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  1. This topic was closed on 03/07/19. If you have a problem which is similar to the issues raised in this topic, then please start a new thread and you will get help and support there. If you would like to post up some information which is relevant to this particular topic then please flag the issue up to the site team and the thread will be reopened. - Consumer Action Group
  2. hello again folks another update, i accepted the offer from jusith carrie and signed the letter she said i had to sign on order to get the cash. got my cash. wrote to judith carrie again to say here is the amount of charges you have taken off me from my other account and rather than go throught the small claims procedure repeatedly i thought i would just write to you direct and seek my refund this way... she then replied saying that i had agreed not to claim any more charges from the bank through signing the form she sent (i did sign it but this claim relates to a different account) and if i pursued the matter she would close my account. i got a little shaky regarding this and decided to let it drop.... recently i incurred another charge and telephoned my bank manager to ask for a refund of my charge and he said no because i already got a refund from them in august of this year i told him i would see him in court. so do i have any chance of another claim. all advice would be greatly appreciated regards rin
  3. hi everyone an update got a letter from judith carrie solicitor for rbos offering my full amount of claim i accepted this last week plus court fee i am still awaiting the money though and on a lighter note i have £3100 of charges on my other account so my next letter is ready to post as soon as i have the cash in my account. shame i can only claim £750 at a time though thanks to all for your help and support my 5% will be coming your way as soon as i get mine regards
  4. thanks everyone for the support and great advice. i phoned them this morning proir to reading this to reject and they are gonna get back to me but i will write the letter and post today just to confirm thanks again
  5. hiya folks the lovely bank sent me a letter this morning offering around half of what i was claiming. my hubby who has always said we have no chance of getting anything out of them immediately said but they have always said that they did nothing wrong!!! anyways a phone call to said bank will be happening on monday to REJECT their offer and i guess hey ho hey ho its off to court we go. regards from a shaking and still terrified rin
  6. hi folks a quick update, the bank telephoned me last night, i wasnt in they said they would phone me again today not heard anything yet, any way whilst checking accounts online this morning i noticed they took £5 from my account for historical statement fee. fair enough as i have 2 accounts that i will be claiming for and they only took £5 when i requested the statements weeks ago. im having a bit of a wobble just now as i cant think why they want to speak to me the claim is joint with my hubby so if it was regarding my claim they could have spoken to him, part of me is terrified its something to do with the claim as the return date is 31st july anyone got any advice for me as im having a panic attack at the thought of having to go to court over this. regards
  7. just an update to let you all know that im still here and still waiting on a response from the bank nothing as yet but will keep you all informed regards
  8. An update well i have been and done it handed in the papers paid the £39. received the letter from the sherriff court this morning they served the summons to RBoS yesterday the return date is 31st July so i guess i just have to keep holding my nerve until then. All support gratefully received thanks in advance mods do i need to do anything else???
  9. hiya all i have had my papers in the car for the sherrif court for over a week now im just so scared of handing them in etc. i have a fairly large loan with rbos and a huge overdraft i am terrifed that they will call these in if my case goes to court.HELP PLEASE
  10. Well the RBS have done it this time they have replied to all my letters enclosing a leaflet from the FOS i have filled in my sheriff court thing and im off to hand it in tomorrow hopefully this will be the best £39 i spent this week i will keep you all posted of any developments. and special thanks to scotia for all the help and support regards
  11. an update!!!! i sent my other letter and got this reply "thank you for your letter addressed to the manager of your branch, about the application of charges to your account. i have been asked to reply as i am responsible for customer service throughout the RBOS. the manager of your branch supplied me with the background details of your complaint and copies of your previous correspondence, and ther does seem to be little more that i can add to what has already been said. we believe that our charges are fair, reasonable and transparent. we consider that the amounts debited to your account have been applied strictly in accordance with your agreement with us and our published tariff, which we are satisfied complies with all applicible laws and regulations. we are also committed to ensuring the transparency of the information that we give to our customers aboutr the operation of our products. against that background, the bank must differ with the views expressed in your letter and, therefore the charges that have been applied to your account must stand. i think that it is apporopriate that i tell you that this is the bank's final response to you on this matter. you may now wish to seed the opinion of the FOS and the enclosed leaflet which is produced by the FOS tells you more about the scheme and how to contact them. you should write to the FOS and should provide them with a copy of this letter within six months that you receive it. you should also send copies of any documentation that you feel supports your case" What Now???? regards
  12. many thanks i'm off to send another letter regards
  13. Hi and thanks for reading. i applied for my old statements, got charged the £10 and received them. i added up my charges from my 2 accounts and they came to over £5000. send the branch a registered post letter asking for them back. received a letter back "Dear blah blah, thank you for your letter of 01 march 2006. and i apologise for any dissatisfaction or upset caused by the application of charges to your account. We believe that our charges are fair and reasonable and transparent. we consider that the amounts debited to yor account have been applid strictly in accordance with your agreement with us. we are also committed to ensuring the transparency of the information that we give our customers about the operation of our products. however, if you disagree, please let us know the dates and amounts of any items that you dispute. we will be pleased to re investigate unless we hear from you in this regard, the charges debited to your account must stand. whilst i am sure that this is not the answer you might have hoped to receive, nonetheless i am grateful to you for bringing this to our notice, yours sincerley branch manager" ok so now im really confused. i have read and reread all the faq's and i read that in scotland i can only claim back £750.00???? can somebody please advise me on where i stand and what i do now thanks
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