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  1. Hi, it's iSupply. I've tried emailing back and fourth but they refused to budge on their position. They say the meter reading was correct and that I owe that amount in full, and asked me to provide a photo of the meter on that date(which is impossible as I don't have a time machine). They also say they record calls when you ring them, but couldn't provide a recording of my call when I gave the meter reading. They have also added late payment charges, and I asked them to provide details of these(what it cost them) and they haven't. Generally they took a couple of months to reply to an email, it was frustrating as they're impossible to deal with. They managed to get a court order to fit a pre payment meter at my old property. But the meter couldn't be installed due to regulations(it would have been too high) so it went back to them. Now I have Shakespeare Martineau chasing me on their behalf. I'm not sure I follow. The letter has all details of my debt so how would it be phishing? Do you mean like an email [problem]? Or just to see if I reply? I'll send them a letter as you suggested, just to make sure they have my current address. I did provide it to iSupply when I moved, so it should be on file.
  2. Yes they do. I emailed them after recieving a letter at this address, as I wanted to explain that I couldn't pay.
  3. Yeah it did seem like they're trying to coerce me. The email ended with "we look forward to payment in full", after I'd told them about my dire financial circumstances. I was worried as they seem to be a solicitor firm, who don't usually mess around. Haven't come across them before so wanted to know what they're like. Thanks.
  4. Hi, thanks for the reply. I've not spoke to them on the phone at all, I emailed them so that I could keep a record of all responses. May I ask why you say to do everything by post? Surely email is just as good or better, as I have a record of everything? they have to send me a PAP letter before they can take me to court? That's good to know. I'm very worried about this as I just can't afford to pay them, and don't even have enough money coming in to pay my bills. Thanks.
  5. Hello. I have Shakespeare Martineau chasing me for a debt at the moment. I have looked them up and can't find out much about them, has anyone here had experience in dealing with them? The debt is for electricity from a previous property. I had a DRO, they asked for a meter reading and I gave one. They wrote down the wrong number, and didn't write off all the debt. I have been in touch several times, and even asked for a recording of the call to prove they wrote down the wrong number, but they didn't have it recorded and refused to acknowledge the problem. Now, it's a couple of years later and I have Shakespeare Martineau chasing me for the full amount. I'm receiving ESA and waiting to hear from my PIP claim. I have mental health problems and am also in a deficit each month. My savings are going down to nothing as my rent is too high, but due to the DRO my options for rental are limited as I have bad credit. I'm worried that Shakespeare Martineau will take me to court and I'll get another CCJ. In the past, some debt recovery companies have offered payment plans and reduced settlements. Do Shakespeare Martineau ever offer this? I have written to them to complain about their tactics. They have not taken my mental health condition into account. They are bullying me asking for full payment or else action will be taken. They have not taken my limited financial circumstances into account. They have ignored me when I tell them I do not owe that amount. Classic bullying tactics... what can I do? Thanks.
  6. Thanks for the info. There's nothing like that here, it's just a narrow road with a dead end. Wide enough for cars to pass, but when I park here I always fold my mirror flat as it gets pretty tight.
  7. Thanks for the reply. The road is wide enough for cars to pass, so I should be ok to park there as I'd definitely not be over the middle. It is a narrow road though, so heavy goods vehicles would struggle to get past. Although it's a dead end here, we don't get much traffic. The yellow lines have mainly gone up due to the inconsiderate parking of others. They park too near the end of the road, where it narrows even more, causing people to scrape their cars when they go past. As usual, the inconsiderate few ruined it for the rest of us. If I were to park here it'd be as a last resort, when I couldn't find a space anywhere else. And it'd be on the wider part of the road, so I'm not causing an obstruction. I just wanted to know where I stood, in case I got a parking ticket. I've fought 3 so far and won 2, so I'm not afraid to go the full distance should I get a ticket. Our local council are ****, and have added in new regulations that are killing the town centre trade. So part of me feels like parking there and getting a ticket every day for a year, just so that I can fight it and cost them. But I'm not that petty, I just wish that councils would make it easier for shoppers to park, as it'd boost local businesses.
  8. Hi, in my area the council have just painted double lines on one side of my road. The road is fairly narrow, but there was room for people to park close to the wall and other cars could still get past. However, they've now put double yellow lines down the side where people used to park. It dawned on me that I could simply park on the other side of the road, would I be correct in assuming this? Or do the lines apply to both sides? I've been looking everywhere to try to find out this regulation but can't find any info at all. So if any of you know the answer that'd be great. I can provide photos if that'd help? Thanks.
  9. It had already reached the position of deadlock by then anyway, and the guy refused to escalate it any further. So I emailed his boss and complained about him. Seems fair to me. The guy in question seems to be the head of the "lose customers as fast as possible" department. All I asked for was a reasonable amount off the upgrade fee, or for the cost to be spread out as it's unexpected. After 10 years with them, and the fact that my phones fallen apart, you'd think they might offer something. Still, it doesn't matter now, I've gone with another provider.
  10. To be honest I'd rather avoid court action. I just wanted to either get my phone back quickly, or get a good deal from them seeing as how my phone has fallen apart due to no fault of my own. They are charging me a fee to upgrade early, which I refused to pay. So I'm going to switch providers. I've been speaking to their head office via email, and they say their position is final and they won't discuss it any further. I made comments about their manager being a joke, and they threatened to terminate my account with immediate effect and add charges! Unbelievable. I have kept all emails from them in case of future legal action, it's hard to believe they'd tread me like this after 10 years. I don't plan on giving them any more money, and they'll probably chase me for what I owe them. I will settle for a lesser amount due to the inconvenience I've had. Would this be a good idea? I believe that they should offer some form of compensation for the time I've had without a phone, it only seems fair.
  11. Hi, I'm a customer of Three and am currently on contract. My Sony handset has broken, and through no fault of my own. The screen has literally just come away from the frame, without being dropped or anything. Three do what they do best - wash their hands of the situation and refer me to Sony. Sony are taking ages to sort it out, it's been almost two weeks since I first called Three and they referred me. All this time I'm paying for a contract and I don't have my handset! Where do I stand from a legal point of view? The sale of goods act covers me, as the phone was bought before the newer laws came into effect. And from what I understand, it's the responsibility of the retailer? And they should do it in a reasonable time so as not to cause me inconvenience? It's causing me inconvenience. I don't have my phone, which I need for many reasons. So would I have a strong case to take Three to court via small claims? I'm really sick of these large companies, and would love to be able to send in the bailiffs. I did try to upgrade early, but Three want a fee to do so, which I'm not willing to pay out of principle. I only have 3 months left, and it's not my fault my phone has fallen apart. From what I understand it's a design flaw with the z3 compact. Any advice would be appreaciated.
  12. Ah I see, thanks for the info. I can't go PAYG at the moment, I don't have the spare cash for a new phone.
  13. But it's a credit agreement surely? I'm getting an expensive smartphone without paying for it immediately. And they do credit checks, so how is it not credit? I wouldn't be able to get one with most providers, but BT have offered me one as I have broadband with them already. I just want to be 100% certain that it's ok before making any decisions.
  14. Hey, I currently have a DRO in place. The conditions say that I have to notify any creditor that I have a DRO if it's for more than £500. My phone contract is coming to an end, and I want to upgrade my handset. I can either stay with my current provider, or go with another. But my question is - do I need to tell them about my DRO? Either if I stay with my current provider or move to a new one. I can get a phone for about £30 per month, on a 24 month contract. So that means I'd spend £720 over 2 years. Does this count as a £720 loan? I don't want to jeopardise my DRO, that's more important than a new handset. So just wanted to get some advice, thanks.
  15. Fair enough. Wouldn't it be wise to wait for their response first before pursuing the chargeback route?
  16. There's just one problem - I can't find my receipt! I usually put stuff like this in a safe place, but have lost this one. Luckily I've checked my Argos account on the website and my order is listed there, will that be enough? There will also be a record on my bank card.
  17. I paid with my card online, then picked it up from the store. Thanks, I'll check it out. It's good to know where I stand. The issue is something internal has broken - the thumbstick feels wrong and it sticks when you click down on it. I could go through Microsoft but this is more a matter of principle. I shouldn't have to pack and post something and be deprived of it's use, that's my problem. And I'm sick of these companies washing their hands of me once they have my money, so I feel like fighting this one. Great idea on the CEO email, I've used them before to good effect.
  18. Thanks, that's what I thought. But it seems to be more and more commonplace to get fobbed off these days. I've had many an argument with an ignorent representative who believes my only option is to contact the manufacturer directly. So what are my options if Argos don't play ball? Can I take them to court and claim costs? Can I charge for the time I spend on this nonsense? I'm tired of messing around with these companies and want to fight back.
  19. Hi. I'm totally sick to death of this, and wanted to know where I stand. I'm sure a few of you will have been in the same situation at one time or another. I recently bought an Xbox controller from Argos. It was the Elite, which costs £120, a lot of money for a controller. Less than 4 months later it's broken. I contacted Argos and all they'll do is give me Microsoft's number. Microsoft want me to post it to them at my expense, this is unacceptable for a number of reasons. Firstly, I paid for a working product, I don't want to shell out any more. Secondly, I don't want to be without a controller for several days or even weeks. Lastly, it should not my responsibility to do any chasing around, I just want to return it to the store and get a replacement. Where do I stand with this? This isn't the first time a store has fobbed me off with this and I'm sick of it. Posting my broken electronics to some obscure industrial estate in Europe is just unacceptable, are these stores breaking the law? I'm tempted to just issue a court claim right away, but I know I have to give them a chance to fix it. So I've sent a strongly worded email notifying them that I want it fixed, and that I will pursue it through MCOL if necessary. Hopefully it won't come to that. I don't always go nuclear, but like I said this has happened so many times. These large chain stores sell you a product then just wash their hands of it. "Broken is it sir? Past 30 days, not our problem, you'll need to call this number..." etc. I'm sick of it! Thoughts and advice?
  20. Ah ok, I didn't know that. I was just worried that they could kick up a fuss and stall it, and wondered if there was any legal loophole they could use. Just being thorough. I've read all the obvious stuff, just don't know if a trained solicitor could cause me any problems. To be fair, the ex landlord hasn't seen me for the past year and doesn't even know my current address. So if they did try to cause a fuss I don't see how it could hold up anyway. But I'll just be more relaxed when the 30 days has passed, can't help worrying that something might go wrong.
  21. Yeah, I'd imagine my landlord would appeal saying that I either have more assets or more spare income, which isn't true. Would they need to provide proof? Or can they just object? I can't see them giving up without a fight.
  22. Hi, I've already read the info on several sites including the one you posted. But that doesn't answer my question, and I'd still like to hear from anyone who has knowledge in this area. Thanks.
  23. Hi, I've recently had a debt relief order granted. However I have seen that creditors get 30 days to appeal the order, but they can only do it under certain grounds. What I'm worried about is one particularly spiteful ex landlord trying to pursue matters further. Is there anything at all that they can do now that I have a DRO in place? For example, can they drag me into court with an "order to obtain information"? Or am I completely protected from any court proceedings related to this debt? I don't think there will be a problem, but just wanted to double check. I know they use a law firm and there may be angles that I'm not aware of that could stop my DRO.
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