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  1. Thanks for that Jan. We did make it clear we were only accepting it as a partial settlement and would hold out for the full amount.
  2. Much appreciated, many thanks. I should add that my mother has drafted a witness statement to the court (which has to be in court by tomorrow, after an order from the District Judge to respond to A&L's strike-out order) stating that the cheque was deposited in her current account to the order of the bank and permission was given to withdraw the money at any time. For the avoidance of doubt she is prepared to return the sum to the Bank's Solicitors.
  3. No we didn't, Squarebob.
  4. Wragges are now cutting up rough saying the cheque was in full and final settlement and by banking it we have accepted it. Are they right?
  5. The wording on A&L's letter dated 7th June 2007 enclosing the cheque was as follows: "On the basis that this offer is acceptable is to you, we enclose a cheque for £274 (being the amount that the OFT indicated was not unreasonable in relation to credit-card default charges) in full and final settlement. If you do not wish to accept this offer, please return the cheque to us cancelled, or confirm in writing that it has been destroyed." My reply dated 9th June (sent to A&L, copies to Wragges & the court) stated that the cheque had been deposited in my A&L account t
  6. Well so much for the parachute account! Both my mum and I chose Alliance & Leicester because it's a market-leading current account as recommended by Moneysavingexpert.com. Well, it is a good account, but it still charges penalties :-; Mum has racked up over £1,000 in fees, and so it's off to court we go after a big fat no from A&L. Hey presto, a letter from A&L enclosing a cheque for £274 (why not just pay it into the account?) That includes the £120 court fee, so not really worth bothering with. Cheque banked but a refusal letter winging its way to Merseyside tomorrow.
  7. ah yes - the form at the bottom of the Notice of Issue - DOH! So I just have to send that to the court on Thursday if the court hasn't received an acknowledgement. I will be on the phone to the court on Thursday to see if Halifax have complied. Neil
  8. Major update needed. I've switched to using contractual interest, now claiming about £3.5k, sent the Halifax a new prelim then a LBA, just an offer of £300-odd. Sent claim form to court, issued 27/2/07, deemed served 1/3. They have until 15/3 to reply. What do I do if they don't acknowledge in time? A letter to the court presumably - can someone point me to a template please? Cheers Neil
  9. thanks for that netty neily
  10. Sorry, missed a few steps! We wrote a Prelim on 17th Jan, got a holding response from HSBC on 27th Jan, saying they are looking into it and will contact us 'soon'. LBA ready to go but not yet sent. Then the above happened.
  11. Help needed - my mum has been served with a Default Notice from HSBC because they were unable to take £120 from her personal current account to pay her Flexiloan instalment. They say that no further action will be taken if she pays up by 5th March, but what should we say in our letter? Bear in mind that we calculate HSBC owe her about £2,600 in unlawful charges, interest and contractual interest. How does it work if is a separate account which is in default? I think we need to send a S10 letter, but any help with the wording would be great. Thanks. Neily
  12. Mum had been wary of pursuing HSBC because she has a business acount with them as well as this personal one. They seem to be a good deal more lenient with her on the business account, refunding charges in the past and imposing few lately. But the charges on the personal account were too huge to ignore, and so I began the process to claim them back.
  13. Hi TipTop, and welcome. Hope you're in the mood for 'creaming' the banks....(geddit?!) See BankFodder's useful post here on rejecting offers: http://www.consumeractiongroup.co.uk/forum/bank-templates-library/25716-rejecting-offers.html#post200476 Cheers Neily
  14. Quick update; things have moved on a fair bit. No full offer was forthcoming so tomorrow I submit my claim to the court. Total claimed: £1314.72 including £120 court fee. Will tell a mod when I get a claim number. Neily
  15. Just a note to say that Mum got our bundle into the court today, and posted off a copy to Abbey, Recorded Delivery. We eagerly await Abbey's bundle, which we are supposed to get by Friday. I imagine it will be light reading, if it arrives at all!
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