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  1. Thanks. I did not know that it was unnecessary at the time. I did make it clear I just wanted a note and did not wish to claim and also told them on subsequent occasions.
  2. In April 2015 I was driving to work on a busy three lane street in the right lane, intending to go right at the lights. Although it was a 40 road a car behind went across the other two lanes and then across me and the car to my left before getting stuck behind the car in front at the lights. As he missed me by inches I honked my horn and he proceeded to jump out and start swearing about I'd better not hit his (sports) car or I'd be liable for thousands of pounds of damage. He then took a photo of my car and before I could react drove off across the lanes again speeding dow
  3. This is the caveat 2. Upon full payment, by BACS, cheque or cash, the clips and the build up material will become the full property of XXXX Limited, and until such time remain the physical and intellectual property of XXX. Upon receipt of payment the master tapes and the 1080HD tapes original will become the property of the company. They may then be used as you see fit and I relinquish all ownership thereof.
  4. I charged £500 each for the clips I created when they were 5 - 10 minutes but did a deal to create these for £1800; I'm more annoyed that they edited the work and passed it off as their own however
  5. I dont know if this is the right forum but I hope some one can help. My employer was approached by a catalogue to feature their product range of shelving systems. The company offered them the chance to feature video "demonstrations" that would run under a minute and show potential buyers what they were getting. I freelance as a videographer, and regularly shot such clips for my employer out of work hours and was then paid via invoice. I was engaged to shoot the videos and delivered them and an invoice stating until paid for the videos remained my intellectual and physical property
  6. Due to a car cutting me up then braking I swerved whilst braking and clipped an Audi TT this morning. The Audi suffered minor scuffs to the rear bumper whilst the bonnet of my 13 year old Scenic crumpled a few inches and the drivers head lamp cracked. The car that suddenly changed lanes and braked causing me to swerve did not stop. I assumed responsibility and called my insurer. I explained the situation and the contact centre call handler - who was very nice and calming - advised me that I should consider claiming on the car as a write off. "With the other guy claiming you may as
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