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  1. No do not accept the voucher. If you are happy with the sum and you want to accept that then write back to them requesting that they change it to a cheque, if not threaten legal action.
  2. Hi Just to let you all know that i recieved another letter from First Choice offering me £314 (final offer). Obviously I have refused this and I will go directly to court as this is an absoloute joke!! what an insult
  3. You have every right to cancel your hotel and recieve all monies back as your contract is with the riu hotel not another one! as far as I am aware they are in breach of contract not you. Demand a full refund you are without doubt entitled to it.
  4. A bit perplexed as to your thread..is there something you are looking for?
  5. Excuse my ignorance! but can't you get in touch with the bank and claim fraudulent activity on your account? It happened to me with the Halifax and they refunded the money back into my account.
  6. Hi I am hoping that somebody can help me. The halifax have taken 3 x £49 of me this morning a total of £117 in charges. They have said that they notified me that they were going to do this but they certainly did not! I had 3 standing orders for £5. I always do my banking online, but over the past few days I was unable to access my online account; so I cancelled the standing orders with my local branch & this was obviously not done. I telephoned the bank this morning and because there is no record of this they will not refund my charges. How can they justify charging me this amount of money!! Do I have a claim to get the money back?
  7. Just to let anybody know whos interested, got a letter today from Welcome Finance informing me that the default has been removed and the account now shows as settled with no mention of a default in sight!
  8. KAB

    Default notice

    It is usually removed after 6 years; but you could always try writing to them asking them to remove it as it has been fully paid. Good Luck
  9. If I were you I would go to the police as it is nothing more than theft!!
  10. You go for it..These holiday companies simply bank on individuals not taking them all the way through fear of losing. You have a legitimate reason for pursuing court action. Good Luck
  11. You know what, I would be inclined to pursue this and demand a reasonable explanation as to why they man handled you, & distressed you at such a late stage in your pregnancy. It is appalling that a well known store such as Tesco would behave in such a disgraceful manner. Take it all the way!
  12. I'm in the same boat with the Royal Bank so I am also starting Court Action on Monday - Good Luck
  13. Hi I recently wrote to capital one as they had charged me over £200 in charges due to them not recieving my payment on time (I was 1 day late if that) because it was a bank holiday!! Anyway I have today recieved a letter informing me that my charges were not unlawful and that as a gesture of goodwill they have reduced my charges to £12 and have refunded £48 to my account. Can anybody give me advice on what to do next?
  14. I have today checked my credit file, there was an entry on it that showed a default on the 11th of November 05 under Progressive Financial Services. I checked with Equifax today who informed me that this was once Welcome Finance. I did have a loan out with Welcome in 1999 and did default on it in 1999; however they have a default date of 11th November 05? I have been making and paying consistent & regular payments through the debt company for many years and the default was due to fall off. Do I have a claim to get this removed as I have no idea why the default entry states 11/11/05. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks
  15. I would still log a complaint with the company! tour operators should not get away with doing this kind of dis-service and taking no responsbility for it. Request compensation for stress .
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