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  1. Best thing you can do is to send them a SAR for all data on all systems. Then commence a complaint with the FOS. I'd take the actions in my post above and just stop paying them, rearranging payments with your creditors.
  2. Stop paying them, write to all your creditors informing them of this step, arrange with your creditors to pay them yourself and request from them an account number, reference number and sort code so that you can set up standing orders. This lot are a joke and do nothing for the fes they charge except get you further into the mire
  3. I agree in theory with your premise and in a just world they would have to produce an original. However, we are seeing witness statements prepared by the OC creating a golden thread of creation from the original agreement to the one that they produce in court. It is being assumed by the court if you used the credit facility then the original must have been signed as the witness statement also states that this was the only course of action that would have freed the credit for use. Carey does state original and the 4 corners argument still stands however the County Courts seem to be acceptiong the probable rather than the actual facts of the case.
  4. Carey says they can reconstitute the contractual document be it an application or an agreement. As long as they refer to other paperwork (T&Cs which they then (re) produce with all the prescribed terms) on the front page then IMHO with some of the bizarre decisions coming out of various courts these days, the opposition can argue Carey and win. As far as I know its not laid down where the CCA notification can be. In fact most I've seen are in the signature box
  5. All of the docs above were delivered with their claim
  6. How can it be kosher there is no amount (data variable) to specify how I can remedy the situation? BUMP
  7. Bump advice on skeleton argument & court bundle
  8. Court date set for 10 Aug help/advice as requested above would be much appreciated
  9. The next 4 are the agreement that purports to represent the agreement that was signed above
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