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  1. Hiyas....... Covering letter for the statements arrived today. Don't they do things backwards?! Anyway I think it is just the standard...saying statements have been ordered and will be sent out under seperate cover in the next ten working days. If not received in that time then contact them,lol. One paragraph reads: If you requested information relating to manual intervention on your account, I regret HBOS plc is under no statutory obligation to record this information and therefore, I am unable to assist further with your request. (Long sentence huh!) I did request this informati
  2. Ooooo interesting! Thank you for sharing. Cathy
  3. Hello! Hubby has just phoned me at work to inform me that the postie had arrived! Poor s*d had a heavy load.....yes the statements for the past 6yrs have finally arrived! Gonna take forever to go through them. Hubby and son have set to work already with highlighter pens, lol. Meanwhile I'm still putting together a 'schedule of charges' for my mums claim against TSB. Got that nervous but excited feeling again now!! I keep thinking that...'I bet we will become a test case, or, they find something to change the outcome of these claims' Lol.....I'm sure I'm not alone in that tra
  4. Hi guys & thanks for the replys! It is actually an old account of my mum'swhich is now closed. I think the info we have had from them allready will suffice. Thanks for the info on the O/DRAFT INTEREST, Barty. Yes I think we will leave that and just claim for the others. We can always add on the 8% if (when! lol) it gets to filing for court. Thanks again guys. Will complete her schedule of charges tommorow after work so she can get it sent off. Do you think we should send the prelim to Swallow addy in the return envelope they sent? Cathy
  5. Hi everyone! Thought I would set up a thread for my mums claim! We sent off the SAR letter and have now received info back. The covering letter is a very bad photo copy with mum's name and account details, hand written on! Lol....maybe they are feeling the pinch eh! There is even black slodges in various places from numerous photocopying, lol. Anyway, what they have sent...'details of charges going back to the date the account was opened, or 1st Sept 2001, whichever date is most recent.' Next bit...'You may now wish to proceed with your claim for reimbursement of charges bu
  6. Still waiting to hear back from Halifax in regards to our SAR request. It's only been just over four weeks now though...feels like longer,lol....and I understand they have forty days... Also helping my mother claim against Lloyds TSB at the mo. We sent her request off about four/five days after our own. Anyway, on Wed she received a few pieces of paper with different money amounts. Nothing to say what each is for....I need to have a look at it myself over the weekend and see what's what. Think I will have to start a thread for my mother, lol, in the TSB section. Anyway.....hope to
  7. Cheers Blue... 148 days!! Bloomin eck! Were they writing them out by hand?!
  8. Not much to add but thought I would anyway! S.A.R was received and signed for today at Halifax, Trinity Road. Sit back and wait now lol.... "The road is long......"
  9. Hmmm that's food for thought. Maybe we should look into that.... But like you say....They might file again anyway. To have it change from unsecured to secured...well we don't really mind. Who would we contact in regards to never having recived any info on a ccj?? Hubbie phoned Northern Rock today and Eversheds. Apparently the date they have given us is the date when the judge will secure it. If we want to defend this action then we need to attend. Northern Rock...It seems we are still on a repayment mortgage with them even though we switched to interest only last yea
  10. Hiya, I used the second one you posted... Trinity Road. Goodluck and keep updating!
  11. Hiya Gez, Yeah sounds good to me! Mind you I'm still learning lol! No idea yet as to what claim ammount....only sent the SAR on Fri...so have a bit of a wait still. Exciting but nervy process isn't it. I find myself reading and reading through this site all the time! Some great stories on here that really inspire and fire you up to get the barstewards! Tc, Speak soon
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