and didn't even give a court date until the Abbey could show how many cases actually got to court, the Abbey had no choice but to back down. Great for us. I will keeping snooping around the various cases that are going on just to offer moral support. Keep smiling Gem. Brenda
  4. Hi Gem I'm only replying to your congratulations for my win. I have only just read your whole thread and I can't help with any of your latest questions. I did request at the Allocation Questionnaire stage that I could represent my son but because they settled before a date was allocated, I never did get to find out whether I could have done it. If you need moral support I can give lots of that but there are lots of people on this site much better qualified than me to advise. Keep smiling ... Brenda
  5. Hi Guys and THANKS FOR GOOD WISHES. My son doesn't know yet I haven't been able to get hold of him as he's working down south today. Will keep in touch and let you know when money in bank. By the way saw you won recently Reg, many congratulations to you too. I think we were lucky didn't seem to have too many problems, as I said maybe it's the Lincolnshire thing!! Keep up the good work CAG .... Bren
  6. Hi Had a letter from Abbey today settling in full (£1594). It obviously pays to live in Lincolnshire, the judges here don't like being messed about, bless them!! Thanks for all the help and encouragement, I will let you no when money arrives. I never did stop smiling .....Bren
  7. ME (ON BEHALF OF MY SON) WON ....... FULL SETTLEMENT ..... DIDN'T EVEN GET AS FAR AS A COURT DATE Hi We received a letter from Abbey today giving us full settlement (£1594), this should help my son pay some of his debts (including me). If you read my thread you will see that it obviously helps if you live in Lincolnshire. The judge at our local court doesn't like the banks settling at the last minute. I decided not to contact Abbey direct following a conversation with my local Court Clerk, a very nice man!! He said to sit tight and basically not waste a phone call as evidence at this court had shown that the banks can't meet the directions laid down and have to settle. He was right, bless him. Also they probably wouldn't speak to me as I am not the account holder, even though my son had given me full authority to act on his behalf. ANYWAY .... THANKS TO ALL WHO ENCOURAGED AND HELPED ME ALONG THE WAY, ESPECIALLY ANNEY, SHE'S ANOTHER MUM AND A PENSIONER LIKE ME .. I will keep reading this site, I can't really advise but I can ENCOURAGE. Will let you no when money arrives. I never did stop smiling .... Brenda
  8. WE HAVE WON ... PAID IN FULL ... JUST WAITING FOR CHEQUE It must pay to live in Lincolnshire. The Abbey cant do what the Judge from our local court asked so without any contact from us with the Abbey, a letter came today settling in full (£1594). On the advice of the Court Clerk at our designated court, I didn't contact Abbey he said, more or less, don't waste a phone call, they will not be able to do what the Judge has asked, just sit tight, he was a very nice man!!! I never did stop smiling ... Keep up the good work Many, many thanks for all encouragement and help. I will let you no when money in bank ... Bren
  9. Hi Michael, Do you subscribe to Martin's MoneySavingExpert.com? He was the one who started me thinking about this whole scenario of claiming. I did all my preliminary research etc., through his web site and eventually picked up the thread to the CAG. I suppose he just wants to make people aware of what's going on 'behind closed doors' and what it could mean to their claims. I must admit I don't always agree with what he says but as I'm a novice at this and I think I am in a good position at the moment. Thanks yet again for your views. Keep in touch, Bren
  10. Hi Anney, Thanks yet again for that advise about Inga, I don't know whether she will speak to me as the claim is in my son's name. He did sign a letter giving me authority but alternatively I was wondering whether to e-mail them. What did you do? I'm glad you had a nice birthday, I realised from reading your thread that your hubby had been poorly but sounds like he's on the road to recovery. Special Good Wishes to you both. Keep in touch. Bren
  11. Hi Anney and Kimmy Thanks for messages. Got the phone numbers haven't spoken to either of them yet. I work on a reception desk so difficult to make phone calls. e-mail not a problem. It would seem that this is the best thing about living in Lincolnshire the District Court Judge for Lincoln CC is the one pressing for all banks to keep their end of the bargain and disclose their costs, attend court and not settle just days before the case goes to court. I have read a few articles on this lately there has been a lot of media attention on this. One thing I saw today on Martin Lewis' web site is that in April the OFT is likely to push the banks into changing their charges, probably to £12 per item which could mean that the banks can cite the OFT's ruling and only settle for the difference between £12 and whatever the various banks are charging now. According to Martin this could mean the banks will start defending these claims for the whole amount and only settle for the differences. As he says get claims in now!! By the way I hope you had a very happy 65th last Sunday, Anney Keep in touch. Bren
  12. Hi Had a letter today from the Court today I would say following on from my conversation with the court last week, looks like a standard letter basically saying 'The court of its own motion is considering striking out the Defence in this action as an abuse of process'. going on to say .. 'The basis for this is the fact that the Defendant is settling all claims of this nature where Claimants are seeking the reimbursement of Bank Chrges, with no claims proceeding to a contested hearing' The court is asking for schedules setting out all claims of this type which have proceeded to a contested hearing and a schedule of all such claims which is has comprised before final hearing, etc.etc... I'm sure you have heard of this before but it sounds pretty good to me. Can you tell me please do I need to acknowledge to the Court and should I perhaps contact Abbey and try and get a settlement, what do you guys think?? As always many thanks, Bren
  13. Hi noticed your claiming on behalf of your son thats what I've been doing. Our claim is a lot further ahead than yours. I'm waiting to hear from the court whether or not I will have a court date or not. Perhaps you might like to read my thread, as your case sounds pretty much like mine.
  14. Hi Anney Thanks for your message, I have posted a reply through my thread, but just wanted to add my CONGRATULATIONS and WELL DONE here. Have a really lovely birthday tomorrow. I will let you know the outcome of our case. Again, many thanks Brenda
  15. Hi Anney, only just turned on computer I had a day off work yesterday so decided to keep away from all things mentioning Banks and Courts. Thanks for your message, I have just read that you have WON ... well done!! and by the way happy birthday for Sunday, my 65th is October. You sound like me young at heart and in spirit. Ours is not a huge claim 1500'ish but my son could sure do with it, him and his girlfriend are trying to buy a home together. I expect you have read that it looks like my local Judge is not too pleased with the banks going near to court date and then settling. I am just waiting with baited breath... There have been a couple of interviews and articles during past week on this subject plus Martin Lewis was on TV last night. Many many thanks again Anney, I have been following your story since I picked up that you were trying to help your son as well. Have a really good day tomorrow. I am still smiling ... Brenda
  16. Thanks Michael, Do you really think that will be it. I had heard that Lincolnshire was a good county to live in. I'm originally from the south and I still miss the hills!! I would have liked to hear whether the court would have allowed me to stand in for my son just so that other CAG members could perhaps help their kids, this process is a bit daunting when all said and done. I will let you know outcome and thanks to you and Judge Toombs.
  17. Hi update and advice please. Rang my court and was told by a very nice man that the Abbeys AQ had been filed but with only 1 day to spare. Apparently the judge has asked the court clerk to file a direction on the Abbey quoting an order by Judge Toomb. I have read up on this order and it seems to me that he is saying that he is not happy that they settle just before the case goes to court and he looks for evidence of claims of this type proceeding to a final contested hearing. Am I reading this correctly. He also said I need do nothing, but I don't want to get caught out and not be ready with papers for court case. Am I likely to get a Direction or a copy of the one sent to the Abbey. The clerk said it would take about 5 days to get this Direction to the Abbey. How long are they normally given to respond. Thanks a million and keep up the good work.
  18. Well done to you ... Like Anney I'm fighting on behalf of my son. We have been transfered to our local court (helps a lot) and have returned AQ. Just waiting to hear back. CONGRATULATIONS to you once again. Brenda
  19. Hi Reg and everyone else on this thread. My congratulations and best wishes go to you and your family. I'm fairly new to this site and am fighting Shabbey on behalf of my son. When I get more time later today I'm going to read your thread it sounds as though you had some good tactics and advice. WELL DONE again .. Brenda
  20. Thanks, yet again, michael. Have a good weekend. Bren.
  21. Hi Can someone please answer my question 'should I send copy AQ to Abbey' or do the court do this? Many thanks, bren
  22. All I can say is WOW, I live in south Lincs, so here's hoping. Very interesting reading, mind you all the cases are. I've noticed that quite a few have had their accounts closed, so far we have not had any mention of this. I have managed to keep Andy on the straight and narrow lately because I have made him register on internet banking and when he doesn;t have access to a computor he just asks me to look, that way we can keep a firm grip on things. He has got another account opened just in case. Keep up the good tips and advise. I'm still smiling.....
  23. Thanks again Michael, The saying goes that Lincolnshire folks are very (probably too) laid back, so lets hope he takes pity on us.
  24. Hi Michael, thanks for that. When I rang the court that the case is being transferred to, the very nice lady said it was at the judge's discretion as to whether he would need to be there, hence the letters from both my son and myself, 'respectfully' requesting same. Oh well I have today sent the AQ etc. off so I'll have to wait and see what they say. I'm still going down the road that it could go to court!!! By the way do you know whether I need to send copy AQ to Abbey not sure on that one. Thanks again and I'm still smiling....
  25. Hi Karne, I've been reading lots today on other members progress etc., had a bit of time on my hands. One question should I send Abbey a copy of the AQ and copies of my letters requesting I represent my son. I don't want them having reason to hold up proceedings by insisting he is present!!! One of your members, Anney, looks to have gone down the road of 'lay representative'. My main problem is actually getting Andy to court he is very rarely in my neck of the woods. Any ideas!! Keep smiling ....Bren
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