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  1. I certainly agree with you on the corrupt and rotten to core bit. Someone was telling me, today, that people on benefits should not be made to pay charges for unplanned OD etc? Is this so? They said I advised them of this when they (these neighbours,) were reclaiming bank charges but no way would my memory stretch that far back for such information. It did ring wee bells, very lightly. Also, can I reclaim what I paid out on Silver ac fees, even if I used the lost/damaged mobile phone insurance way back when the deal offered reasonable perks? That was the ONLY perk I ever used.
  2. I checked on Experian and it seems my credit rating is "fair": no changes in the last while so my name has not been blackened by RWay.
  3. Yes, I think there was legal cover as a perk of the silver account when I was first persuaded to take it. Then there were a few options which appeared, on the face of it, to be quite good. I did use the mobile phone option way at the beginning of the silver account when it was regular excess and before I had the android handset. So, I should telephone or email the bank stopping the IDaware and reclaiming the money paid so far, as a mis-sold iproduct? Can you list and number the steps I should take to do this? Then I switch my silver account to a free one?? I think that might be a classic. Do I reclaim those fees? Again, c an you give me a list of the steps I should take to do this and numbered again, please? I just take a wee while to get it all together in my head. This sort of thing really needs both those things affected by my dyslexia and my dyscalculia, to work and they don't What is your opinion on Credit Unions and what exactly are they? Can I use one instead of using a bank but just as I would a bank? Thank you for affording my problems your time and effort. It is very much appreciated.
  4. Aye, charges are for unauthorised OD monthly charge plus the daily fees. I also pay £9.95 for a Silver Ac the benefits of which are really no use to me unless it perhaps includes a sum for legal costs should I have to take someone, such as my local council, to court. I don't know if it does. I do know that the benefits are far less than they were when I was sold the idea, back when it was Lloyds TSB. Then I did use the mobile phone insurance aspect of it. I don't know if that is still included but I do know the excess rose to £100 for a smart phone: I had been given an Android with my mobile contract. As for RWay, I received a letter from them today stating that they have received my letter requesting a copy of the original agreement/statement, have asked for this from, I suppose the company to which I am accused of owing the £6,820.19 (that's only 50% of it, apparently) and that my account has been placed on hold temporarily pending receipt of this documentation and we will contact you again in due course blah blah! Just seems everything has gone bum up , financially.
  5. ..and to completely finish the moan, I hope... my own freezer has packed in, I can't find my insurance papers and the dishwasher my son gave me so that I wouldn't scald my hands when doing dishes (health problem means that some times I have no sensation in my hands or feet), has also gone on the blink. :violin: Ocht, ye jist hae tae larf div ye no?
  6. Should have said that my older daughter had given her appliances, from HA flat, to charity. She didn't ask me to buy anything or help: my kids NEVER, to this day, have asked me for anything, but I knew she would have to take on credit and I didn't want that for her. Plus, of course, I thought I was managing easily. Neither daughter knows about teh money worries. Have heard Union Credit might help but that the first loan is only about £250 and that won't touch it all. Darned debt. Never again.
  7. Yeah. Another text from IDAware yesterday: "No significant changes occurred on your credit profile in the last 30 days - monitoring will continue. www.idaware.co.uk" So how do I go about reclaiming? Do I need to send an SAR? If so, are there templates available? Do I reclaim interest because they are quick to take charges. Waiting for another lot to come off. I made a HUGE mistake and took on an Argos card to get a fridge/freezer and washing machine for my youngest daughter. She doesn't know that I am in debt for it. Then my older daughter, who had been put through so much Hell by a neighbour who moved into the flat below her, just before her youngest was born, threatening her to the extent that she was afraid the wee one would cry so she wasn't sleeping at all. If the wee one cried, he would come up battering at the door and threatening her: her partner was working away from home. Mind you, he was less than useless when home. daughter moved from Housing Assoc flat, into a private let with washing machine, cooker, fridge and freezer, etc. Transpired he as a pathological liar so that let was a nightmare. The landlord was then killed in an accident brought about by his cutting corners the same as he had done when doing up the house she was letting from him: dangerous electrics for one thing. He took shortcuts and it went wrong. His common law wife phoned my daughter telling her that she (landlord's partner,) would have to bring the family back to live in that house so my daughter had to find somewhere else quickly. Fortunately, she did but it had no cooker, washing machine, fridge, freezer so she had to buy. I got her a cooker thinking it would be okay on the card as interest free. YAAAAARRRGH! I am paying hundreds back and getting nowhere. I told the woman who signed me up for the card about my dyslexia and that the dyscalculia was the worst so anything with numbers blasts my brain to bits, especially when I'm in physical pain or under stress. I advised her that I couldn't understand all she was explaining but was I correct in thinking that, if I paid a certain amount, of which I advised her, every four weeks, it would definitely be paid off before the interest free period was done. She assured me it would. So no interest. LIAR! She explained nothing about me having to state that I wanted payments taken off a particular account. I thought I only had the one account so was paying over a hundred every four weeks and feeling confident until one month they wanted almost $400 as the interest added was phenomenal. Anyway, I really didn't need this extra money worry with RW. Sent the CCA letter off to them, recorded delivery, on the 3rd. No response as yet. SO, you can imagine, if your eyes or brain haven't burst before reading to here, that, if I can reclaim anything from the bank, I would surely like to be someone else's financial pain in the butt for a while: especially a bank's. Sorry for rant: just feel shoulders a bit laden right now. RANT OVER!
  8. Thanks folks. Too sore to sit at this tonight. I will try tomorrow. YOu are a fantastic bunch of people.
  9. How do I check my credit file: ID Aware would advise me, wouldn't they, if it had been trashed?
  10. I have the ID Aware service through my TSb bank. I pay £6.99 per month. Last text from them said there had been no requests for credit in my name. As far as I know, my credit thingamyjig is clean. Status, that's what I meant by thingymajig The guy, with whom I did speak, at Robinsons Way, was quite sharp and not too close to respectful until I advised him that I knew this was not my debt and therefore I was going to contact TSs. I pointed out that I considered their business practice either shoddy or incompetent and that Trading Standards plus the OFT should be made aware of this as there may be people out there who do have debts and who might, wrongly send payment under threat of such companies. He then became very friendly telling me not to worry about this as they would sort it out and recontact me. Aye, right! I did intend calling Trading Standards today and the OFT but I got caught up in pressing family matters. I should call both tomorrow. By the way, I have heard no more from Robinson Way. How do I go about suing them? What I said about my bank account having been fraudulently accessed, in the past, is true so it has been a worrying concern to me, that someone may be taking on credit in my name. I have been suffering from depression because of another unrelated matter and going to bed with this on my mind doesn't help me sleep.
  11. Sorry to butt in but can I please ask a question regarding the CCA request? Where the print becomes blue: "(DELETE THIS BELOW IF YOU ARE SENDING THE LETTER TO THE ORIGINAL CREDITOR AS OPPOSED TO A debt collection AGENCY)" Have I got it correctly, that, if the letter is going to a company such as Robinson Way, the paragraph, “If it is your view that you are not the creditor, s.175 of the CCA 1974 applies in the case of a simple assignment, and places a duty upon you to pass this request to the creditor. In the case of an absolute assignment, you are a creditor as defined by s.189. If you contend that you purchased the rights but not the duties of any agreement, you are reminded that s.189 of the Act is clear that an assignment is of both rights and duties.” should be included. Is this correct? I need to send them a CCA as they are looking for money which I know is not my debt? Apologies again for interrupting this thread. Regards VS
  12. I received a phone call from a rather nippy woman who wanted my personal details. I refused to give these over the telephone as she would not tell me what the call was regarding until I confirmed my details. I told her I'd need to be crazy to hand out details over the phone to which she replied, "Okay, we will send you a letter". I told her I didn't want her mail. I checked online, the number from which the call had come. It came up with "Robinson Way". Apparently a few others had been pestered by calls from this company. About two weeks later, a letter arrived from Robinson Way claiming they had cut my original debt by 50% to £6,820.19 and that this was now due. They provided me with an 0800 number , a web address and an e-mail address (). According to this letter, "Please note that by an agreement dated 13th December 2013, your account noted above has been assigned from CL Finance Limited (part of the lewis group) to Hoist Portfolio Holding Limited (HPH Ltd). You do not need to take any action as Robinson Way Limited will continue to manage your account and correspond with you; payments should continue to be made to Robinson Way Limited". I know this is not my debt. I have never had a personal debt of this size. Subsequently, I telephoned the company advising them that this was not my debt. The woman, with whom I spoke on this occasion, eventually asked my middle initial then said that this didn't correspond with their information and that she would look into it and call me back. Two days alter, I had heard nothing. I called again and spoke with one ....... I explained my last call and that I had not heard anything. He checked and said that this was because there were discrepancies in the details they had and that I would hear back from them. I asked what this debt was supposed to be for and with whom the original debt had been taken incurred. ........ refused to tell me. I explained that my bank account had been accessed on more than one occasion and that the possibility of someone gaining credit in my name was extremely worrying. He said not to stress about it as they would be putting proceedings on hold until they sought clarification. Once more I asked for details as whomsoever was requesting credit in my, was unlikely to be putting tings on hold while Robinson Way clarified details. Nope. He could not give me any. I advised him that I would, therefore, have to call Trading Standards about this. His attitude mellowed considerably as he tried to dissuade me from this assuring me that they would look into the matter and call me back. I am not to worry. I suggested that Robinson Way applied a shoddy business practice a either they had wanted a person with my first initial and surname so had done a check for all or they were, having had the debt questioned making it difficult for the victim (me,) to gain any control over the possibly fraud attack. I am going to call Trading Standards on Monday when they open. What do you, in CAG, advise? In the past, on other matters, I have always found your advice and guidance invaluable. Thank you in anticipation.
  13. IdaInFife, Thanks. That's my plan. Unfortunately, when health took a turn for better my heart decided to rebel. No matter, on the mend now so can get back to money issues. Thank you all for your help. I guess one thing a wee scare does is remind you to thank folks regularly as one day, for all of us, we won't get another chance. THANK YOU ALL!
  14. Does anyone agree that, since I am useless at working out which is the best savings for my grandchildren, I should just put the money into the Co-operative bank for now? I have no idea about their interest on savings or even if they have been involved in the "gambling" games of the other banks but I believe they behave with extreme ethical, eco friendly and moral standards, when it comes to where they invest
  15. Thanks ims21 I'll let her know about the loan. Yes it was also with Lloyds TSB
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